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Berkshire region real estate sales Dec. 23 – 29, 2018

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6 Cedar Ln: Matthew J. and Lynn L. Parrott of Adams to Nicholas K. Kordana, $123,720 on 12/27/2018

91-93 Grove St: Cannava RT and Michael Cannava of Adams to Craig L. and Marnie A. Clough, $147,000 on 12/31/2018

387 Old Columbia St: Dolomite Products Co Inc of Adams to Century Acq Adams LLC, $200,000 on 12/24/2018


78 Pine Dale Cir: 78 Pinedale Circle Land T and Heart&Home Realty LLC Tr of Becket to David Kelly, $145,000 on 12/28/2018


163 Cleveland Rd: Gerald A&P G Guild LT and William C. Guild of Dalton to Paul D. and Elizabeth L. Nichols, $112,000 on 12/31/2018

237 High St: Mark A. and Jenney S. Maloy of Dalton to Shane R. Digennaro and Danielle M. Clairmont, $160,000 on 12/28/2018

236 Hubbard Ave: Anthony J Pivero NT and John J. Martin of Dalton to Scott Hall, $100,000 on 12/27/2018

320 Hubbard Ave: Dolomite Products Co Inc of Dalton to Century Acq  Dalton LLC, $200,000 on 12/24/2018


580 S Main St Unit 301: Wendie M. Frada of Lanesborough to Vipul Patel, $146,000 on 12/28/2018


18 Run Way: Old Crow Realty Corp of Lee to 50 West Center St NT and Timothy D. Leprevost, $435,000 on 12/31/2018


18 Coldbrooke S Unit C: Daniel J. and Jamie M. Bellenoit of Lenox to Arnold B. and Maureen Goldberg, $362,000 on 12/27/2018

2 Morgan Mnr Unit 5: Peter R. West and Tracy L. Reis of Lenox to Lucille J. and Ralph E. Decelles, $165,000 on 12/31/2018

4 Rolling Hls Unit 11: Kripalu Center For Yoga of Lenox to Beverly Ochs-Kostrinsky, $180,000 on 12/27/2018

North Adams

71-73 Bracewell Ave: Rita T. Reardon of North Adams to David C. Oshman and Kamonkwan Tongmusick, $125,000 on 12/28/2018

922 Curran Hwy: George F. and Cynthia P. Bond of North Adams to Feb Realty LLC, $470,278 on 12/31/2018

77 Maple St: Diane M. Morrissey and Julie A. Richard-Odonovan of North Adams to Nancy J. Sacco and Kevin C. Hanlon, $177,500 on 12/27/2018


10 Alcove St: Lawrence E. Marchisio and Scott E. Kirchner of Pittsfield to Wellington Legacy LLC, $88,000 on 12/31/2018

46 Alpine Trl Unit 46: Stuart and Paula M. Yurman of Pittsfield to Michael C. Mazzeo, $357,000 on 12/27/2018

46 Briggs Ave: Michael J. Barresi of Pittsfield to Jonathan Pierce, $40,000 on 12/28/2018

44 Buel St: Sterling Endeavors LLC of Pittsfield to Epiphani D. Maynard and Demitryia E. Sweener, $169,000 on 12/31/2018

118 Cheshire Rd: Manthorne Development LLC of Pittsfield to Denise M. Duquette, $141,000 on 12/28/2018

166 East St: SRG Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Molari RE Holdings LLC, $458,750 on 12/28/2018

1530 East St: Callanan Industries Inc of Pittsfield to Century Aggregates Ptsfld, $100,000 on 12/24/2018

1994 East St: Patricia L. Lennon of Pittsfield to Casey L. Lennon, $160,000 on 12/31/2018

211 Francis Ave: Co-Act Inc of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $220,000 on 12/28/2018

217 Francis Ave: Co-Act Inc of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $220,000 on 12/28/2018

428 Gale Ave: Sean A. and Kristen C. Gray of Pittsfield to CSB Service Corp, $392,500 on 12/27/2018

39 Leona Dr: Jennifer Schnopp of Pittsfield to Thomas J. Scherben, $231,900 on 12/28/2018

15 Maude St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Julie and Roger Gavin, $63,500 on 12/28/2018

104 Nancy Ave: Gene R. Vanbranner and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $210,000 on 12/24/2018

77 Partridge Rd: Mark Field and Anna Curtis of Pittsfield to Alexander and Olga Galtsov, $92,000 on 12/28/2018

17 Root Pl: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Jonathan Pierce and Thomas Geary, $60,000 on 12/28/2018

59 Sherwood Dr: Brian C. and Sarah N. Connell of Pittsfield to Devin C. Wootton and Suzanne Lim, $269,000 on 12/26/2018

2 South St: Bercom LLC of Pittsfield to 2 South Street LLC, $900,000 on 12/28/2018

48 Thomson Pl: James E. Dowling of Pittsfield to Joshua P. Shepard, $182,000 on 12/28/2018


3136 State Rd: Timothy and Deanna Mason of Richmond to Deborah A. and Ricky M. Turczak, $318,000 on 12/28/2018


6 Wheatley Dr: George T. Tremblay of Stockbridge to Lee G. Bolman and Joan V. Gallos, $600,000 on 12/27/2018


122 North St: Paul Stroehlin of Windsor to David R. and Patricia M. Richard, $10,000 on 12/28/2018



14 Heather Hl: Noelle Linke of Barkhamsted to John K. and Rebecca M. Pierce, $344,500 on 12/21/2018

12 N Canton Rd: Richard S. and Diane H. Parent of Barkhamsted to Envy and Justin Coyle, $254,000 on 12/21/2018


5 Stein Ln: Paula A. Perez and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Canaan to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $195,000 on 12/24/2018


