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Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 3-9, 2019

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144 Friend St: Qiyu and Mei F. Liang of Adams to Evan Champagne and Sara Ostrowski, $169,000 on 02/08/2019

25 Gilead St: Gerald E. and Rebecca L. Cole of Adams to Jeromy A. Richardson, $146,000 on 02/04/2019

7-9 Mill St: FHLM of Adams to Brent A. and Lorraine Field, $50,000 on 02/05/2019

7 Weber St: Donna M. Macdonald and David M. Aitken of Adams to April M. Languirand, $89,000 on 02/08/2019


222 Grange Hall Rd: Aleksy W. and Gloria J. Patryn of Dalton to Kristen A. Kushi, $193,000 on 02/07/2019

Great Barrington

7 Hart St: Diane M. and Joseph P. Crawford-Kelly of Great Barrington to Alina Meier-Linden and John H. Mercer, $256,500 on 02/04/2019

228 Stockbridge Rd: Cegam LLC of Great Barrington to CMB Stockbridge Road LLC, $1,200,000 on 02/12/2019

230 Stockbridge Rd: Cegam LLC of Great Barrington to CMB Stockbridge Road LLC, $1,200,000 on 02/12/2019


400 Michaels Rd: Patrick C. and Linda J. Torra of Hinsdale to Amy and Joshua N. Arico, $257,000 on 02/08/2019

270 Pine Cone Ln Unit 270: Charles and Jayne Maller of Hinsdale to David H. Bacchioni and Deborah M. Faust, $325,000 on 02/08/2019


235 Willow St: Stephanie D. Shelburne of Lee to Julie Willis-Dyer, $223,000 on 02/08/2019


44 Birchwood Ln: Jacob Trudeau of Lenox to Christina M. and Benjamin E. Nasman, $300,000 on 02/11/2019

8 Catherine St: Donald P. Stanton and Catherine Hopkins of Lenox to Donald P. Stanton, $10,000 on 02/06/2019

New Marlborough

228 Rhoades To Bailey Rd: Alma NT and Donna Landers of New Marlborough to Abraham J. Moskowitz and Jeffrey A. Heaton, $90,000 on 02/08/2019

North Adams

5 Bethel St: Nathan R. Feder of North Adams to Robert J. Gregory, $125,000 on 02/05/2019

50-52 Chase Ave: Nationstar Mortgage LLC of North Adams to CR 2018 LLC, $43,500 on 02/06/2019

28-30 Frederick St: Michael J. Zappula of North Adams to Jodi M. Joseph, $99,900 on 02/05/2019

1414 Massachusetts Ave: Kevin R. and Amy J. Foley of North Adams to Centerville Sticks LLC, $190,000 on 02/06/2019

36-38 N Holden St: Marcia A Dagnoli RET and Donato B. Dagnoli of North Adams to North Holden NT and Christopher J. Austin, $23,500 on 02/05/2019

112 N Holden St: Lance E. Joppich and PNC Bank NA of North Adams to FNMA, $39,700 on 02/06/2019

221 State Rd: O Ice LLC of North Adams to 221 State Road Realty LLC, $245,000 on 02/05/2019


31 Albermarle Rd: Mark and Virginia Messina of Pittsfield to Kristen M. Marchetto, $236,000 on 02/08/2019

99 Cambridge Ave: Nicholas V. and Melissa M. Manns of Pittsfield to Kimberly M. Leab, $177,000 on 02/11/2019

7 Delaware Ave: Valenti Frederico C Est and Steven M. Valenti of Pittsfield to Kelley J. Taylor, $140,700 on 02/06/2019

80 Dodge Ave: Patricia A. and Michael J. Messer of Pittsfield to Arthur Elmer-Sykes, $115,000 on 02/04/2019

147 E Park Ter: Justin T. Hinckley and J R. Mulkey-Hinckley of Pittsfield to Jessica E. and Craig P. Eggleston, $160,000 on 02/08/2019

