Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 7 – Feb. 13, 2021

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County and Northern Litchfield County.



18 Enterprise St: Gary W. Griswold of Adams to Shawn Paree, $120,474 on 02/12/2021

20 Leonard St: Barbara A. Ziemba of Adams to Le T. Chau, $193,500 on 02/11/2021

45 Park St: Adams Park Street LLC of Adams to FP QOZB 1 LLC, $235,000 on 02/08/2021


6 Arnold Ct: Scott J. Becker of Cheshire to Tiffany M. and Nicholas A. Michalski, $152,000 on 02/11/2021

725 N State Rd: David C. and Jennifer L. Showalter of Cheshire to Darrel D. and Brandi R. Lightsey, $475,500 on 02/09/2021


38 Tilda Hill Rd: Deborah L. Bliss of Florida to Saymon Arruda-Mendes and Morgana Giraldi, $40,000 on 02/08/2021

Great Barrington

31 Hillside Ave: Gordon M. Fol of Great Barrington to Gee Be LLC, $260,000 on 02/12/2021

78 State Rd: R J Melluzzo 2016 RET and Richard J. Melluzzo of Great Barrington to David Carcamo, $357,000 on 02/11/2021


3373 Hancock Rd: Elna J. Rodda of Hancock to Donna M. and Timothy G. Roden, $72,500 on 02/12/2021


435 Maple St: Stephen E. and Christy A. Suriner of Hinsdale to Kenneth T. and Nina R. Pooley, $472,190 on 02/12/2021

435 Maple St: Robert G. and Charlotte D. Baillargeon of Hinsdale to Stephen E. Suriner, $325,000 on 02/12/2021


4 Constitution Dr: Kenneth P. and Steven M. Larson of Lanesboro to Michael W. Larson, $95,250 on 02/08/2021


106 Old Stockbridge Rd: Alexander W. and Deirdre R. Hiam of Lenox to Kendra T. Field and Khary Saeed-Jones, $590,000 on 02/09/2021


8 Laurel Banks: Student RT and Bernard Student of Monterey to Philip and Gail B. Schoch, $845,000 on 02/08/2021

New Marlboro

1107 Norfolk Rd: Victor M. Cella of New Marlboro to Christina M. Pedretti and Nathan J. Redman, $250,000 on 02/08/2021

North Adams

679 Ashland St: Stephen J. and Laura C. Rondeau of North Adams to Ronald R. Obrien, $205,000 on 02/11/2021

564 Barbour St: Sarah Guare of North Adams to Kevin W. Bicknell and Julia S. Melnick, $168,000 on 02/09/2021

50 Hathaway St: Gardzina John P Est and Stanley P. Gardzina of North Adams to Evolution NT and V Peter Vadnais, $75,000 on 02/09/2021

24 Holden St Unit 24: Scarafoni Associates NT and David G. Carver of North Adams to Marc A. Goldstein, $250,000 on 02/12/2021

281 Notch Rd: Nathan J. Pikula of North Adams to Devin Q. and Deborah-Jane M. Raber, $196,000 on 02/11/2021


16 Pleasant Dr: Diane E. Ogasian of Otis to Tammy M. and Kyle O. Sheldon, $280,000 on 02/08/2021


147 Ann Dr: Rosenbaum Miriam T Est and Stephen G. Rosenbaum of Pittsfield to Jennifer L. and David C. Showalter, $337,500 on 02/09/2021

19 Crosier Ave: FNMA of Pittsfield to Francese Family Rlty LLC, $59,900 on 02/11/2021

93 Cummings Ave: Lucia C. Mejia and Ever E. Henriquez of Pittsfield to Irving W. and Aja Ostrander, $193,000 on 02/09/2021

