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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire Region real estate sales Feb. 25–March 3, 2018

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21 Murray St: Maria L. Crittelli and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Adams to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $84,000 on 03/02/2018


38 Mountain Rd: Ann E Snell INT and Ann E. Snell of Alford to Matthew E. Markoff and Isotta Meoni, $445,000 on 03/01/2018

40 Mountain Rd: Ann E Snell INT and Ann E. Snell of Alford to Matthew E. Markoff and Isotta Meoni, $350,000 on 03/01/2018


581 King Richard Dr: Albert Mortensen of Becket to Robert and Tiffany Wijnhoven, $145,000 on 02/27/2018

103 Longview Rd: Ruth Krovoy LT and Ruth Krivoy of Becket to Sander E. Ash, $949,000 on 02/28/2018

2823 Main St: Jacob Trudeau of Becket to Dianne M. Noren, $125,000 on 02/27/2018


252 Richmond Hl: Robert T. and Patricia J. Jarvis of Cheshire to Joseph M. Benoni and Kristen E. Lee, $195,000 on 03/02/2018


814 River Rd: Darling Margaret A Est and Michelle M. Darling of Clarksburg to Carlyle C. and Karen A. Chesbro, $40,000 on 02/28/2018

814 River Rd: Peter R. Jobin of Clarksburg to Carlyle C. and Karen A. Chesbro, $40,000 on 02/28/2018

32 Wheeler Ave: Barry L. Jamieson of Clarksburg to Mass Rental Properties, $30,000 on 03/02/2018


35-37 Mill St: USA HUD of Dalton to Heewon Yang, $65,000 on 02/27/2018


29 South St: Tracey L. Ritcher of Florida to FHLM, $95,612 on 02/27/2018

Great Barrington

54 Division St: Formanek Anna F Est and Elizabeth Sabala of Great Barrington to Deandra Drew, $100,000 on 03/01/2018


343 New Windsor Rd: Justin A. Casey of Hinsdale to Kim M. Zurawik, $218,000 on 03/02/2018


50 Dublin Hl: Bernasconi FT and Charles B. Bernasconi of Lee to Jeffrey and Sharon Koperek, $151,800 on 02/28/2018

175 High St: FNMA of Lee to Teresa and Frank Guerino, $85,000 on 02/27/2018


165 Kemble St Unit 19: CR Lenox Residences LLC of Lenox to Eugene and Shirley Cordes, $2,700,000 on 02/28/2018

165 Kemble St Unit 5: CR Lenox Residences LLC of Lenox to Wendy Ellen Scripps RET and Richard E. Feldman, $2,195,000 on 02/28/2018

165 Kemble St Unit 14: CR Lenox Residences LLC of Lenox to Linda M. Fennell, $2,205,000 on 02/28/2018

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit E16: Ronald J. Hudak and Carol A. Phifer of Lenox to Mary K. and Donald N. Mccelland, $72,000 on 02/26/2018


28 Bidwell Rd: Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem of Monterey to Joseph A. Will and Natalie G. Smith, $650,000 on 03/01/2018

394 Main Rd: Michael F. and Cara Carroll of Monterey to RAF Jef RT and Richard A. Fisher, $430,000 on 03/02/2018

New Marlborough

96 Clayton Mill River Rd: John T. Wrinkle and Mary M. Barbara-Wrinkle of New Marlboro to Carrieanne Petrik, $370,000 on 03/02/2018

646 Hayes Hill Rd: Rosalyn Gershell RET and Rosalyn Gershell of New Marlboro to Daniel Mintz and Andrea L. Winter, $700,000 on 02/28/2018

648 Hayes Hill Rd: Rosalyn Gershell RET and Rosalyn Gershell of New Marlboro to Daniel Mintz and Andrea L. Winter, $700,000 on 02/28/2018

726 Hotchkiss Rd: Paro RT and Ronald A. Paro of New Marlboro to Donald H. Mcclelland and Manon E. Hutton-Dewys, $320,000 on 02/27/2018

North Adams

83 Chestnut St: Brian J. Miksic of North Adams to Very Good Properties LLC, $100,000 on 02/27/2018

111 Meadow St: Rose M. Millis of North Adams to Lisa Lewis, $92,000 on 03/01/2018

41 Quincy St: W Mark and Kathleen M. Wheeler of North Adams to Jessica C. Sweeney, $138,500 on 03/01/2018

130 Versailles Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of North Adams to Robert Q. and Susan W. Chilson, $68,500 on 02/26/2018


2084 Monterey Rd: Christine Quigley of Otis to Paul Quigley, $260,000 on 02/26/2018

43 Pinnacle Rd: Stephen M. and Elizabeth L. Carlotta of Otis to Stephen M. Carlotta, $40,000 on 02/28/2018


43 Cherry St: Diane E. Duval and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Greylock FCU, $40,000 on 03/01/2018

899 E New Lenox Rd: James A. Cunningham of Pittsfield to Michael P. and Jessica N. Cunningham, $227,500 on 02/28/2018

372 Elm St: Charles E. and Karen I. Wetherell of Pittsfield to David R. Dinicola, $139,000 on 02/28/2018

14 Garfield Ave: Kristopher M. Foley of Pittsfield to Carol A. Smith, $118,500 on 02/28/2018

24 John St: Timothy J. Steben and PNC Bank NA of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $34,500 on 03/01/2018

41 Mcarthur St: Sherry L. Mead of Pittsfield to Elaine S. Borden, $35,000 on 02/26/2018

1450 North St Unit 301: Robert J. Hull and Cristina Sawicki-Hull of Pittsfield to Vishal and Riya Biala, $137,000 on 03/01/2018

