Berkshire region real estate sales Dec. 15-21, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Dec. 15-21, 2019



1 Albert St: Biros Joseph J Est and Edward S. Biros of Adams to George Berne, $35,000 on 12/23/2019

8 Frederick Ln: Thomas P. and Karla M. Bassette of Adams to Daniel J. and Carrie A. Tucker, $127,800 on 12/19/2019

184 N Summer St: Meczywor Frederick D Est and Frederick D. Meczywor of Adams to Abraham Sanchez and Doris Banegas, $93,700 on 12/20/2019

17-1/2 Victory St: Lord Bernard A Est and Bernice F. Lord of Adams to Lisa A. Mendel and Teresa A. Prezioso, $30,000 on 12/20/2019


300 Cross Rd: Nancy J. Hunt of Clarksburg to Jennifer Moreau, $110,000 on 12/19/2019


173 Hillsdale Rd: Susan L. Magazine of Egremont to Warren Sherman, $353,333 on 12/24/2019


88 Moores Rd: George E. and Gloria J. Berne of Florida to Willard J. and Maureen A. Goldie, $250,000 on 12/20/2019

Great Barrington

366 Park St N: Nathan R. Turner of Great Barrington to Christopher and Kate C. Tucci, $275,000 on 12/23/2019


880 East St Unit 400c: Ruth Francis of Lee to Thomas J. and Linda A. Savage, $173,900 on 12/20/2019

735 Forest St: Carlton K. Vreeland of Lee to Dylan J. Fergus, $280,000 on 12/23/2019


70 Brett Rd: Mel P. and Lou-Ellen Barkan of Monterey to Bright Spot NT and Stanley Gottlieb, $486,000 on 12/18/2019

North Adams

41 Charlene St: Tami L. Hillman and Carrie A. Brassard of North Adams to Katherine J. Watson, $137,000 on 12/20/2019

107-109 Cliff St: Robert L. Adams of North Adams to Lawrence J. Michon and Mary E. Jacoby, $100,000 on 12/24/2019

68 Furnace St: Mark R. and Joyce E. Lincourt of North Adams to Ferdinand Barschdorf, $94,500 on 12/20/2019

15 Harris St: Donna M. Kelly of North Adams to Jeffrey A. and Marylou Levanos, $117,000 on 12/24/2019

103 Liberty St: Billy J. Carr of North Adams to Tonya M. Saldo, $109,700 on 12/23/2019

36-38 N Holden St: North Holden NT and Chris Bonnivier of North Adams to Matthew L. Zieminski and Michael S. Bresett, $35,000 on 12/19/2019

41-43 Union St: Aubuchon Realty Co Inc of North Adams to Guity Valizadeh and Natalie Barry, $300,000 on 12/23/2019

524 Union St: Richard M. Sheehan of North Adams to Honey North Adams LLC, $80,000 on 12/23/2019

39 Willow St: Christine A. Girard of North Adams to Mass Clg Of Liberal Arts, $230,000 on 12/23/2019

23 Windom Ter: Jonathan M. Gancarz of North Adams to Tyler Dabrowski and Allyson Pauch, $245,000 on 12/18/2019


13 N Lake Ave: Donald C. and Barbara Capponcelli of Otis to Mark Anthony and Wendy Medeiros-Anthony, $480,000 on 12/20/2019

162 Stebbins Rd: Thomas J. and Linda A. Savage of Otis to Gregory F. Breen and Nicole Cristofaro, $325,000 on 12/20/2019


207 2nd St: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Berkshire Gateway Invest, $108,000 on 12/19/2019

32 E New Lenox Rd: Joel L. Colker of Pittsfield to Eric W Spence LT and Eric W. Spence, $375,000 on 12/19/2019

606 Elm St: IBT Investments LLC of Pittsfield to Laura D. Heath, $187,500 on 12/19/2019

15 Highlawn Dr: Hanley Mary J Est and Joyce F. Crespo of Pittsfield to Marc J. Wrzesinski, $143,000 on 12/19/2019

189 King St: Billie T. Miraglia and Midfirst Bank of Pittsfield to Midfirst Bank SSB, $84,460 on 12/24/2019

181 Lenox Ave: Bethany N. Pelletier of Pittsfield to Peter Torres-Lopez, $155,000 on 12/18/2019

78 Marlboro Dr: Patricia A. Goyette of Pittsfield to Kevin R. Boino, $202,750 on 12/20/2019

569 North St: Taylor Building Assoc LP of Pittsfield to Pittsfield Stanley Works, $3,650,000 on 12/23/2019

631 North St: Taylor Building Assoc LP of Pittsfield to Pittsfield Stanley Works, $3,650,000 on 12/23/2019

33 Perrine Ave: Rocco R. Errichetto of Pittsfield to Dennis and Diane Ladner, $159,900 on 12/19/2019

368 W Housatonic St: George A. and Tatiana Lavalle of Pittsfield to Shaun J. Liebenow and Tanya L. Pirson, $136,000 on 12/20/2019


