Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 5-11, 2017

The very latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut.



1016 Fred Snow Rd: Scott M. and Mary L. Simons of Becket to Roger E. Pagerey and Catharine P. Grey, $268,000 on 02/07/2017

115 Huckleberry Ln: Marlene M. Cuene and Greylock FCU of Becket to Ruby Realty LLC, $117,000 on 02/07/2017


141 Pine St: Christopher Robillard of Dalton to Justin T. Daigle, $166,250 on 02/06/2017

90 Pleasant St: Gail L Gargan RET Of 2007 and Gail L. Gargan of Dalton to David M. and Kristen S. Lagrotteria, $269,500 on 02/10/2017

Great Barrington

133 Castle St: Randall J. Courts and Jennifer L. Laird of Great Barrington to 133 Castle Street LLC, $650,000 on 02/10/2017

533-a Main St: Diane Paul of Great Barrington to Erika Crofut, $220,000 on 02/10/2017

2 Parley St: Ann K. Cohen and Jane E. King of Great Barrington to 2 Parley Street LLC, $253,000 on 02/10/2017


138 Narragansett Ave: Sara J. Mckenzie of Lanesboro to David J. and Penny M. Childs, $222,000 on 02/10/2017


105 Tyringham Rd: Stedman Nancy R Est and John J. Stedman of Lee to AJT RT and Thomas E. Touponce, $27,994 on 02/08/2017


151 New Lenox Rd: Tonya Defriest-Doerr of Lenox to Rachael A. and Christopher R. Huntley, $375,000 on 02/10/2017


12 Heberts Cv: Herbert I. Wolfe of Monterey to Hana R. Rosenzweig, $570,000 on 02/08/2017

North Adams

73 Chestnut St: Michael D. Moulton of North Adams to Kathy A. Languirand, $145,000 on 02/10/2017

561 E Main St: Kurtis S. Kimball and Lisa A. Stachelek of North Adams to Joy P. Lescarbeau, $85,000 on 02/10/2017

27 Franklin St: Tammy J. Daury and PNC Bank NA of North Adams to PNC Bank NA, $22,080 on 02/10/2017

1392 Massachusetts Ave: Carol Williams-Hayes of North Adams to Benjamin Svenson, $116,900 on 02/10/2017

1398 Massachusetts Ave: Sharon L. and Jason B. Davignon of North Adams to Benjamin Svenson, $89,000 on 02/10/2017

337 Walnut St: Rodriguez Valerie L Est and Antonio Rodriguez of North Adams to Greylock FCU, $56,500 on 02/10/2017


27 Alpine Trl Unit 27: L Cornelius Kahn RET and Michael P. Kahn of Pittsfield to Stone Path Development, $487,500 on 02/06/2017

122 Ann Dr: Thomas S. English of Pittsfield to Justin M. and Sara E. Luciani, $230,000 on 02/10/2017

266 Appleton Ave Unit 266: Mildred L Zimmerman T and Mildred L. Zimmerman of Pittsfield to Robert Luhmann and Lois Hobbs, $193,900 on 02/10/2017

203 Benedict Rd: Charles L. and John A. Barosso of Pittsfield to Linda J. Whitacre, $145,000 on 02/10/2017

40 Churchill St: Thomas A Senger RET and Mary-Ann Heravi of Pittsfield to Tyler W. Bosworth, $185,000 on 02/10/2017

176 Lenox Ave: Denis C. and Mark T. Mccarty of Pittsfield to Ryan A. Mcateer, $110,000 on 02/10/2017

4 Old Farm Ln: Woodmont Development Corp of Pittsfield to Samuel J. Russo and Caroline M. Holland, $50,000 on 02/10/2017

65 Orchard St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Jonathan Pierce, $37,000 on 02/10/2017

44 Pinehurst Ave: FNMA of Pittsfield to Craig Gordnier, $65,000 on 02/10/2017

34 Springside Ave: Peter M. Connors of Pittsfield to Corey W. Degon, $145,000 on 02/10/2017

11 Swan St: Kammi L Phillips Chap 7 T and Jack E. Houghton of Pittsfield to Hidden Hollow RT and James Sisto, $127,500 on 02/08/2017

39 W Housatonic St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Pittsfield to Roytay LLC, $37,050 on 02/06/2017

747 Williams St: Brent M. White of Pittsfield to Nathan J. Pitoniak, $230,000 on 02/10/2017


20 Roberts Rd: Jeanne M. Macburnie and Wilmington T NA of Sandisfield to Wilmington T NA and Merrill L. Mortgage-Int, $163,000 on 02/07/2017



380 New Hartford Rd: Lincoln Plaza Dev LLC and MSCI 2007-IQ16 Retail 380 of Barkhamsted to MSCI 2007-IQ16 Retail 380, $1 on 01/11/2017

