Berkshire Region real estate sales Dec. 11-17, 2016

The latest weekly real estate report from the Warren Group of real estate sales in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Dec. 11-17, 2016.



17 Pine St: Chad C. Carpenter and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Adams to FNMA, $94,000 on 12/12/2016

31 Willow St: Arthur H. and Margaret R. Koehler of Adams to Dillon J. Demarsico and Molly M. Coughlan, $124,300 on 12/15/2016


25 Leonhardt Rd: Barbara Price and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Becket to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $100,000 on 12/16/2016

21 Maple St: Colleen A. and Jeanne Oconnor of Becket to Becket Town Of, $154,300 on 12/12/2016

115 Parsons Way: Christopher and Brenda J. Olinski of Becket to Adam and Jennifer A. Paquette, $266,000 on 12/15/2016

115 Parsons Way: Christopher and Brenda J. Olinski of Becket to Adam and Jennifer A. Paquette, $266,000 on 12/16/2016


101 Main St: Michael A. Nelson and Angela R. Cantoni of Dalton to Ian and Lucia Nevitt, $595,000 on 12/16/2016


49 Mohawk Trl: Patricia A. and Nicole Mancuso of Florida to Michael A. Gleason and Laurie C. Tuper, $85,000 on 12/12/2016

Great Barrington

168 Taconic Ave: Tobeck Design&Builders of Great Barrington to Anne E. and Edward H. Rippey, $375,000 on 12/16/2016


260 Pine Cone Ln Unit 260: Deborah L. Nunziata of Hinsdale to James R. Alden and David J. Desmith, $315,000 on 12/12/2016


75 Baker St: Elizabeth and David A. Sherman of Lanesboro to Jason Smegal, $45,000 on 12/12/2016

83 Summer St: Dale S. French and US Bank NA of Lanesboro to US Bank NA Tr, $83,266 on 12/13/2016

56 Victoria Ln: Marshall F. and Marsha F. Wexler of Lanesboro to Daniel W. and Cheryl A. Pigott, $275,000 on 12/16/2016


25 W Pine St: Richard D. and Cindy J. Clapper of Lee to Steven Bull, $163,500 on 12/14/2016


6 Fairview Ave: M Lynne Nadorff LT and M Lynne Nadorff of Lenox to Thomas Sharpe, $275,000 on 12/16/2016

109 Housatonic St: Cameron House LP of Lenox to Lenox Schoolhouse LLC, $2,860,000 on 12/15/2016

52 Hubbard St: Francis D. and Sandra L. Morley of Lenox to Keith W. Harrison, $150,000 on 12/16/2016

New Marlborough

268 Hadsell St: Eric Shamie and Robert M. Beusman of New Marlboro to Jeremy Barber and Ira Hillman, $850,000 on 12/16/2016

North Adams

7-13 Marietta St: Richard P. Oneil and US Bank NA of North Adams to US Bank NA Tr, $93,000 on 12/13/2016

1361 Massachusetts Ave: Barry Margaret A Est and Teresa Boucher of North Adams to Peter J. Robare, $133,000 on 12/15/2016

333-335 Walnut St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Anglefund Inc, $23,240 on 12/12/2016


105 Sugar House Rd: Gregory E. Bulger and Richard J. Dix of Otis to Mark D. Deitch and Diane J. Rosenthal, $567,500 on 12/16/2016


72 Hickingbotham Rd: Ronald T. and Alicia R. Labeau of Peru to Richard W. Gross, $285,000 on 12/13/2016


98 4th St: Christopher Sullivan and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to FNMA, $81,901 on 12/13/2016

61 Chapman Rd: Marion E. Boardman of Pittsfield to Christopher J. and Mary A. Horton, $280,000 on 12/15/2016

85 Crofut St: Sanborn F Philp 2004 RET and Christine T. Philp of Pittsfield to Robert W. and Barbara N. Sammons, $462,000 on 12/16/2016

40 Curtis Ter: Nancy L. Tremblay of Pittsfield to Nicole A. Walden, $94,900 on 12/15/2016

654 Dalton Division Rd: Lois M Staffin T and Lois M. Staffin of Pittsfield to Christopher R. Kelly, $185,000 on 12/16/2016

