Weekly Berkshire real estate sales: Dec. 28, 2015 – Jan. 3, 2016

The very latest Berkshire region weekly real estate sales report from the Warren Group. Dec. 28, 2015 -- Jan. 3, 2016



105 Alger St: Alaa I. Safa of Adams to Jereme C. Vinette and Jacqueline M. Widun, $140,000 on 12/29/2015

48 Crandall St: Brian C. and Janice J. Mckay of Adams to James C. Solomon, $137,500 on 12/28/2015

23 Harding Ave: Nancy J. and Edward J. Rodowicz of Adams to Julie Dubis, $80,000 on 12/29/2015

4 Marshall Ave: Nowell FT and Betty J. Nowell of Adams to Lisa Soule, $127,500 on 12/30/2015


12 Alford Rd: Amelia K. Mcdonald of Alford to Shawn M. Coyne and Carter B. Bailey, $710,000 on 12/30/2015


76 Alan A Dale Dr: David J. Lewis and Alison R. Mchale of Becket to Larry and Beatrice Marchand, $40,000 on 12/30/2015

1027 Fred Snow Rd: Richard E. and Marilyn A. Sturtevant of Becket to James P. and Cynthia L. Lang, $292,209 on 12/31/2015


858 W Mountain Rd: Hannah M. Giroux of Cheshire to Thomas J. Kelley and Bethany M. Ricci, $260,000 on 12/29/2015


333 Washington Mountain Rd: Anthony Quinto of Dalton to Lisa A. Turner, $181,500 on 12/30/2015


7 Buttonball Ln: Jill E. Schwartz of Egremont to Kevin T. Ronan, $365,000 on 12/30/2015

Great Barrington

4 Burning Tree Rd Unit 4: Cottages At Barrington and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Edward B. and Judith P. Walk, $499,000 on 12/30/2015

8 Butternut Ln: Joshua and David Fein of Great Barrington to Butternut Lane LLC, $679,000 on 12/30/2015

28 Cottage St: Paul and Carrie D. Margrave of Great Barrington to William E. and Sarah T. Sturgis, $285,000 on 12/29/2015

4 Rose Ct W Unit 4: Blue Hill Commons LLC of Great Barrington to Curtiss Blue Hill LLC, $250,000 on 12/30/2015


137 Dee Rd: Madeline V. Monaghan of Hancock to Matthew S. and Alicia D. Monaghan, $220,000 on 12/30/2015

3759 Hancock Rd: Stephen M. Hogue of Hancock to David J. and Laurie J. Boyer, $240,000 on 12/29/2015


70 Franklin Rd: Peter T. White of Hinsdale to Richard R. and Paula J. Lalonde, $25,000 on 12/30/2015

30-32 Verge Rd: Glenn and Juanita L. Zaderecki of Hinsdale to Elizabeth M. Goclowski and Gregory L. Hanson, $161,250 on 12/30/2015


65 Old Cheshire Rd: Robert O. and Arlene V. Jackson of Lanesboro to William E. and Jennifer Shelsy, $150,000 on 12/30/2015


880 East St Unit 600b: Peter and Rita Hantman of Lee to Maura Doran, $131,000 on 12/29/2015

145 Old Pleasant St: Linda M. Rilla and Sally A. Cornwell of Lee to Eric J. Benoit, $155,000 on 12/28/2015


12 Spruce Trl Unit 12: Lenox Woods At Kennedy Pk and J Peri Campoli of Lenox to Jennifer Glass, $419,500 on 12/31/2015

479 Under Mountain Rd: Donald R. Goldsmith and Deborah Dale-Goldsmith of Lenox to Jennifer E. Coffey and Robert A. Horn, $430,000 on 12/31/2015

New Marlborough

109 Alum Hill Rd: Gregory M. Small and Claire M. Anacreon of New Marlboro to Evan J. and Jennifer N. Palazzo, $335,000 on 12/29/2015

