Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 16-22, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Feb. 16-22, 2020



31 Gilead St: Hunter E. Brockway of Adams to Jordan E. Vanuni and Connor J. Williams, $137,000 on 02/21/2020

80 Maple St: Craig A. and Ellen K. Marszalek of Adams to Christopher J. Marszalek, $160,000 on 02/25/2020

180 Orchard St: Dennis R. and Steven J. Frieri of Adams to Virginia C. Mach, $255,000 on 02/21/2020

13 Victory St: Winged Horsemen Realty of Adams to Intra Realty&Investments, $37,500 on 02/20/2020


42 Old Village Rd: Mary E. Foster of Alford to Leigh and Lisa Schmitt, $420,000 on 02/24/2020


123 Grange Hall Rd: Dalton Center Block LLC of Dalton to Leslie A. Dolan, $219,000 on 02/21/2020


274 S County Rd: Paoletti Rita I Est and Richard R. Paoletti of Florida to Lori Stewart, $98,000 on 02/19/2020


24 Glassworks Rd: Richard B. Boynton of Lanesborough to Shire Enterprises LLC, $100,000 on 02/19/2020

12 Irwin St: Paul M. and Ursula A. Maloy of Lanesborough to Tristan L. Gaylord and Emily E. Kolis, $138,500 on 02/20/2020

93 Summer St: Stephen B. and Linda Deloye of Lanesboro to Thomas J. Fahey, $165,000 on 02/21/2020


1650 Pleasant St: Charlene M. Boettcher of Lee to Christopher D. Boswell, $255,000 on 02/20/2020


870 East St: Witman Properties Inc of Lenox to Jacob Trudeau, $183,000 on 02/20/2020

11 Rose Bank Dr: Mary L. Bullock of Lenox to Kathleen A. Cleary, $100,000 on 02/20/2020

11 Rose Bank Dr: J Christopher Bulger of Lenox to Kathleen A. Cleary, $100,000 on 02/20/2020

55 Sherwood Dr: James K Pennell FT and Mark S. Pennell of Lenox to Harold Dupee, $179,900 on 02/19/2020

North Adams

991 W Shaft Rd: Pamela J. Bachli and Karen Lamb of North Adams to Michelle Delisle, $125,000 on 02/20/2020


9 Daniels Ave: Kenneth R. Rosen and Elettra J. Pauletto of Pittsfield to Oral Willis and Kimberlee Olson, $70,000 on 02/24/2020

13 Darlene Ave: Rose M. Viens of Pittsfield to Emil S. Venere and Jennifer J. Streisand, $224,500 on 02/24/2020

90 Hawthorne Ave: Donald S. and Paula Wagner of Pittsfield to Kevin R. Clark, $99,000 on 02/19/2020

308 North St: Olmsted RT and Peter J. Houser of Pittsfield to Moby Properties LLC, $1,550,000 on 02/21/2020

190 Pomeroy Ave: Mark L. Call of Pittsfield to Octavia A. Jones-May, $285,000 on 02/21/2020


172 E Main St: Koshar Alice M Est and Suehiko Ono of Sheffield to Luis Bolivar-Yauri, $210,000 on 02/19/2020

608 West Rd: Donna S. Delmolino and Richard A. Race of Sheffield to Gordon and Sarah E. Dixon, $155,000 on 02/25/2020


78 Main St: Jeffrey Elmer and Patricia A. Burns of Stockbridge to James A. Harter and Anneke Leffel, $315,000 on 02/24/2020

West Stockbridge

3 Cooper Ln: Cernik Richard E Est and Dawn M. Cernik of West Stockbridge to Zong W. Lai, $40,000 on 02/21/2020

22 Great Barrington Rd: Joseph G. and Anne M. Roy of West Stockbridge to Clayton A. and Marissa Beauchaine, $200,000 on 02/21/2020


44 Woodcock Rd: Allsop FT and Jean M. Allsop of Williamstown to Michael W. and Lisa A. Mcneil, $160,000 on 02/20/2020



35 Facchin St: Susan Quinion and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Canaan to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $150,712 on 02/19/2020

16 Johnson Rd: George Demattia of Canaan to Chad Dean, $185,000 on 02/18/2020


29 Mountain Greenery Ln: Lee H&D M Janssen RET and Lee H. Janssen of Salisbury to John G. and Julianne Oconnell, $860,000 on 02/13/2020


114 Amenia Union Rd: Dorothy B. Felske of Sharon to Alexis L. Brooks and Michael D. Oconnor, $440,000 on 02/18/2020

248 Gay St: Patrick Mullin and Thomas Delaney of Sharon to Eliza Thorne RET and Eliza Thorne, $1,625,000 on 02/18/2020


44 Highland Ave: Laura Madore of Torrington to Nicole L. and Lori A. Haddad, $110,000 on 02/19/2020

1981 Norfolk Rd: Jane Holmgren and Torrington SB Mtg Svcg Co of Torrington to Gulf Harbour Investments, $78,219 on 02/13/2020

71 Nutmeg Dr: Kenney Anne Marie Est and Sharon Kenney of Torrington to David Kenney, $60,000 on 02/18/2020

433 Prospect St: Sarah B. Best and PNC Bank NA of Torrington to PNC Bank NA, $1 on 02/19/2020

104 Stonehouse Way: Joseph M. and Mary Elizabeth Mazza of Torrington to Virasack Nokham, $180,000 on 02/14/2020

24 Sunrise Dr: Stacey L. Wollman of Torrington to Kimberley S. Brown, $159,475 on 02/18/2020

408 Trailsend Dr Unit 408: Maria G. Morrone and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Torrington to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $51,100 on 02/13/2020

226 Trotters Way: Phuong P. and Danh N. Le of Torrington to Todd A. and Tracie L. Grieco, $188,900 on 02/19/2020

217 Wedgewood Dr: Tara J. Lindberg and Lakeveiw Loan Svcg LLC of Torrington to Lakeveiw Loan Svcg LLC, $1 on 02/19/2020


8 Colony Dr: Gail K. Nicosia of Winchester to Robert and April Sullivan, $118,000 on 02/19/2020

111 Colony Dr: Meghann L. Furtado and US Bank NA Tr of Winchester to US Bank NA Tr, $1 on 02/12/2020

264 Holabird Ave: Mark S. Fish of Winchester to Piotr Zawadzki, $69,500 on 02/18/2020

247 Torringford St: Wesley V. and Anya V. Asheim of Winchester to Beth Mehmel-Dube, $206,000 on 02/18/2020


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