Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 23-29, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Feb. 23-29, 2020



223 East Rd: USA HUD of Adams to Gene G. and Helen J. Fitzgerald, $56,000 on 02/28/2020

11 Enterprise St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Adams to Richard E. Groves, $52,000 on 02/28/2020


147 Main St: Barrett Robert C Sr Est and Robert C. Barrett of Cheshire to Jose A. Hincapie, $17,123 on 02/27/2020

37 Nobodys Rd: Anthony P. Doyle of Cheshire to George H. Tremblay, $5,834 on 02/28/2020

750-760 S State Rd: Sling LLC of Cheshire to Timeless Collections LLC, $394,900 on 03/03/2020


592 N Houghton St: Thomas R. Maselli and Alice M. Manica of Clarksburg to Scott A. and Amanda R. Bona, $145,000 on 03/03/2020


50 Carson Ave: Jame A. Leclair and Angela T. Avanzato of Dalton to Taylor N. and Ashley E. Ciepela, $171,500 on 03/03/2020

Great Barrington

43 Hart St: Karen A. Beckwith and Live Well Financial Inc of Great Barrington to Live Well Financial Inc, $85,000 on 02/26/2020

1015 Main St: Barbara Bonner RET and Barbara Bonner of Great Barrington to Heather E. Churchill, $382,000 on 02/28/2020

318 Park St N: Suzanne F. Sylvester and Joseph F. Gerard of Great Barrington to Steven W. Goldberg, $70,000 on 03/02/2020

140 West Ave: 140 West Avenue LLC of Great Barrington to West Avenue LLC, $400,000 on 02/28/2020


300 E Center St: Craig K Nordstrom 2010 T and Craig K. Nordstrom of Lee to Timothy P. Gaul, $210,000 on 02/28/2020

25 Margerie St: US Bank NA Tr of Lee to Jason A. Sonsini, $140,000 on 02/28/2020


37 Bracelan Ct: Erich and Jacqueline A. Schmidt of Lenox to Silas Peno and Katherine Oberwager, $460,000 on 02/28/2020

2 Highcrest Rd Unit 2: Young Dora Jean I Est and Malcolm B. Young of Lenox to Alan D. and Madeleine A. Frankel, $560,000 on 02/26/2020

165 Kemble St Unit 14: Linda M. Fennell of Lenox to John Legere, $2,075,000 on 02/28/2020

55 Pittsfield Rd Unit 12a: Lenox Commons Holdings of Lenox to PRG LLC, $390,000 on 02/26/2020

89 W Dugway Rd: Felix K Dulle LT and Felix K. Dulle of Lenox to Edward J. Goff, $379,000 on 02/27/2020

North Adams

345 Houghton St: Jennifer and Kenneth J. Bushika of North Adams to Joshua Capelle, $80,000 on 02/26/2020

41 Northern Lights Ave: Linda J. Lewitt of North Adams to Nancy J. King, $60,000 on 02/28/2020

139 Reed St: Chad Telford-Drigo of North Adams to Ardelyne I. Rosario, $133,900 on 03/02/2020

80 Rich St: Lakeview Loan Servicing of North Adams to Solid Adobe LLC, $165,000 on 03/03/2020

372 W Main St: Corin and Kelley Prendiville of North Adams to Glen R. Collings, $12,500 on 02/28/2020


183 Judd Rd: Jan Healey of Otis to William Bunnell and Alexa Quartararo, $340,000 on 02/28/2020

13 Pine Grove Ridge Rd: Edward A. and John E. Hurley of Otis to Gregory K. and Cheryl A. Hurley, $85,000 on 03/02/2020


501 Dalton Ave: Wojtkowski Bros Inc of Pittsfield to Ko Resources LLC, $750,000 on 02/27/2020

35 Dexter St: Michael and Lisa Carvalho of Pittsfield to Sheryl Duval, $158,000 on 02/28/2020

11 Dickinson Ave: Timothy E. and Gena Sherman of Pittsfield to Sydney L. Smith, $137,500 on 03/02/2020

155 Francis Ave: Therese M. Michaud of Pittsfield to Berkshire Home Rentals, $154,900 on 02/28/2020

246 Harryel St: Michael E. Hobart and Terese A. Gasparro-Hobart of Pittsfield to Jakob V. Barbarotta, $195,000 on 02/28/2020

67 Hull Ave: Jack E. Gritman of Pittsfield to FNMA, $88,442 on 02/27/2020

255 Lenox Ave: Shayne R. Cahalan of Pittsfield to FNMA, $110,204 on 02/28/2020

149 Mill St: Michael R. and Patricia A. Wiehl of Pittsfield to Susan Gedney-Cunio, $82,500 on 03/02/2020

43 Rhode Island Ave: Williamson Diane K Est and Kelli A. Clark of Pittsfield to Brooke A. Delsoldato, $144,000 on 03/02/2020

23 Waverly St: Liza R. Gennari of Pittsfield to Megan Chase-Porter and Tricia Chase-Chase, $243,000 on 02/27/2020

340 West St: J&G Realty Properties LLC of Pittsfield to BPN 340 West LLC, $699,000 on 02/28/2020

40 Wilson St: CIT Bank NA of Pittsfield to Dmitry Buryakov, $28,000 on 03/02/2020

60 Worthington St: Fiehrer Judith M Est and Charles A. Mancivalano of Pittsfield to Jose R. Santamaria, $99,900 on 02/27/2020


