Berkshire region real estate sales Dec. 2 – 8, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Dec. 1 - 8, 2018



21 Murray St: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Adams to Thomas A. Jeffway and Elizabeth A. Prevost, $46,675 on 12/05/2018

30 Valley St: Linda J. Alibozek of Adams to Nathan D. Alibozek and Amanda C. Meczywor, $137,000 on 12/05/2018


337 Wells Rd: Diane M. Theriault and Live Well Financial Inc of Becket to Jeffrey Waite, $86,050 on 12/04/2018


1613-1639 S State Rd: Jalaram Realty LLC of Cheshire to Sonal Patel LLC, $650,000 on 12/04/2018


3 Main St: Nancy B. Duvall of Egremont to Sara R Keene T and Sara R. Keene, $200,000 on 12/07/2018

Great Barrington

69 Castle St: Heidi H. Handel of Great Barrington to Joseph and Alana Chernila, $278,500 on 12/07/2018

3 Hillside Ave: Blackwater RT and Linda M. Shafiroff of Great Barrington to Robert J. and Catherine K. Ostellino, $207,000 on 12/07/2018


170 Main St: Greylock FCU of Hinsdale to Robert D. Sumner, $99,900 on 12/06/2018


83 Summer St: Roytan LLC of Lanesborough to Thomas J. and Amanda F. Monahan, $169,900 on 12/07/2018


1 Stockbridge Rd: Wenda E. Ramos of Lee to Jason M. and Kati J. Hopkins, $252,500 on 12/03/2018

175 Summer St: Peterman NT and Judith L. Peterman of Lee to Robert L. and Sheena S. Bernard, $185,000 on 12/07/2018

100 Valley St: LB Corp of Lee to Patriot Armored Systems, $150,000 on 12/05/2018


4 Elm St: John E. and Josephine V. Anderson of Lenox to Robert and Jane Sheena, $250,000 on 12/03/2018

165 Kemble St Unit 7: CR Lenox Residence LLC of Lenox to Michael and Barbara Fishbein, $1,440,000 on 12/03/2018

New Marlborough

1604 Hartsville New Marlborough R: Gunzinger FT and Terry L. Gunzinger of New Marlborough to Nahum and Cheryl H. Burstein, $125,000 on 12/05/2018

North Adams

65 Hall St: Robert V. Malloy of North Adams to Eric Gordon, $62,000 on 12/04/2018

75 Johnson St: Welch Thomas R Est and Kevin Coakley-Welch of North Adams to Chelsey Ciolkowski and Robert W. Green, $113,000 on 12/07/2018

21 Tyler St: Jennifer M. Blair of North Adams to Charlene M. Prince, $75,000 on 12/07/2018

372 W Main St: Louison Charles L Est and Susan K. Nolan of North Adams to Corin and Kelley Prendiville, $47,900 on 12/05/2018


40 Fern Dr: Robert A. Mencel of Otis to Joseph M&Marie A Csom RET and Marie A. Csom, $30,000 on 12/03/2018


24 Andes Rd: Dorothea B Kuehnl RET and Susan L. Kuehnl of Peru to David D. Price and Deborah L. Shapiro, $252,000 on 12/07/2018

105 Middlefield Rd: Joseph and Kimberly Kaminski of Peru to Cody M. Mizula, $235,000 on 12/07/2018

4 Rita Rd: Craig R. and Lauren J. Bolio of Peru to William T. Prout, $175,000 on 12/06/2018


1136 Barker Rd Unit 25: Jessica Baumgarten RET and Jessica Baumgarten of Pittsfield to Elaine Crosson, $345,000 on 12/04/2018

290 Benedict Rd: Jessica Krochmal of Pittsfield to Donna Mcburney and Moira Brophy, $295,500 on 12/06/2018

242 Cheshire Rd: Norman A. and David J. Leitch of Pittsfield to Brandon Engle and Hwi Y. Jeong-Engle, $135,000 on 12/06/2018

180 Cloverdale St: Adelia Pellegrini of Pittsfield to Dorina L. El-Saddik and Brian T. Filiault, $280,000 on 12/04/2018

67 Curtis Ter: Thomas R. and Walter R. Dinicola of Pittsfield to Brian C. Huber and Ellen Hibbard, $112,000 on 12/07/2018