67 Donna Ave: Nanda Hrul of Pittsfield to Stephanie J. Pasquarelli, $155,000 on 12/16/2016

75 Harding St: Rosina J. Baylock of Pittsfield to Thomas J. Bowler, $117,000 on 12/16/2016

184 High St: Koch FT and Albert F. Koch of Pittsfield to Charles J. Schweigert, $340,000 on 12/16/2016

123 Highland Ave: Kristen Shepardson of Pittsfield to Jean M. Wood-Kimber, $16,500 on 12/14/2016

477 Holmes Rd: Patricia A. Reder of Pittsfield to Steven Seltzer, $325,000 on 12/15/2016

65 Maplewood Ave: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Pittsfield to CR Rental LLC, $10,000 on 12/16/2016

200 Melbourne Rd: Sonia F. Tynan of Pittsfield to Gillian Crosson and Normunds Bruveris, $169,500 on 12/16/2016

49 Reuter Ave: Christin Young and Gino G. Longo of Pittsfield to Thomas E. and Janice L. Durfee, $110,000 on 12/12/2016

135 S Mountain Rd: Robert L. Bernard of Pittsfield to Daniel C. Righi, $241,000 on 12/16/2016

21 Somerset Ave: Kenneth J. and Kimberley J. Wilson of Pittsfield to Taner and Ibrahim Turan, $270,000 on 12/15/2016

208 Velma Ave: Whiffen Myra Est and William P. Whiffen of Pittsfield to Jesus A. Cabrera and Elizabeth Forero, $185,000 on 12/12/2016

538 West St: Petricca Construction Co of Pittsfield to Basil A. and Rosaland S. Petricca, $300,000 on 12/12/2016


100 Chestnut Rd: Walchenbach FT and Dorothy M. Walchenbach of Richmond to Vicki J. Wynn, $117,500 on 12/15/2016


Main Rd: Ey Clifford G Est and Robert M. Ey of Savoy to Mountain Stream LLC, $80,000 on 12/13/2016


9 Park Ln: James C. and Lorraine J. Herlihy of Sheffield to Nadine A. and Clifton J. Hawver, $249,900 on 12/15/2016


6 Interlaken Cross Rd: John E. and Martha Sauer of Stockbridge to Grant M. Mccarthy and Natasha Hritzuk, $445,000 on 12/12/2016

46 Interlaken Rd: Peter Pouridas and Jessica Simon-Prince of Stockbridge to Gregory E. Bulger and Richard J. Dix, $885,000 on 12/14/2016

West Stockbridge

289 Great Barrington Rd: Marjorie L. and Raymond Cox of West Stockbridge to George F. and Iin P. Cox, $40,000 on 12/16/2016


231 S Hemlock Ln Unit 231: AC Enterprises LLC of Williamstown to Sarah P. Voisin, $175,000 on 12/16/2016


341 Pierce Rd: Donald C. and Clotilde N. Henderson of Windsor to Kenneth J. and Kimberley Wilson, $265,000 on 12/15/2016



7 Rolling Hills Dr: Judith H. and Marshall M. Krassner of Sharon to Christian M. Abeel and Elizabeth H. Hall-Abeel, $500,000 on 12/14/2016

319 Route 7: Jerome H. and Gretchen R. Doolittle of Sharon to Jessica I. Slaven and Ryan P. Streber, $227,000 on 12/13/2016

28 Sharon Station Rd: Thomas Mariano of Sharon to Elizabeth C. Wenover, $140,000 on 12/14/2016

55 Still Meadow Rd: Joel A. Danisi and Salisbury B&T Co of Sharon to Salisbury B&T Co, $1 on 12/14/2016


349 Allen Rd Unit 16a: Jennifer L. Redmond and FNMA of Torrington to Kelly J. Sullivan, $1 on 12/14/2016

100 Berkshire Oval Unit 100: MR CT LLC of Torrington to Joseph Procopio, $100,000 on 12/13/2016

79 Marshall St: Robert J. and Edward F. Schenk of Torrington to Austin S. Walker, $50,000 on 12/14/2016

205 Millard St: Matthew B. Hirchak of Torrington to Joseph A. and Diane L. Devito, $127,900 on 12/12/2016

373 Norfolk Rd: Jonathan C. Norton of Torrington to Jorge C. Torres, $100,000 on 12/13/2016

67 Whiting Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Orange LJJ Capital Group, $45,000 on 12/15/2016


327 Colebrook Rd: Kenneth F. Esposito of Winchester to Diana and Kwesi Small, $257,000 on 12/16/2016

82 Strong Ter: John J. Sessa and Ditech Financial LLC of Winchester to Ditech Financial LLC, $1 on 12/12/2016

539 Wheelers Pt: Anthony A. and Mary R. Luciano of Winchester to John M. and Valerie M. Lochner, $1,070,000 on 12/12/2016

Source: The Warren Group