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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 17-23, 2019

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30 Jordan St: Adams Community Bank of Adams to Wayne Arnold, $35,000 on 02/22/2019


27 Western Ave: William J. Cichaski of Becket to William B. Cool, $60,000 on 02/20/2019


450 Hinsdale Rd: Selene Finance LP of Dalton to Global Construction Svcs, $40,000 on 02/26/2019

57 John St: Kirchner NT and Judith M. Wagner of Dalton to Jonathan H. Schmidt, $155,000 on 02/26/2019

713 Kirchner Rd: Erwin A. and Ann C. Kuni of Dalton to Ryan W. and Danielle A. Pellerin, $276,000 on 02/25/2019

654-r Main St: Ryan W. and Danielle A. Pellerin of Dalton to Sally A. and Scott W. Yenolevich, $230,000 on 02/25/2019

70 Sleepy Holw: John and Janice C. Connolly of Dalton to Chad R. and Elisha M. Poirier, $315,000 on 02/20/2019

Great Barrington

5 Thrushwood Ln: Barrington Brook RT and Michael D. Ward of Great Barrington to Andrea S White T and Andrea S. White, $702,560 on 02/22/2019


37 Corey Rd Unit 433: Gregory A. Adams of Hancock to Redhills TM T and Steven L. Messick, $95,000 on 02/22/2019


30 Cove Ln: Frank W. Orr of Hinsdale to Bartholomew J. Collins, $235,000 on 02/20/2019


23 Profile St: Shaun R. and Christa M. Gariepy of Lanesborough to Kevin R. and Amy J. Foley, $255,000 on 02/25/2019


234 Lee Rd: David A. Cruz of Lenox to Johanna D. Wetmore, $300,000 on 02/22/2019

41 Pine Knoll Rd: Murli Raman and Atousa Zamani of Lenox to John P. Kousch, $453,000 on 02/25/2019

North Adams

73 Chase Ave: CR 2018 LLC of North Adams to Robert Dollinger, $23,000 on 02/25/2019

23 Northern Lights Ave: Gisele M. Jordan of North Adams to Melissa R. Davine, $149,900 on 02/22/2019

28 Porter St: Adair Properties LLC of North Adams to Ivy C. Krofta and Jordan H. Tuboly, $125,000 on 02/22/2019

139 Reed St: FNMA of North Adams to Chad Telford-Drigo, $27,500 on 02/26/2019


31 3rd St: Tina M. Dafonte and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Greylock FCU, $40,000 on 02/26/2019

148 Alfred Dr: Richard E. Walat of Pittsfield to Benjamin F. and Stephanie E. Buchinski, $339,900 on 02/22/2019

14 Bromback St: Kurt and Daralyn Hospot of Pittsfield to Antonio A. Cerveira, $100,000 on 02/26/2019

7 Coltland Dr: Christopher J. Lillie of Pittsfield to Qi X. and Qiao Y. Chen, $286,000 on 02/26/2019

145 Connecticut Ave: James R. Kostek of Pittsfield to Hildegard E Wachob T and James Wachob, $165,000 on 02/22/2019

16 Donovan St: Walter E. and Lorraine R. Utter of Pittsfield to Richard B. and Jaclyn E. Carnevale, $235,000 on 02/22/2019

17 Morgan St: Sheldon F. Dupont of Pittsfield to Eric M. and Stephanie L. Dupont, $76,000 on 02/26/2019

12 Oak St: Treana RT and Dominic Kirchner of Pittsfield to JRCR Realty LLC, $18,000 on 02/22/2019

47 Parker St: Spike RET and David Goodhue of Pittsfield to Napster Properties LLC, $112,095 on 02/22/2019

453 Pecks Rd: Thomas A. Dailey of Pittsfield to Wendling Realty LLC, $370,000 on 02/26/2019

21 Roberta Rd: David K. and Dorothy D. Kanter of Pittsfield to Patrick B. Donovan, $219,000 on 02/22/2019

306 South St: Scarafoni Financial Group of Pittsfield to Craig Kahn, $250,000 on 02/22/2019

598 Tyler St: Star RET and David Goodhue of Pittsfield to Right On Tyler LLC, $99,405 on 02/22/2019


518 Berkshire School Rd: Samuel and William C. Ritt of Sheffield to JLH Berkshire Realty LLC, $265,000 on 02/22/2019


462 Henderson Rd: Cheryl A. Diamond of Williamstown to Steve Diamond, $145,000 on 02/25/2019



135 Allison Dr: USA VA of Torrington to Lawrence Espinet, $110,000 on 02/19/2019

73 Cantor Ln: Daniel E. Petrosky of Torrington to Omar A. and Rebecca R. Acosta, $177,500 on 02/19/2019

401 Cardinal Cir: Anton S. and Jeannae E. Quadri of Torrington to Nisa Bilal, $267,400 on 02/25/2019

22 Clark St: Dale Krupnick of Torrington to Maureen Weis, $42,900 on 02/20/2019

64 Ginger Ln: Mary M. Hart of Torrington to Christopher Luis, $175,000 on 02/19/2019

121 Hassig Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Anish Patel, $45,000 on 02/21/2019

22 Pulaski St: 22-24 Pulaski LLC of Torrington to Edgar R. Curillo-Inga, $70,000 on 02/22/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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