Berkshire region real estate sales, Feb. 26 – March 4, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire regions of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Feb. 26 – March 4, 2017



12 Allen St: Ronald C. and Rachel Michalski of Adams to Tracy J. Mcgrath, $87,000 on 03/03/2017

22 Bellevue Ave: Sandeep Arora of Adams to Richview Properties LLC, $20,000 on 02/28/2017

130 Burlingame Hl: Patrick F. and Tracy J. Mcgrath of Adams to Jesse R. Dimitropolis, $217,500 on 03/03/2017

7 E Hoosac St: Maureen K. Tolisano and Michael F. Kelly of Adams to Maia Robbins-Zust, $124,900 on 02/28/2017

16 East St: Michael W. Meczywor of Adams to Alvin J. Ouellet and Joseph D. Duran, $115,000 on 02/28/2017


151 Beaver Brook Rd: Charlotte K. Charters of Becket to Michael J. Tosch, $12,000 on 03/01/2017


97 John St: Anne M. Wested and Robert D. Wesley of Dalton to Ronnie and Michelle Lucaroni, $135,000 on 02/28/2017

Great Barrington

1 Chestnut Ridge Rd: Todd A. and Carrie R. Mack of Great Barrington to Robert French and Barbara Mckechnie, $305,000 on 03/03/2017

37 Lake Buel Rd: Carissa and Jeffrey Steefel of Great Barrington to Jeff Barbuto, $525,000 on 02/28/2017

32 Mahaiwe St: Peter J. Brewer and Dennis J. Downing of Great Barrington to Topa Enterprises LLC, $242,600 on 03/01/2017

32 Rosseter St: Carolyn R. Kimball-Pacheco of Great Barrington to Neil and Jane E. Berger, $150,444 on 03/03/2017

3 Squaw Peak Rd: Doris T. and Ruth L. Friedman of Great Barrington to Ruth L. Friedman and Barry L. Wasserman, $350,000 on 02/28/2017

274 State Rd: Ruby Realty LLC of Great Barrington to AJ Parker LLC, $250,000 on 03/02/2017


1215 Washington Rd: William L. and Tracy A. Smith of Hinsdale to Wesley D. Higgins, $228,000 on 02/27/2017


667 East St: 667 East Street NT and Janet M. Lofaro of Lenox to Donald S. and Beverly A. Adam, $275,000 on 02/27/2017

273 Old Stockbridge Rd: Lynch FT and Kerry J. Lynch of Lenox to Neil D. Stein and Judith A. Blank, $325,000 on 03/03/2017

New Marlborough

28 E Hill Rd: Courtney K. and Donna Turner of New Marlboro to Berlinghof FT and R J. Berlinghof, $11,000 on 02/28/2017

North Adams

37-39 Richview Ave: Sandeep and Seema Arora of North Adams to Richview Properties LLC, $30,000 on 02/28/2017


41 Arlington St: Shannon C. Maloney of Pittsfield to Sally A. Decker, $146,000 on 03/03/2017

225 Highland Ave: CLH RT and Sara H. Barrett of Pittsfield to Robert L. Sweeney, $180,000 on 02/28/2017

13-15 Myrtle St: Karen A. Winslow and Cathy T. Taylor of Pittsfield to Keith M. Monyahan and Christine A. Ford, $55,000 on 03/03/2017

143 Onota St: Eugene Mamut of Pittsfield to John Maliawco, $46,000 on 03/03/2017

335 South St: Jason A. Bushey and Bank Of America NA of Pittsfield to Bank Of America NA, $60,480 on 03/01/2017

17 Wallace Pl: Stephen H. Rando and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Cheshire Green LLC, $34,000 on 03/01/2017


101 Patton Rd: Edward J Forget RET and M M. Forget-Allen of Richmond to Definitive Whim LLC, $305,000 on 02/28/2017


Main Rd: Mountain Stream LLC of Savoy to James S. and Sandra J. Lafrance, $39,000 on 03/02/2017