9 Dalton Ave: Christopher J. Connell of Pittsfield to 9 Dalton Avenue LLC, $335,000 on 02/08/2021

274 Dewey Ave: Valery Poripski and Natalia Bolotova of Pittsfield to Andrey Sokolov, $45,000 on 02/08/2021

69 High St: Plouffe Herbert F Est and Joshua Liccardi of Pittsfield to Deborah L. Bliss, $42,500 on 02/12/2021

39 Maplewood Ave: Michael Ferry of Pittsfield to Alliance Properties LLC, $20,000 on 02/08/2021

73 Mohegan St: Peter Haven of Pittsfield to Mitchell R. Mullett, $151,000 on 02/08/2021

114 Mountain Dr: Wojcik Genevieve A Est and Kathryn E. Wojcik of Pittsfield to J Chavalitthanawong and P P. Sanadchutitrakoon, $227,500 on 02/11/2021

19 Pinehurst Ave: Michael J. Lacasse and Amanda A. Gingras of Pittsfield to Christopher L. and Natalie R. Gingras, $137,750 on 02/12/2021

26 Reuter Ave: Mark H. and Jennifer A. Mendel of Pittsfield to Mark J. Barile, $140,000 on 02/10/2021

50 Revilla Ter: Angela M. Hunt and Michael J. Kearns of Pittsfield to Michael J. Kearns, $10,000 on 02/12/2021

13 Seymour St: Dion Robbins-Zust of Pittsfield to Amanda Kassmieh, $61,000 on 02/08/2021

58 W Housatonic St Unit 2: Tallage Davis LLC of Pittsfield to Anna Lotto, $77,500 on 02/08/2021

58 W Housatonic St Unit 3: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to John P. and Anne G. Gilewicz, $61,500 on 02/12/2021


1210 Lenox Rd: Janet Eisenstein of Richmond to Harold I. and Arlene Messer, $870,000 on 02/12/2021

210 Osceola Rd: Susan A. Lamb of Richmond to Jeffrey Bloom, $495,000 on 02/12/2021


1204 Ashley Falls Rd: J B Potter RET 2019 and Josephine B. Potter of Sheffield to D Damore 2012 T and Jeffrey Mccarthy, $2,500,000 on 02/10/2021

20 Plymouth Ln: Harry E. Conklin of Sheffield to Berkshire School Road LLC, $197,500 on 02/12/2021


30 Prospect Hill Rd: Jack Teich 2005 FT and Marc Teich of Stockbridge to Ilana Rossein and Rukhshida David, $400,000 on 02/08/2021

West Stockbridge

270 Great Barrington Rd: John C. and Judith E. Peyron of West Stockbridge to Barbara L. Miller, $569,000 on 02/08/2021


4 Woodlawn Dr: Altschuler Marsha I Est and Jean Mcwilliams of Williamstown to David and Colleen Little, $319,500 on 02/12/2021