148 Center Hill Rd: Lindsey Klebe of Barkhamsted to Julie M. Skogsberch, $265,000 on 01/20/2017

129 Eddy Rd: Donna L. Corcoran of Barkhamsted to Nicholas J. Capps, $170,000 on 01/20/2017

75 Goose Green Rd: Joanne C. Scirpo of Barkhamsted to Anthony R. Capezzali, $325,000 on 01/31/2017


306 Colebrook River Rd: Donald W. Harrington of Colebrook to Donald W. Harrington, $25,000 on 01/18/2017

61 Phelps Rd: Karin A. Lawrence and Webster Bank NA of Colebrook to Webster Bank NA, $1 on 01/05/2017

262 Smith Hill Rd: Thomas C. Troy of Colebrook to Denise L. Mclaughlin, $212,000 on 01/30/2017


28 Bunker Hill Rd: Gina Maolucci and Gregory Galloway of Cornwall to Rocco Botto, $225,000 on 01/03/2017

15 Burlwood Ln: Southern Specialty Props of Cornwall to Celeste and Fabricio A. Barbosa, $220,000 on 01/24/2017

52 Cemetery Hill Rd: Matthew J. Currie of Cornwall to Marzena Mysliwiec, $280,000 on 01/17/2017

111 College St: FNMA of Cornwall to Wade Wolfe, $41,000 on 01/17/2017

94 Popple Swamp Rd: Laura A. Tyson of Cornwall to Marianne Winslow, $148,000 on 01/03/2017


53 Canterbury Ct: Frank V. and Joan A. Castellano of Goshen to Mark and Delia M. Mcnally, $230,000 on 01/23/2017

463 E Hyerdale Dr: Cynthia M. Sparano and Carla Boldi of Goshen to Jefferson Heiland and Jan Caggiano, $365,000 on 01/09/2017

41 Paxton Ct: Brian C. and Joanna Kasack of Goshen to George J. and Mary A. Perlotto, $345,000 on 01/23/2017

64 Paxton Ct: James Ginocchio of Goshen to Keith and Jayne P. Lanphear, $320,000 on 01/19/2017

148 Sandy Beach Rd: Bank Of America NA of Goshen to Antonio Teixeira and Tina M. Teixeria, $160,000 on 01/31/2017

Thompson Rd: Teresa Galluccio of Goshen to Nicola F. Galluccio, $424,500 on 01/27/2017

Thompson Rd: Nicola Galluccio of Goshen to Teresa Galluccio and James Blendell, $1,126,120 on 01/27/2017

24 Thompson Rd: Teresa Galluccio of Goshen to Nicola F. Galluccio, $424,500 on 01/27/2017

24 Thompson Rd: Nicola Galluccio of Goshen to Teresa Galluccio and James Blendell, $1,126,120 on 01/27/2017

269 W Hyerdale Dr: Warren Group LLC of Goshen to Peoples United Bank, $1 on 01/03/2017

North Canaan

40 College Hill Rd: Graham Ruck and Wells Fargo Bank NA of North Canaan to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 01/03/2017

16-20 E Main St: Junethh L. Christiansen of North Canaan to Stephen S. Christiansen, $125,000 on 01/12/2017

56 E Main St: Henrietta M. Quinion of North Canaan to Hanna M. Riva, $125,000 on 01/03/2017

5 Lawrence Ave: Canfield Group LLC of North Canaan to Stacey Altamirano, $112,000 on 01/23/2017

17 Park Ave: Tatspaugh Norman A Est of North Canaan to Beth L. and Patrick M. Mcguire, $50,000 on 01/04/2017


74 E Main St: Marilyn Redfield of Salisbury to Greenfields Maple LLC, $208,000 on 02/10/2017

31 Millerton Rd: Sandra G. and Peter K. Oliver of Salisbury to Lewis Block LLC, $510,000 on 02/03/2017


74 Upper Main St: Village Green Apts LLC of Sharon to Rixon Manor LLC, $410,000 on 02/06/2017

40 Sharon Mountain Rd: Sharon Mountain Home LLC of Sharon to Christopher C. and Gabriella A. Green, $310,000 on 02/03/2017


49 Adam Dr: Yang Zhao of Torrington to Linda and Lauren White, $153,000 on 02/08/2017

121 Barton St: CLP Properties LLC of Torrington to Douglas A. Pecor, $145,000 on 01/30/2017

325 Clearview Ave: Anne L. Ruwet of Torrington to Michael and Tameka Taylor, $190,000 on 02/08/2017

236 Ginger Ln: US Bank NA of Torrington to Abderrahim J. Moual and Fatima Z. Bensabeur, $180,000 on 01/30/2017

496 Highland Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Karen Smart, $80,500 on 02/10/2017

14 Horace St: Jennifer L. Galipault of Torrington to Dawn Prince, $97,000 on 01/31/2017

244 Litchfield St: Francisca E. Perez of Torrington to Wandy D. and Velnys E. Fernandez-Blanco, $86,000 on 02/06/2017

3 Miller St: David Lejeune and Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Bayview Loan Servicing, $1 on 01/30/2017

108 Northside Dr: Peter D. Bauce and Kerry Palmer of Torrington to Sandra Larosa, $90,000 on 01/30/2017

108 Northside Dr: Peter D. Bauce of Torrington to Sandra Larosa, $30,000 on 01/30/2017

231 Patterson St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Stephen Demetri, $72,500 on 01/31/2017

26 Prescott St: Diana L. Wall of Torrington to CTR Properties LLC, $170,000 on 02/03/2017

250 Sherwood Dr: BD Asset Co 7 LLC of Torrington to Dylan M. Platt, $161,500 on 02/01/2017

1600 Torringford St: Helen R. Bunnell of Torrington to Anne L. Ruwet, $132,500 on 02/08/2017

51 Wheeler Ln: Roger Maxim of Torrington to Robin C. Goff, $129,000 on 01/30/2017

76 Woodside Cir Unit 76: Irwin H. Levy of Torrington to Arlene F. and Hilliard J. Schlesinger, $65,000 on 02/02/2017

74 Workman Ave: Albert R. Fields and Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Bayview Loan Servicing, $71,500 on 02/07/2017


143 Chapel Rd: Dulude Maurice J Est and Jeannette Cappabianca of Winchester to Michael J. and Karel D. Gath, $235,000 on 02/06/2017

79 Wetmore Ave: Christine Clark of Winchester to Buckley W. Morgan, $130,635 on 02/06/2017

Source: The Warren Group