8 Donovan St: Jeri R. and Teresa M. Wilkinson of Pittsfield to Sandra A. Hotte, $211,000 on 12/06/2018

100 Essex St: Edward C. Mcmahon of Pittsfield to Winthri D. Kie, $30,000 on 12/03/2018

56 Kittredge Rd: Jeanne M. and Paul A. Boudreau of Pittsfield to Herbert H. and Deborah J. Heath, $189,000 on 12/04/2018

43 Lebanon Ave: Jeffrey D. and Kathryn V. Hassett of Pittsfield to Justin and Julianne Hinckley, $245,000 on 12/07/2018

100 Northumberland Rd: E Anne Pellerin of Pittsfield to John N. Ryan and Christine A. Pellerin, $233,000 on 12/07/2018

59 Pomeroy Ave: Jason J. Slottje of Pittsfield to Pamela J. Preston, $200,000 on 12/04/2018

81 Wellington Ave: Cheshire Green LLC of Pittsfield to Wellington Legacy LLC, $82,000 on 12/07/2018


112 Town Hill Rd: Susan Scott and Jeffrey Lawson of Sandisfield to Sergey and Irina Kosyakov, $280,000 on 12/06/2018


1-a Bean Hill Rd: Matthew A. and Susan S. Ward of Stockbridge to Anthony N. Hollenberg and Judith A. Levenfeld, $920,000 on 12/07/2018

7 Hawthorne Rd: William and Marcia Koff of Stockbridge to Howard Eisler, $512,000 on 12/03/2018


114 White Oaks Rd: Jeanne M. Roy of Williamstown to Rita M. Karha, $185,000 on 12/05/2018



56 Todd Hill Rd: Joan K. Edler of Cornwall to Allan Bahn and Hai Q. Zhang, $280,000 on 11/29/2018

46 Valley Rd: Susan H. Cramer of Cornwall to Andrew S. Peterson, $150,000 on 11/28/2018

New Hartford

160 Reservoir Rd: Gerald S. Chirico and Claudette Baril of New Hartford to Thomas F. and Kim T. Amoroso, $249,900 on 12/03/2018


28 Great Elm Rd: James L Buckley RET and James L. Buckley of Sharon to Roberta G Mcneil RET and Roberta G. Mcneil, $761,279 on 12/06/2018


344 Charles St: Richard R. and Clarice T. Tronina of Torrington to Colleen A. Peters and Brad Krell, $124,000 on 12/03/2018

220 County Rd: Kory Ratliff and Ashley G. Prince of Torrington to Benjamin E. Thuthill, $125,000 on 12/03/2018

244 E Main St: Gary J. Videtto of Torrington to Henry and Catherine Schmitt, $165,000 on 12/03/2018

53 Elsie St: Mary Mich-Coleman of Torrington to Gregory A. Gay, $88,000 on 12/04/2018

201 Fairlawn Dr: Belli Peter S Est and Stephanie A. Mazzarelli of Torrington to Nicole Obrizzo, $165,000 on 12/06/2018

253 Highland Ave: FHLM of Torrington to David Smart, $30,700 on 12/03/2018

70 Hunter Ct Unit 70: Patricia Dubreuil of Torrington to David A. Davis, $59,500 on 12/03/2018

10 Irene St: Robert W. and Thomas B. Anstett of Torrington to Carlo V. and Jennifer Deiulis, $66,500 on 12/03/2018

138 Lafayette St: Michael Delmonte and MTGLQ Investors LP of Torrington to MTGLQ Investors LP, $1 on 12/06/2018

335 Main St: Donna M. Luise of Torrington to Julia Langham, $80,000 on 12/03/2018

675 Migeon Ave: Drew Brouker and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Torrington to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1 on 12/03/2018

114 Mill Ln Unit 114: Denise A. Quarles of Torrington to Scott H. Stanchfield, $115,000 on 12/07/2018

1061 New Harwinton Rd: Beth A. Videtto of Torrington to Kirk A. Matava, $128,000 on 12/03/2018

215 New Litchfield St: Robert W. Anstett of Torrington to Carlo V. and Jennifer Deiulis, $85,000 on 12/03/2018

8 Parson Ter: Richard J. and Deborah C. Benoit of Torrington to Jeremy Blanchard, $104,900 on 12/03/2018

36 Taylor St: USA HUD of Torrington to Doris Chimbo-Lopez, $77,500 on 12/04/2018

920 Torringford West St: Allan R. and Teresa E. Smith of Torrington to Michael J. and Amy M. Brophy, $155,000 on 12/04/2018

400 White Pine Rd: Alyssa N. Burke of Torrington to Joseph A. Flynn, $190,000 on 12/03/2018

19 Willow St: Marie and Carmel Indomenico of Torrington to Kenneth Jones, $62,500 on 12/03/2018

68 Wilson Ave Unit 207: Genevieve J. Gangi of Torrington to Paul W. Conlon, $78,000 on 12/03/2018


111 Torringford St Unit 38: USA HUD of Winchester to Alan Petrovits, $58,500 on 12/03/2018

174 Wallens St Unit B3: Doris E. Kosloffsky of Winchester to Lynn Sabol, $165,000 on 12/03/2018

42 Walnut St: TD Bank NA of Winchester to Kurt W. and Nicole M. Root, $128,500 on 12/03/2018

292 Walnut St: Christopher J. Chabot of Winchester to Scott Drayton, $185,000 on 12/03/2018


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