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Berkshire region real estate sales Dec. 30, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019

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34 Highland Ave: Cynhtia L. Racine and US Bank NA of Adams to US Bank NA Tr, $189,643 on 01/03/2019

72 Orchard St: Stephen and David Roulier of Adams to Sarah A. Turner, $175,000 on 01/04/2019


64 Crooked Hill Rd: Stephen A. Haswell of Alford to Susan Tannenbaum T and Susan Tannenbaum, $1,738,188 on 01/03/2019


92 Corey Rd Unit 92: Julia T. Woogen of Hancock to Antoinette M. Cariddi, $120,000 on 01/03/2019


1455 Cape St: Robert M. and Roxine L. Carty of Lee to Christine and Rodney F. Clark, $565,000 on 01/02/2019

635 Meadow St: Williams Heamon W Est and Heamon J. Williams of Lee to Heamon J. Williams, $100,000 on 01/02/2019

North Adams

193 E Quincy St: Lisa-Marie Pisano and Kathleen Lacasse of North Adams to Timothy P. Ohearn, $91,000 on 01/04/2019

17 Marion Ave: Antoinette M. Cariddi of North Adams to Elliot Krasnopoler and Nina Pelaez, $256,570 on 01/03/2019

164-r Prospect St: Eric Gordon of North Adams to Jose Gonzales and Elizabeth Young, $58,939 on 01/04/2019


133 Bossidy Dr: Sharon R. and Robert L. Barnes of Pittsfield to Kayla L. Booth and Carol A. Smith, $110,000 on 01/04/2019

704 Crane Ave: Marcia Saltarelli-Wool of Pittsfield to Guillermo Alvarez-Romero, $191,000 on 01/04/2019

46 Meadow Ridge Dr: George L. Haddad of Pittsfield to Jeanne M. Hayden and Andrew T. Szajlai, $452,500 on 01/04/2019

40 Melville St: Crispina Swindlehurst of Pittsfield to Al-Khalil Cultural Center, $325,000 on 01/04/2019


220 Root Ln: D Bruce Macinnes of Sheffield to Steven R. Larkin, $265,000 on 01/04/2019


6 Housatonnuck Rd: Jack W. Hudgins of Stockbridge to Timothy Genis and Catherine Basrak, $220,000 on 01/03/2019



25 Cherry Hill Rd: Stephen Kilroy and Grace Jaihee-Yoon of Cornwall to Jarlath Mellett, $595,000 on 12/03/2018

59 Pierce Ln: Ledlie I. and Sarah C. Laughlin of Cornwall to Todd A. Klein, $425,000 on 12/11/2018

350 Sharon Goshen Tpke: Warren A. and John Wood of Cornwall to Andrew Sedgwick and Ewa Barnes, $115,000 on 12/03/2018

New Hartford

363 Bruning Rd: US Bank NA of New Hartford to Jack David, $174,900 on 12/28/2018


9 Maple Ave: Henry W. Tremblay of Norfolk to William F. Thomas and Pamela J. Harnois, $335,000 on 12/28/2018

21 Village Grn: Peter G. Vosburgh and Reverse Mortgage Solution of Norfolk to Reverse Mortgage Solution, $235,000 on 01/02/2019


72 Hilltop Rd: FNMA of Sharon to Leo Mclaughlin and Alejandro Mulens, $185,000 on 12/31/2018

14 Silver Hill Rd: Richard S. and Barbara D. Thorsen of Sharon to Stephen D. and Jillian J. Granato, $300,000 on 12/31/2018


74 Apter Dr: Petronella Z. Alexander of Torrington to Ricky Hamilton and Diane Soucy, $135,000 on 12/28/2018

26 Evergreen Rd Unit 26: Denise G. Tranchina of Torrington to Hugh G. Long, $70,000 on 01/02/2019

829 Goshen Rd: Kevin Bennett and Citibank NA of Torrington to Citibank NA, $1 on 12/31/2018

829 Goshen Rd: Kevin Bennett and Citibank NA of Torrington to Citibank NA, $1 on 01/03/2019

146 High St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Torrington to Bopta and Sean B. Ky, $40,921 on 01/03/2019

187 Lovers Ln Unit 66: Susan J. Gryniuk of Torrington to Sally Y. Ruegg, $63,000 on 12/28/2018

187 Lovers Ln Unit 16: Country Woods Torrington of Torrington to Weigold Real Estate LLC, $30,000 on 12/28/2018

210 Roosevelt Ave: Carolyn M. Minard of Torrington to Barbara Roberge, $49,900 on 12/28/2018

118 Settlers Ln: Bank New York Mellon of Torrington to EJS Construction LLC, $66,200 on 12/31/2018

5 Spring St: Gale Pellegren of Torrington to Laurence R. and Carol L. Cohen, $131,000 on 01/02/2019

77 Wall St: USA HUD of Torrington to Mentor Dauti, $57,000 on 12/28/2018

3568 Winsted Rd: Brophy LLC of Torrington to L&T West Haven LLC, $279,000 on 12/31/2018


81 Birdsall St: Jonathan R. Gaylord of Winchester to Garrett Fancher and Ryan Rea, $121,200 on 01/02/2019

111 Riverton Rd Unit 62: Roger L. and Marydean W. Burdick of Winchester to Michael A. and Lynne B. Kiesewetter, $50,000 on 12/27/2018

111 Riverton Rd Unit 23: J2 Enterprises LLC of Winchester to Brittany Schibi and Kyle Groman, $65,000 on 01/03/2019

203 Stowe Rd: Warren S. and Thelma N. Shaw of Winchester to Raymond J. Zeyte and Julia C. Zetye, $17,750 on 01/03/2019

203 Stowe Rd: Warren S. and Thelma N. Shaw of Winchester to Raymond J. and Julia C. Zetye, $337,250 on 01/03/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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