19 Hawthorne Rd Unit 3b: Jay Marks of Stockbridge to Donna F. Spector, $640,000 on 02/28/2020

West Stockbridge

46 W Center Rd: Jeffrey L. and Barbara G. Berger of West Stockbridge to Steven T. and Trent L. Kinney, $721,000 on 02/28/2020

5 Washington Sq: Washington Square T and Raymond Crowley of West Stockbridge to Melissa Martinez and Dylan R. Caro-Canavan, $245,000 on 02/28/2020


74 Lee Ter: Panom Voravittayathorn and W Chanphanicharoen of Williamstown to Mookharin Khajornchaisak, $190,000 on 02/26/2020

20 Longview Ter: Suk and Maureen A. Namkoong of Williamstown to Kristy Fitzgibbons, $582,500 on 02/28/2020



219 E Hartland Rd: Kelley Tebbets of Barkhamsted to Robert Ward, $5,000 on 02/24/2020

4 Woodland Acres: FHLM of Barkhamsted to Edmund Wild, $194,900 on 02/25/2020

16 Yarmoshuk Rd: Eileen Holden and FNMA of Barkhamsted to Vernon Leblanc, $80,000 on 02/27/2020

New Hartford

575 W Hill Rd: Daniel J. and Renee M. Sliby of New Hartford to Andrew Shepherd and Emmalee Hall, $229,000 on 02/26/2020


760 Litchfield Rd: Robert G. Gabelmann of Norfolk to 760 Litchfield Road LLC, $220,000 on 02/25/2020

1200 Litchfield Rd: Colleen E. Gundlach of Norfolk to Kurt W. Gundlach, $157,000 on 02/24/2020


32 Taconic Rd: DSL LT and Daniel R. Lee of Salisbury to Joshua M. and Liana S. Doyle, $740,000 on 02/24/2020


459 Route 7: Kelly and Armen G. Ketchedjian of Sharon to Carolyn Olsen, $355,000 on 02/24/2020


165 Alice St Unit 4: Adrienne E. Nash and Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Bayview Loan Servicing, $1 on 02/27/2020

171 Charles St: Robert W. and Francine Stoddard of Torrington to Haaron M. Ramey, $169,000 on 02/24/2020

62 Chatam Ln: Stephen Widuch of Torrington to Paul D. Prescott, $159,650 on 02/24/2020

191 College Ave: Todd A. and Tracie L. Grieco of Torrington to Faustina M. Craft, $149,000 on 02/24/2020

30 Culvert St: Jean M. Oconnor of Torrington to Matthew and Koine Sylvester, $240,000 on 02/20/2020

173 Culvert St: Neopolitan Properties LLC of Torrington to Red Raider Properies LLC, $101,500 on 02/27/2020

44 Deerpath: Jeffrey L. Gryniuk and Elizabeth E. Gabriele of Torrington to Robert W. and Francine Stoddard, $234,500 on 02/21/2020

214 Funston Ave: Wayne J. Iffland of Torrington to Dashamir and Emanuela Collaku, $130,000 on 02/26/2020

160 Hayden Hill Rd: Robert V. Langelier of Torrington to Erica Blake, $225,000 on 02/27/2020

220 Highland Ave: Thomas J. Tribou of Torrington to Marissa and Natan Malkowski, $155,500 on 02/24/2020

503 Park Ave: Mario M. Cerutti and Irene A. Williams of Torrington to Aia Properties LLC, $65,000 on 02/24/2020

37 Stoneridge Dr: Burnham Donna M Est and Deborah M. Brodeur of Torrington to Jose Bonilla, $17,500 on 02/25/2020

37 Stoneridge Dr: Needham John Est and Margaret P. Roraback of Torrington to Jose Bonilla, $17,500 on 02/25/2020

111 Torcon Dr: Gerald H. Eicher of Torrington to Paul J. Hartnett and Bethany F. Tata, $145,500 on 02/24/2020

1275 Winsted Rd Unit 206: Hugh P. and Janne P. Gallagher of Torrington to Cherie L. Hughes, $98,000 on 02/20/2020

3649 Winsted Rd: Michael J Hamm 3rd Props of Torrington to K&M Properties LLC, $556,000 on 02/20/2020

3669 Winsted Rd: Michael J Hamm 3rd Props of Torrington to K&M Properties LLC, $556,000 on 02/20/2020


210 Alpha Ave: Jordan and Diana Moore of Winchester to Jamie Dubois and Catherine Zink, $299,000 on 02/24/2020

12 Cook St: Crossman Mark G Est and Erin V. Flockhart of Winchester to Brianna Demski, $94,000 on 02/11/2020

51 Upson Ave: Pennymac Loan Services of Winchester to Wayne T. Bizier, $70,000 on 02/28/2020

520 W Wakefield Blvd: Eeliks and Anna Viner of Winchester to Lynne K. and Charles M. Lautenschlager, $375,000 on 02/28/2020

43 Woodruff Ave: Maria Pappas of Winchester to Zachary D. and Alishia J. Turck, $166,500 on 02/24/2020


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