Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 12-18, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut, February 12-18, 2017.



9 Baskin Ln: Mark E. Bayless and Selene Finance LP of Adams to Selene Finance LP, $78,720 on 02/17/2017

27 Enterprise St: US Bank NA Tr of Adams to Ilya Zaslavskiy, $34,500 on 02/15/2017

86 N Summer St: Christopher J. Damboise and Amy-Lyn Gumprecht of Adams to Kassidy A. Thorn, $162,000 on 02/17/2017

42 Summer St: Donald P. and Richard P. Bury of Adams to Daniel J. Shears and Janice M. Wilson, $44,000 on 02/15/2017


410 Long Bow Ln E: Scott E. Levy of Becket to Dean V. Lagrotteria, $220,000 on 02/17/2017

643 Quarry Rd: Mary I. Winn of Becket to James R. and Tracy L. Digrigoli, $114,500 on 02/14/2017


121 Depot St: Carol A. Garlin-Raymond and Virginia M. Kittler-Daniel of Cheshire to Melanie G. Herzig and Heather N. Frazier, $92,000 on 02/13/2017


172 Pine Ave: Hadley M. Ameen of Clarksburg to Daniel J. Haskins, $32,333 on 02/17/2017


64 Deming St: Kristen S. Ludwiczak of Dalton to Mary A. Carigliano, $223,000 on 02/17/2017


167 Egremont Plain Rd: Noel Arce of Egremont to Mariano and Samuel Laiz, $235,000 on 02/15/2017

144 Hillsdale Rd: Dorothy Haddad of Egremont to Alexander Premoli and Barbara Muniz, $212,000 on 02/17/2017

16 Prospect Lake Rd: Wheeler Roland B Est and Airlie Ohman of Egremont to Jeffrey Turner and Lorena M. Proia, $186,000 on 02/14/2017

Great Barrington

27 Monument Valley Rd: FNMA of Great Barrington to Bailey Trevisan, $271,000 on 02/17/2017


11 Ethier St: William F. and Maria G. Shields of Hinsdale to Boris Basora and Michele Girard-Basora, $160,000 on 02/15/2017


19 Crystal St: Cecile A. Roosa of Lenox to William J. Gop, $175,000 on 02/15/2017

80 Pine Knoll Rd: Laura B Flint RET Of 2010 and Laura B. Flint of Lenox to Mindi Morin and Max Scherff, $362,500 on 02/15/2017

New Marlborough

633 Sisson Hill Rd: Jared C. and Terrill A. Mcdade of New Marlboro to AP Tsamis Management LLC, $292,450 on 02/15/2017

North Adams

19 Church St Unit 5: George D. Johns and Jonas A. Mccaffery of North Adams to Francis B. and Joyce M. Abuisi, $40,000 on 02/17/2017

63 Francis St: Bradley C. and Ashley D. Berridge of North Adams to Michael J. and Christina M. Kilroe, $124,500 on 02/17/2017


80 Ryan Ln: Holly Stoehr and Theresa L. Torchia of Otis to Michael Bynack, $179,000 on 02/14/2017


23 Cynthia Ln Unit 23: Saul and Rhoda Lesser of Pittsfield to Chris Ziegler, $280,000 on 02/16/2017

50 Dalton Ave: Louis A. and Joy C. Costi of Pittsfield to Robert North, $75,000 on 02/15/2017

294 Dalton Ave: Marnique T. Rivera and FNMA of Pittsfield to FNMA, $81,700 on 02/16/2017

62 Doreen St: Shea Jane E Est and Lynne M. Shea of Pittsfield to Theresa A. Manchester, $133,777 on 02/16/2017

7 Kathy Way: John D. and Teresa G. Buttelman of Pittsfield to Kojo Fynn and Patricia Mensah, $264,000 on 02/13/2017

263 Mountain Dr: Dennis W. and Michelle B. Teichert of Pittsfield to Kristen and Timothy P. Burke, $489,000 on 02/17/2017

15 Onota St: Melanie M. Meunier of Pittsfield to Lindsay M. Bleau, $115,500 on 02/17/2017

73 Westchester Ave: Beneficial Massachusetts of Pittsfield to Gleb and Ann Jerebtsov, $52,500 on 02/16/2017

85 Wilson St: Debra L. Davis and Citimortgage Inc of Pittsfield to FHLM, $72,339 on 02/17/2017


751 Dublin Rd: Robert K. and Pamela T. Glass of Richmond to Alan and Jo Samuels, $840,000 on 02/13/2017


58 Davis Ln: Johnson Bruce R Est and Lynn M. Thorpe of Sheffield to Richard K. Myers, $50,000 on 02/17/2017

282 Water Farm Rd: Sheffield Water Co of Sheffield to Mountain Water Systems, $92,931 on 02/14/2017


5 Sergeant St Unit 2: Joan W. Blake of Stockbridge to Susan Baum, $215,000 on 02/16/2017

West Stockbridge

35 Albany Rd: Paul R. Lavalette and Arveset Central Mtg Co of West Stockbridge to FHLM, $91,388 on 02/17/2017


51 Willshire Dr: Nancy Q. Politis and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Williamstown to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $220,000 on 02/15/2017



30 Dublin Rd: Anroe LP of Canaan to Robert Lee, $160,000 on 02/14/2017


134 Cedar Rd: Webster Bank NA of Sharon to Robert E. and Shirley A. Leibrock, $50,000 on 02/16/2017


214 Buena Vista Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to John J. Papp, $53,250 on 02/16/2017

77 Santa Maria Dr: FNMA of Torrington to Michael Valentine, $90,500 on 02/13/2017

45 Woodbine St: USA HUD of Torrington to Robyn and Bruce Deane, $144,500 on 02/15/2017


100 Lake St: MBP Properties LLC of Winchester to Impetus Properties LLC, $120,000 on 02/13/2017

147 Danbury Quarter Rd: Bank Of America NA of Winchester to A To Z Home Solutions LLC, $87,250 on 02/17/2017

165 Wallens St: Nielson Kenneth R Est and Gary Nielson of Winchester to Brian J. Mcguinness, $106,000 on 02/15/2017

Source: The Warren Group