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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire region real estate sales Feb. 10-16, 2019

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195 Hopkins Ln: Mac Johansen IRT and Guy H. Johansen of Becket to James C. and Paula J. Aquilina, $243,000 on 02/15/2019

317 Skyline Ridge Rd: Ronald P. Clark and Justin A. Brooks of Becket to Raymond and Bonnie Rapposelli, $421,461 on 02/13/2019


740 Daniels Rd: James R. Greenlaw of Clarksburg to Ryan W. and Jami-Lynn Pytko, $225,000 on 02/15/2019


23 Chamberlain Ave: Bruce J. and Michelle A. Cady of Dalton to James and Christie Ethier, $174,400 on 02/19/2019

18 Dalton Division Rd: Dawn E. Barrett of Dalton to Nicole C. Hosier, $151,500 on 02/15/2019

26 Otis Ave: John K. and Gayle A. Flippin of Dalton to Global Construction Svcs, $23,000 on 02/15/2019


20 Poirot Rd: Claire A. Burdick of Florida to Robert W. and Debra J. Welch, $20,000 on 02/14/2019

Great Barrington

73 Christian Hill Rd: Dominic Lydon of Great Barrington to Crisshill 73 LLC, $308,000 on 02/15/2019

16 Cottage St: Matthew J. Merritt of Great Barrington to James Garbarino and Claire Bedard, $362,500 on 02/14/2019

121 Hollenbeck Ave: Melvin and Kim D. Gershon of Great Barrington to Jeremy I. Stoepker and Tanveer Ahmed, $657,000 on 02/15/2019

7 Kalliste Hl: William H. Booth and Martha Erwin-Booth of Great Barrington to 7 Kalliste Hill Road NT and Jeffrey M. Winik, $790,000 on 02/15/2019

1077 Main St: Bryan D. Sanderson and Lisa A. Newmann of Great Barrington to Andrew S. Berens, $325,000 on 02/15/2019

25 Pope St: FNMA of Great Barrington to Raul Escobar, $49,000 on 02/13/2019


130 Tamarack Ave: David D. Sires and Berkshire Bank of Lee to Ruby Realty LLC, $125,000 on 02/14/2019


31 Hubbard St: Matthew J. Merritt of Lenox to Michelle N. Pranger, $332,600 on 02/14/2019

North Adams

77 Holbrook St: William A. Perenick of North Adams to Reginald A. Rondeau, $33,791 on 02/19/2019


567 Dalton Ave: Eileen Wallace and Douglas Yonkouski of Pittsfield to Daniel R. Wallace, $200,000 on 02/15/2019

1800 East St: George A. Atiemo of Pittsfield to Ashley P. Atiemo, $160,000 on 02/15/2019

42 Essex St: USA VA of Pittsfield to Daniel Francese and Thomas Flatley, $80,250 on 02/15/2019

1450 North St Unit 106: Hildegard E Wachob RET and James Wachob of Pittsfield to Lynette Livermore, $160,000 on 02/19/2019

36 Plastics Ave: Timothy J. Scott and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $70,000 on 02/13/2019

74 Somerset Ave: Harte John F Jr Est and David J. Harte of Pittsfield to Lee A. Fleming-Hand, $156,500 on 02/14/2019

11 Spadina Pkwy: Robert F. Lore of Pittsfield to Simona Collins, $221,500 on 02/14/2019

22 Wood Ave: Nora K. Doucette of Pittsfield to Timothy M. Godwin, $131,000 on 02/19/2019


309 Loop Rd: Will Elaine Mary Est and Wade R. Will of Savoy to Wade R. and Amber Will, $120,000 on 02/15/2019


100 Maple Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Sheffield to Daniel J. and Michelle L. Lowe, $43,000 on 02/13/2019



245 E Main St: Robert W. and Camille M. Wesneski of Torrington to New Age Entreprises LLC, $88,800 on 02/15/2019

53 Elmwood Ter: Wellington Collins Props of Torrington to Laurie Z. and David J. Canty, $117,500 on 02/13/2019

684 Migeon Ave: Catherine Sciacca of Torrington to Dana and Hanh Bui, $150,000 on 02/11/2019

90 Orchard Ln: Edith Briggs LT and Daniel R. Briggs of Torrington to Daniel R. Briggs, $36,552 on 02/14/2019

257 Pineridge Rd: John J. Doherty of Torrington to Lawrence C. Tracey, $184,000 on 02/15/2019

106 Queens Rd Unit 106: Roger A. Mahieu of Torrington to Lauren Mahieu, $78,000 on 02/14/2019

96 Shirley Rd: Mary O. Siddall of Torrington to Steve and Steven J. Wright, $145,000 on 02/14/2019

3914 Torringford St: Richard A. Regner of Torrington to Tenzin Kunlek-Pemba, $154,000 on 02/15/2019

2466 Torringford West St: USA HUD of Torrington to Valeria Chavez, $101,000 on 02/14/2019

94 Winsted Rd: Edgar P. Idrovo and Delta Funding Corp of Torrington to LNV Corp, $1 on 02/15/2019


132 Forest Ave: Garrett P. Fancher of Winchester to Jaime Marconis, $270,000 on 02/11/2019

167 Glendale Ave: Jared K. and Leah A. Wheeler of Winchester to Justin C. Ferraro, $139,900 on 02/12/2019

25 Hillside Ave: Gail G. and Dale Savage of Winchester to Matthew A. Vella and Heather A. Kelley, $225,000 on 02/11/2019

142 Main St: Peter Guglielmino of Winchester to Scott Davis, $315,000 on 02/14/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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