110 Beech Hill Rd: Sandra L. Towne and US Bank NA of Colebrook to US Bank NA, $1 on 12/26/2018

389 Colebrook River Rd: USA VA of Colebrook to Purple Carrot Foods LLC, $40,000 on 12/26/2018

36 Flagg Hill Rd: Louis Grenier of Colebrook to Nicholas E. Gagnon and Olivia E. Ayers, $155,000 on 12/17/2018


48 Cornwall Dr: Richards Corp of Goshen to Cynthia R. Baldwin, $379,000 on 12/21/2018

27 E Hyerdale Dr: Ronald R. and Stacey K. Oddo of Goshen to Evelyn Ruano and Christopher Brown, $325,000 on 12/19/2018

3533 Hall Meadow Rd: John M. and Julia S. Morris of Goshen to Jose M. Martinez, $210,000 on 12/13/2018

72 Pie Hill Rd: Stefan S. Macleod and Rebecca Roxanne-Lula of Goshen to Brian Dow, $815,000 on 12/13/2018

New Hartford

76 Shadybrook Rd Unit 2: Troy F. Lamere and Troy Lamrer of New Hartford to Belkir and Fetie Fejzo, $340,000 on 12/24/2018

147 Whitbeck Rd: James P. Lepore of New Hartford to Derrick Jenkins and Trent Turner, $365,000 on 12/24/2018

North Canaan

12 Casey Hill Rd: Oconnor Family LLC of North Canaan to Laurelbrook Props LLC, $853,408 on 12/31/2018

12 Casey Hill Rd: Russell J. and Margo J. Oconnor of North Canaan to Laurelbrook Props LLC, $31,033 on 12/31/2018

12 Casey Hill Rd: Russell J. Oconnor of North Canaan to Laurelbrook Props LLC, $108,616 on 12/31/2018

100 Lower Rd: Erika Crofut of North Canaan to Jorma C. Taccone and Marielle S. Heller-Taccone, $345,000 on 12/27/2018


233 Main St: Joseph J. Schaefer of Salisbury to Wells Hill LLC, $70,000 on 12/21/2018

3 Upland Meadow Rd: Troy L. Magnuson and FNMA of Salisbury to FNMA, $1 on 12/21/2018


651 Charles St: Douglas L. Mackinnon of Torrington to Maria D. Jadan, $123,500 on 12/27/2018

48 Cider Mill Xing: Mary D. Cianciolo of Torrington to Walter Dickinson, $10,000 on 12/21/2018

289 Cliffside Dr Unit 289: William J Madden RET and William J. Madden of Torrington to Timothy B. and Laurie Becham, $65,000 on 12/26/2018

289 Cliffside Dr Unit 289: Veronica A. Smith of Torrington to Timothy B. and Laurie Beacham, $65,000 on 12/26/2018

68 Iowa St: Erin Miller and CHFA of Torrington to CHFA, $105,595 on 12/26/2018

187 Lovers Ln Unit 61: Shani M. Hollins and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 12/27/2018

839 Main St Unit 87: 226 Washington Realty LLC of Torrington to Chase W. Attella, $32,000 on 12/26/2018

1200 Marshall Lake Rd: Donald J. Fellows of Torrington to Kyle L. and Lauren C. Young, $267,500 on 12/24/2018

177 Mckinley St: James V. Mcbride and CHFA of Torrington to CHFA, $1 on 12/21/2018

610 Norfolk Rd: FNMA of Torrington to Janice Zaharek, $107,000 on 12/24/2018

199 Oak Ave: Caroyn J. Masters of Torrington to Marshall P. Millette, $115,000 on 12/26/2018

126 Queens Rd Unit 126: Daniel P. and Stefannie D. Cisowski of Torrington to Troy F. and Lori A. Lamere, $110,000 on 12/24/2018

189 Red Mountain Ave: FNMA of Torrington to David Mayancela, $35,200 on 12/21/2018

2656 Torringford St: Astrid Defries and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 12/27/2018


496 Main St: Winsted Diner LLC of Winchester to Asa Flint, $64,000 on 12/20/2018

302 Norcross St: Jeffrey Sesko of Winchester to Andrew J. Shufelt and Amy E. Fabish, $76,000 on 12/26/2018

51 Norfolk Rd: Barbara A. Nacdonald of Winchester to Wayne M. Chase, $86,000 on 12/20/2018

111 Riverton Rd Unit 52: Colin B. Lawrence of Winchester to Alexander Hubbard and April Correll, $69,000 on 12/26/2018

Source: The Warren Group

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