North Adams

633 Barbour St: Barbara K Collier NT and Paul Collier of North Adams to Curtis Gazaille, $115,000 on 12/28/2015

288 E Main St: Wayne and Christy H. Arnold of North Adams to Sandy Beach Realty LLC, $54,225 on 12/30/2015

197 Prospect St: Lara K. Peck of North Adams to Tiffany R. and Courtney L. England, $133,000 on 12/30/2015


11 3rd St: Brennen P. and Lora E. Kozlowski of Pittsfield to Gary C. and Deborah L. Holden, $68,000 on 12/30/2015

148 Alpine Trl Unit 145: Pines At Bousquet Mtn NT and J Peri Campoli of Pittsfield to S A Tobin&D Whitehead RET and Steven A. Tobin, $491,940 on 12/31/2015

32 Boylston St: John M. Valli and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Pittsfield to FNMA, $61,200 on 12/30/2015

31 Buel St: Vanvorst Jonathan J Est and Cornelis Vanvorst of Pittsfield to David Roberts, $95,000 on 12/29/2015

15 Chickering St: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Laurie and Joseph Scoco, $40,000 on 12/29/2015

10 Dawes Ave: Timothy J. and Amy A. Koenig of Pittsfield to Liam Gorman and Anna Lotto, $112,000 on 12/31/2015

199 Demont Ave: Peter A. Dus of Pittsfield to Michael D. Lane and Cruz A. Vazquez, $132,000 on 12/28/2015

178 Francis Ave: Steven M. Dipietro and OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of Pittsfield to OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC, $80,100 on 12/28/2015

56 Garden St: Luisa A. and Elizabeth T. Mccarty of Pittsfield to Eva A. Perri, $174,900 on 12/30/2015

75 Hungerford St: Amigo Properties Inc of Pittsfield to Pamela M. Czach, $161,500 on 12/31/2015

148 Sunset St: Eric N. and Howard L. Carlson of Pittsfield to Eric N. Carlson, $40,000 on 12/29/2015

25 Terrace Ave: Rosemary J. Gennari of Pittsfield to Gino J. Gennari, $12,000 on 12/30/2015

25 Terrace Ave: Maria E. Gennari of Pittsfield to Gino J. Gennari, $12,000 on 12/30/2015

46 View St: Paul M Andrew FT and Paul M. Andrew of Pittsfield to Justin O. Turner, $81,500 on 12/30/2015

17 Westminister St: Larry Mckinley and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to FHLM, $49,122 on 12/30/2015

274 Williams St: Scott A. and Elizabeth A. Beauchemin of Pittsfield to American Inatl Relocation, $322,500 on 12/31/2015

274 Williams St: American Inatl Relocation of Pittsfield to Ernest R. and Susan M. Lampron, $322,500 on 12/31/2015


465 Swamp Rd: Stephen L. Congdon of Richmond to David Roberts, $55,000 on 12/30/2015


8 Bosworth Rd: Jacquelyn Mazur of Sandisfield to Francis Palma, $55,000 on 12/28/2015


23 Sargent Rd: Michael D. Mccaul and US Bank NA Tr of Washington to US Bank NA Tr, $181,414 on 12/30/2015

West Stockbridge

19 Swamp Rd: Kiley Florence A Est and Nancy A. Kiley of West Stockbridge to Jason P. Dus, $159,000 on 12/30/2015


264 Luce Rd: Carolyn D. Whitney of Williamstown to Jeffrey E. and Robin T. Sher, $187,000 on 12/30/2015

62 Roaring Brook Rd: Jon-Joe Filiault and Howard Berman of Williamstown to Jon-Joe Filiault, $74,291 on 12/31/2015



125 Sunset Ridge Rd: Timothy O. and Sue E. Strosahl of Norfolk to David J. and Laura J. Moran, $405,000 on 12/29/2015


Washinee Heights Rd: Bugaboo Holdings LLC of Salisbury to Jeffrey J. and Claudia J. Keenan, $1,125,000 on 12/22/2015

Source: The Warren Group