329 Tamarack Trl: Charles N. Fulco of Sandisfield to Gregory L. and Cheryl L. Brooks, $205,000 on 12/19/2019


14 Wheatley Dr: Gregory and Devon Seidell of Stockbridge to Theodore J. Stephens and Dmitry Yakimchuk, $430,250 on 12/20/2019

16 Yale Hill Rd: Joyce T. Hovey of Stockbridge to Yale Hill LLC, $470,000 on 12/19/2019


432 Upper Valley Rd: Richard M. and Stephen M. Murphy of Washington to Noco Enterprises LLC, $35,000 on 12/20/2019

450 Upper Valley Rd: Richard M. and Stephen M. Murphy of Washington to Noco Enterprises LLC, $35,000 on 12/20/2019


34 May St: Peter J. and Mary A. Belouin of Williamstown to G Chavez-Valenzuela and Eugenia C. Chavez-Alvarado, $154,000 on 12/18/2019

70 N Hoosac Rd: Freda K. and Dean R. Manuel of Williamstown to Yelena Shakhaleva, $70,000 on 12/23/2019

32 Thistle Path Unit 32: David L. and Susan Auerbach of Williamstown to Kenneth J. and Mary L. Kargman, $240,000 on 12/18/2019


95 Access Road 3: Robert N. and Gail D. Tingley of Windsor to Gregory A. and Jacqueline M. Burdick, $130,000 on 12/23/2019



3 Pine Mountain Cir: Donna L. and Robert G. Beaudoin of Barkhamsted to Adam G. and Sarah N. Fields, $301,000 on 12/18/2019


36 Dublin Rd: Terrance D. and Brian Bannister of Canaan to Michael Barney, $85,000 on 12/16/2019

148 Sand Rd: Cynthia L. Sandefer of Canaan to Dyaln J. Vadney and Skylar A. Agard, $265,000 on 12/16/2019

New Hartford

27 Oriole Dr: Joseph and Stacey Onion of New Hartford to Clark J. and Cheryl L. Spencer, $450,000 on 12/18/2019


173 Birden St: David C. and Mary E. Ball of Torrington to Calvin Green, $43,000 on 12/18/2019

131 Country Club Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Erin Tedeschi, $108,000 on 12/17/2019

15 Evergreen Rd Unit 15: Thomas Herman and Marilyn L. Lytle of Torrington to Julianne Press, $115,000 on 12/18/2019

411 Funston Ave: Bruce B. Harrison and Torrington SB of Torrington to Torrington SB, $1 on 12/16/2019

65 Greenfield Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Daniel Whitney, $85,000 on 12/18/2019

160 Hawthorne Ter: Pamela R. Rizzo of Torrington to Marco O. Leon and Luz N. Morocho, $76,000 on 12/12/2019

67 Prescott St: Marianna and John A. Bakula of Torrington to Micaela M. Lopez and Hipolito Dejesus-Lopez, $160,000 on 12/18/2019

220 Torringford St: Mary A. Carroll of Torrington to Charles A. and Kelly L. Pica-Sneeden, $115,900 on 12/18/2019

Trailsend Dr Unit 401: Steven E. Lurie of Torrington to Cheryl K. and Gary S. Needell, $167,500 on 12/17/2019

404 Westside Rd: Jennifer L. Bresson of Torrington to Allenn J. and Nancy Gersky, $220,000 on 12/16/2019


27 Cherry St: Ryan P. Patch of Winchester to Alfred C. and Diane Moraski, $142,000 on 12/19/2019

106 Elm St: FNMA of Winchester to Bridgeview Management LLC, $132,000 on 12/16/2019

262 Perch Rock Trl: Lori Riiska of Winchester to Feliks and Anna Viner, $735,000 on 12/17/2019

49 Riveredge Dr Unit 49: Laurie R. Guptill of Winchester to Barbara A. Murphy, $84,900 on 12/17/2019

24 Rock St: Anthony F. Aquilino of Winchester to Diego Astudillo, $50,000 on 12/16/2019

311 Taylor Brook Rd: Winalski Joseph S Sr Est and Joseph S. Winalski of Winchester to Sharon Brunoli, $279,900 on 12/16/2019

56 Wheeler St: Bradley J. and Cheryl D. Nash of Winchester to Henry and Aurora Cartayas, $220,400 on 12/20/2019


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