47 Harris St: Sean M. Riedinger and Kimberly M. Leab of Pittsfield to Brian K. Gilligan, $108,000 on 02/11/2019

210 Highland Ave: Anne M. Larrow and William Lander of Pittsfield to Derek J. Charbonneau, $77,000 on 02/08/2019

391 North St: Whaling Properties LLC of Pittsfield to 395 North LLC, $800,000 on 02/11/2019

929 North St: Majchrowski Rachel Est and James Long of Pittsfield to Christopher W. Atwood, $90,200 on 02/07/2019

45 Stoddard Ave: Gerald J. Mowka and Finance Of America Revrse of Pittsfield to Finance America Reverse, $40,000 on 02/12/2019

28 Strong Ave: Michael J. and Jennafer L. Lynch of Pittsfield to Linda Torra, $174,000 on 02/08/2019

45 Wilson St: USA HUD of Pittsfield to Christeen M. Stracuzzi, $87,500 on 02/04/2019


6 Bridge St: Oleary FT and William D. Oleary of Richmond to John and Jane Oleary, $171,000 on 02/08/2019

115 Lenox Rd: Christopher D. Martin and Pinelending A Plains Cap of Richmond to Pinelending A Plains Cap, $105,035 on 02/06/2019


14 Norfolk Rd: Ippolito Nicholas A Est and Charles Ippolito of Sandisfield to Charles Ippolito and Anne Lapenna, $33,000 on 02/05/2019


500 Peru Rd: Kevin M. Oconnor of Windsor to Corbin B. and Elizabeth M. Lounsbury, $210,000 on 02/04/2019



13 Ramsgate Ln: Alice E. Roberge of Barkhamsted to Jeffrey Deraleau, $289,900 on 02/04/2019

New Hartford

9 Fox Run Ln: Christine Sloman and Specialized Loan Svcng of New Hartford to Specialized Loan Svcng, $1 on 02/04/2019

68 Indian Meadow Rd: Robert P. and Janet M. Beltrandi of New Hartford to Julia Wells, $465,000 on 02/05/2019

30 W Hill Rd: Jean Barker and Amy Plana of New Hartford to Brandy R. Stepney, $295,000 on 02/04/2019


3 Greenwoods Rd E Unit 1a&c: Marjory S. and Bruce H. Frisch of Norfolk to Ann Anderson-Stranahan, $200,000 on 02/07/2019

165 Litchfield Rd: Jennie K. Brown of Norfolk to Russell Barton, $895,000 on 02/04/2019

North Canaan

173 W Main St: Canfield Group LLC of North Canaan to Bridgewater Management, $215,000 on 02/04/2019


40 Westmount Rd: Thomas Levine of Salisbury to Tyler C. Kinder and Peter Blackstock, $320,000 on 02/04/2019


29 Morey Rd: USA VA of Sharon to Brian and Tracey Abut, $165,000 on 02/07/2019


304 Church St: Edward T. Gagnier and CHFA of Torrington to CHFA, $1 on 02/04/2019

72 Colin Dr: Scott and Danielle Hauslaib of Torrington to Miguel Mendez and Zoila B. Nenuz, $160,000 on 02/08/2019

25 Cook St: Christine Delbene and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $63,250 on 02/04/2019

839 Main St Unit 16: Danielle Martin and Warrenton Mill Assn of Torrington to James A. Killie, $1 on 02/06/2019

839 Main St Unit 27: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Torrington to Washington Properties LLC, $27,500 on 02/04/2019

474 New Litchfield St: Paul M. and Susan J. Janco of Torrington to Arethusa Eager Earth LLC, $380,000 on 02/06/2019

200 Silver Brook Ln: James A. Orsini and Freedom Mortgage Corp of Torrington to Freedom Mortgage Corp, $1 on 02/04/2019

588 Torringford West St: Peeples William Est and Rushmore Loan Management of Torrington to Rushmore Loan Management, $1 on 02/04/2019

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 105: Karen K. Tedesco of Torrington to Katherine N. and Joshua D. Pelletier, $85,000 on 02/05/2019


8 Cornelio Ave: Hung M. Nguyen and Winchester Town Of of Winchester to Winchester Town Of, $1 on 02/06/2019

28 Spring St: Cannavo Joseph S Est and Joseph A. Cannavo of Winchester to Joseph A. Cannavo, $162,875 on 02/07/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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