118 Clayton Rd: Novicki Eugene F Est and Courtney S. Lane of Sheffield to Brad A. Thomson, $154,500 on 03/03/2017

460 S Main St: Anthony Giunta and Sarah Han-Giunta of Sheffield to Sarah Steven, $565,000 on 03/02/2017


26 Nielsen Ln: Sandra L. Morley of Stockbridge to Christopher M. Himes, $273,500 on 03/02/2017

11 W Stockbridge Rd: Virginia N. Loveless of Stockbridge to Timothy J. Sheehy, $385,000 on 03/01/2017

West Stockbridge

11 Woodruff Rd: Linda P. Gilman of West Stockbridge to Thomas M. and Nicole L. Miller, $375,000 on 03/01/2017


1195 Green River Rd: Thomas P. and Linda E. Beaudreau of Williamstown to Janice Loux, $127,800 on 03/02/2017

37 Jamieson Hts: Old Mill NT and Walter F. England of Williamstown to Jennifer L. Hodges and Valerie A. Foster, $300,000 on 02/27/2017

165 Lindley Ter: Richard B. and Paula E. Cappalli of Williamstown to Eric B. Fox and Daniela Carazzo-Fox, $354,900 on 02/27/2017


12 Access Road 2: John P. and Melissa L. Bird of Windsor to Seth A. and Bernadette G. Alden, $190,000 on 02/28/2017



42 Bridle Dr: Matthew Levesque of Barkhamsted to Melissa A. Antonio and Andreas Spoerk, $369,000 on 02/13/2017

124 Gavitt Rd: Michael J. Brown and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Barkhamsted to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1 on 02/16/2017

23 Miner Ln: Robert Peacock of Barkhamsted to Jeffrey D. and Jennifer Lajoie, $295,000 on 02/21/2017

29 N Canton Rd: William J. Blasko and FNMA of Barkhamsted to FNMA, $1 on 02/21/2017


170 Beebe Hill Rd: Kathleen A. Flynn of Canaan to John J. and Maureen D. Morrissey, $300,000 on 03/01/2017


24 Town St S: SGS Cornwall LLC of Cornwall to Stewart Osborne and Sarah Jefferys, $235,000 on 02/27/2017

24 Town St S: SGS Cornwall LLC of Cornwall to WNB LLC, $235,000 on 02/27/2017


60 Sandy Beach Rd: Carmine and Roberts R. Lalama of Goshen to Joel and Avis Baum, $190,000 on 02/17/2017

New Hartford

40 Den Rd: Cherly and Cheryl Golfin of New Hartford to Rachele and Tyler Hoge, $355,000 on 03/01/2017

570 E Cotton Hill Rd: Margot V. and Margot Burwood of New Hartford to Barbara and Stanley Jurczyk, $266,000 on 02/28/2017

20 Greenwoods Rd: Ami Carmin of New Hartford to Crystal L. and Erin L. Weingart, $267,500 on 02/27/2017


988 Litchfield Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Norfolk to Brad Bousquet, $100,000 on 03/02/2017


452 Lime Rock Rd: Nicole L. and Thomas M. Miller of Salisbury to Rachel Hodgkins and Jared Carr, $425,000 on 03/01/2017

29 Sunrise Ridge Ln: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co of Salisbury to Jason Lemon, $167,299 on 02/27/2017


18 Upper Main St: Charles S. Mirabile of Sharon to Stephen Wesson, $525,000 on 03/01/2017


211 Benham St: RMCM Prop Mgmt LLC of Torrington to Andrew Scarduzio and Aimee Lachance, $122,500 on 02/24/2017

181 Berry St: USA HUD of Torrington to Houng Lam, $64,250 on 02/28/2017

91 Deruyter Dr: Yolanda H. Barrio of Torrington to Timothy and Diane A. Considine, $76,000 on 02/28/2017

405 Hillandale Blvd: USA HUD of Torrington to Sunshine DP LLC, $130,000 on 03/01/2017

9 Saint Andrews Close Unit 9: USA HUD of Torrington to Justin Phouthasack, $84,650 on 02/27/2017

95 Woodbine St: Stephanie M. Weaver of Torrington to Virginia Snyder, $72,000 on 02/28/2017


111 Torringford St Unit 26: USA HUD of Winchester to Stefanie Chase, $55,000 on 03/02/2017

Greenwoods Ave: Autumn Ridge Homes LLC and Union SB of Winchester to Union SB, $1 on 03/01/2017

13 Greenwoods Ave: Union SB of Winchester to Cornerstone Investing LLC, $70,000 on 03/01/2017

85 Oak St: Catherine Sullivan and FNMA of Winchester to FNMA, $1 on 02/27/2017

91 Torringford St: Kim Opperman LLC of Winchester to Cage Properties LLC, $580,000 on 03/01/2017

Source: The Warren Group