19 W River Rd: Cynthia L. Bershad of Barkhamsted to David and Rene Dubnanski, $293,000 on 02/10/2021


278 Colebrook River Rd: Jeffrey L. Coleman of Colebrook to Theresa M. Devanney, $168,000 on 02/09/2021


100 Bentley Cir: Stella Swetnick of Goshen to Chatterjee Raja 2013 RET and Chatterjee Raja, $425,000 on 02/12/2021

537 E Hyerdale Dr: Ian L. and Kristine Newell of Goshen to Edward J. and Patricie E. Davey, $485,000 on 02/10/2021

23 Wellsford Dr: Michael A. and Phyllis C. Costa of Goshen to Angela and Richard N. Dalton, $540,000 on 02/10/2021


48 North St: Dale Bosworth of Norfolk to Emily R. Hill, $200,000 on 02/08/2021


58 Jackson Rd: Alexander Istavan of Sharon to Jonathan J. and Danielle D. Nesteruk, $386,000 on 02/10/2021

33 King Hill Rd: Mary A. Carley of Sharon to Richard L. Carley, $238,000 on 02/11/2021


180 Funston Ave: Carl and Colleen E. Thompson of Torrington to Victor Rodriguez, $176,000 on 02/05/2021

110 Hemlock Rd: Gervasini Marie Est and Ann T. Foster of Torrington to David and Stacey Pettis, $179,971 on 02/11/2021

266 Highland Ave: Tamara L. Olson of Torrington to Christina L. Laforge and Dianna M. Hofer, $124,900 on 02/08/2021

92 Hillandale Blvd: Kwong C. Lee and Hau W. Ho of Torrington to Robert Sullivan, $300,000 on 02/11/2021

425 Hillandale Blvd: Donal Oconnor of Torrington to Christine D. Smith-Gatison, $265,000 on 02/08/2021

72 Lafayette St: Mark and Nicholas S. Calabrese of Torrington to Michael and Amanda Schriver, $158,500 on 02/08/2021

187 Lovers Ln Unit 46: Susan Gianni of Torrington to Christine A. and Matthew T. Hunter, $95,000 on 02/11/2021

98-a Lyman Dr: Jesse D. and Alison M. Zeininger of Torrington to Bernadine S. Hensel, $75,000 on 02/08/2021

81 Notting Hill Gate: Kerry J. Kocis of Torrington to Kerry L. Dutter, $265,000 on 02/10/2021

129 Oakbrook Ln: Christopher J. and Frank L. Baldino of Torrington to Conrad H. and Lynn D. Sheldon, $294,900 on 02/10/2021

183 Patterson St: Greg V. Losee of Torrington to Dia Obrien, $189,000 on 02/11/2021

57 Stoneridge Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Eva M. Merchan, $123,000 on 02/08/2021

3174 Torringford St: Scott Conrod of Torrington to Daniel S. and Gloria Y. Ackerman, $155,000 on 02/08/2021

297 W Hill Rd: Christine Sherwood of Torrington to Joseph Ducotey, $150,000 on 02/08/2021

466 Westside Ln: Joseph E. and Christine M. Tyson of Torrington to Cristian Fernandez-Bravo, $390,000 on 02/10/2021

228 White Oak Way: Jaime L. Corcoran of Torrington to Jack Lauzier, $190,000 on 02/11/2021

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 12: Donna N. Ocif of Torrington to New Preston Props LLC, $82,500 on 02/08/2021

178 Winthrop St: Maria C. Angamarca of Torrington to Eduard Medina, $170,000 on 02/11/2021

117 Wyoming Ave: Cil Realty Inc of Torrington to Connecticut Institute, $869,499 on 02/05/2021


11 Finn St: David S. and Ann Myers of Winchester to Jonathan R. and Christina M. Spann, $150,000 on 02/10/2021

117 Holabird Ave: Christopher S. and Lindsay R. Clement of Winchester to Jillian L. Veras, $200,000 on 02/08/2021

43 John St: Marie S. Americk of Winchester to Jennifer Catto, $180,000 on 02/12/2021

175 Main St: Winsted Main Prop LLC of Winchester to Winsted Central LLC, $600,000 on 02/11/2021

183 Main St: Winsted Main Prop LLC of Winchester to Winsted Central LLC, $600,000 on 02/11/2021

840 Main St: Adam Lagassie of Winchester to Gihan and Buddini Martin, $83,500 on 02/12/2021

133 Maloney Ct: Francis W. Gallo of Winchester to Antonio and Rennay S. Ford, $190,000 on 02/08/2021

101 N Main St: Winsted Victorian LLC of Winchester to Northwestern Dental RE, $150,000 on 02/10/2021

70 Spencer St: Wesley Steeves of Winchester to Nilda Barahona, $120,000 on 02/08/2021

115 Stanton Ave: Lorraine M. Coty of Winchester to Gregory Hedus, $155,000 on 02/08/2021

111 Torringford St Unit 47: Kurt W. and Nicole M. Root of Winchester to Jessica Chenard and Cody Pociask, $115,000 on 02/08/2021


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