278 Onota St: Tallage Lincoln LLC of Pittsfield to Naomi Cortez, $40,000 on 03/02/2018

39 Ora Dr: Clifford R. and Marcia Neil of Pittsfield to Gleb V. and Ann Jerebtsov, $81,000 on 02/28/2018

162 Sherwood Dr: Mergelio O. Nibungco and Armi R. Leveriza of Pittsfield to Giancarlo Bravo and Abigail Casian, $275,000 on 02/28/2018

166 W Housatonic St: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Pittsfield to Roytay LLC, $55,000 on 03/01/2018

900 W Housatonic St: Roy W. Hoyt and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Pittsfield to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $122,687 on 02/28/2018

23 Westover St: FNMA of Pittsfield to Next Level Real Estate, $51,500 on 02/26/2018


80 Lower West St: Mary Spano and W Carlton Coppersmith of Sandisfield to Ralph B. and Lois J. Sedor, $175,000 on 03/02/2018


22 Mahkeenac Rd: Harvey S. and Vivian Kimmelman of Stockbridge to Paul A. and Cindy L. Faggioni, $195,000 on 03/02/2018

320 Old Stockbridge Rd: Jamie Levine of Stockbridge to Kevin C. Charlton, $240,000 on 02/27/2018

11 Wheatley Dr: Martin B Cowan NT and David W. Murphy of Stockbridge to Beth Brandtner, $1,525,000 on 02/28/2018


70 Maple St: Peter W. Greenwald of Williamstown to Brian W. Cole, $169,500 on 02/26/2018

750 Petersburg Rd: Eagle Shore T and John C. Driver of Williamstown to Cecil Driver and Janice J. Cook, $400,000 on 03/01/2018

215 Stratton Rd Unit A: David and Jane D. Carver of Williamstown to Donna J. Tew, $300,000 on 03/02/2018



45 Briarwood Rd: John W. Hoover of Barkhamsted to Danny Bois, $255,000 on 02/06/2018

59 Bridle Dr: Gary E. and Francine D. Fradette of Barkhamsted to Kevin A. and Erica P. Fradette, $300,000 on 02/13/2018

54 Ratlum Rd: Conrad R. and Maryann M. Nurge of Barkhamsted to Benjamin G. Brodeur, $250,000 on 02/28/2018

85 River Rd: Gary M. and Joan E. Costello of Barkhamsted to Kelly and Stacy Dekeyser, $410,000 on 02/21/2018

101 River Rd: Barkhamsted Town Of of Barkhamsted to Peter D. and Sarah A. Ferraresso, $500 on 02/15/2018


70 Beech Hill Rd: Webster Bank NA of Colebrook to Paul Grobman, $126,000 on 02/26/2018


34 Great Hollow Rd: Mohawk Ski House LLP of Cornwall to William C. Pittel and Stephan Lavictoire, $825,000 on 02/26/2018

8 Town St: Reginald Auchincloss of Cornwall to Realty Source LLC, $400,000 on 02/13/2018


181 Milton Rd: Larry I. Kennedy of Goshen to Daniel Reitenbach, $260,000 on 02/06/2018

55 Rockwall Ct: George and Linda Castro of Goshen to Anne Mcmahon-Endicott and Jane Scott-Mcmahon, $290,000 on 02/28/2018

300 Westside Rd: Housatonic Council Boy of Goshen to Simon H. and Deborah A. Ellis, $3,000 on 02/06/2018

New Hartford

266 Cotton Hill Rd: Kelly M. Pattison and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of New Hartford to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1 on 02/27/2018

185 Lakeshore Dr: Geraldine G. Hunt of New Hartford to Richard L. and Peggy A. Morgan, $285,000 on 02/26/2018

658 W Hill Rd: Maine Virginia V Est and Stephen Maine of New Hartford to Margo D. Maine and George M. Coppolo, $200,000 on 02/28/2018


478 Clearview Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Brian Davis, $56,270 on 02/15/2018

218 E Albert St: FNMA of Torrington to R Cam Properties LLC, $45,000 on 02/15/2018

41 Heritage Way: Nicole M. Sul of Torrington to Bryan T. Failla, $138,000 on 02/14/2018

260 Highfield Dr: Don&Mary Rhodes LT and Don Rhodes of Torrington to Wayne D. Lord and George Vinci, $183,500 on 02/14/2018

74 Hunter Ct Unit 74: Deborah M. Dunay of Torrington to Anna Buczniewicz, $70,000 on 02/16/2018

132 Inverrary Ct Unit 132: Sherrill M. Arnet of Torrington to Lauren Begey, $126,500 on 02/15/2018

96 Johnson St: Ronald W. and Catherine M. Nevers of Torrington to Nicholas Dobek, $120,000 on 02/16/2018

1303 Marshall Lake Rd: FHLM of Torrington to Pereira Contracting Corp, $132,000 on 02/13/2018

129 Pineridge Rd: Gregory J. and Marjorie A. Kenney of Torrington to Glenford M. Lafountain and Stuart J. Gero, $240,000 on 02/16/2018

651 S Main St: Edward Fullam and Freedom Mortgage Corp of Torrington to Freedom Mortgage Corp, $1 on 02/15/2018

895 Torringford St: Kenneth Tygart of Torrington to Michael W. Baker, $101,000 on 02/13/2018


12 Curtice St: Fredrick Casey and Bank New York Mellon of Winchester to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $1 on 03/01/2018

110 Glendale Ave: FNMA of Winchester to R Cam Properties LLC, $55,000 on 02/26/2018

162 Wilcox Ave: David E. Born and Julia A. Nightingale-Born of Winchester to Samuel Glikman and Leah Simon, $81,000 on 03/02/2018

135 Prospect St: James Bagoly and Bank New York Mellon of Winchester to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $122,320 on 02/26/2018

Source: The Warren Group

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