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Berkshire region real estate sales August 27 – Sept. 2, 2017

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5 Alger St: Robert S. Pytko of Adams to Kit D. and Shelley A. Levesque, $160,500 on 08/24/2017

91 Fisk Rd: Alice A. Jenkins and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Adams to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $80,000 on 08/21/2017

17 Pine St: Joshua Barrett and John-Michael Bradbury of Adams to Scott B. Solak, $109,900 on 08/22/2017


136 Carter Rd: Goldman Harold Est and Linda Berman of Becket to Douglas D. Bessone and Jane E. Markham, $337,000 on 08/21/2017


15 E Main St: Christopher A. Warner and Ditech Financial LLC of Cheshire to Corey M. and Laura J. Warner, $113,000 on 08/23/2017

91 Meadowview Dr: Arthur Salvi of Cheshire to William R. Kalisz and Terri-Lynn Hurley, $159,000 on 08/21/2017

124 School St: Brian S. Stokes of Cheshire to Bryant F. Avery, $146,900 on 08/25/2017


57 Appletree Ln: Michael and Maureen Masiulis of Dalton to Scott H. and Katherine L. Bray, $349,900 on 08/21/2017

83 Flansburg Ave: Deborah Gregory of Dalton to Stephanie C. Caporale, $159,000 on 08/25/2017

24 Ruby Ter: Robert D. and Karen M. Mack of Dalton to Kevin and Nena M. Kingsley, $144,900 on 08/25/2017

18 View St: Todd J. and Bonita J. Kendall of Dalton to Andrew W. and Victoria T. Bleier, $192,000 on 08/25/2017


14 Main St: Robert J. and Ellen M. Stein of Egremont to Pieter T. Vanschaick, $975,000 on 08/25/2017

19 Sheffield Rd: Jean K Gardner RET and Corinna G. Barnard of Egremont to Stephen V. Piersanti, $449,000 on 08/22/2017

Great Barrington

149 Castle Hill Ave: Joseph W. Cronin of Great Barrington to William and Cheryl Casper, $240,000 on 08/25/2017

334 N Plain Rd: Tammy M. Lockenwit-Zpayer of Great Barrington to Kristopher F. and Meagan L. Ireland, $342,500 on 08/25/2017

12 Ramsey Ave: Beth I. Graham and Holly G. Martin of Great Barrington to Timothy J. and Meghan E. Roy, $249,000 on 08/23/2017

38 Silver St: Pamela J. Pescosolido of Great Barrington to David Unger and Ettore Toppi, $353,000 on 08/25/2017


420 Brodie Mountain Rd: Mid-Mountain RT and Mark M. Mcgowan of Hancock to Susan F. and Richard D. Clairmont, $230,500 on 08/25/2017


130 Pine Cone Ln Unit 130: Stanley&S M Walker RET and Stanley Walker of Hinsdale to Gerald F. Robinson, $290,000 on 08/22/2017


60 Baker St: Dino A. and Hannah L. Pallos of Lanesboro to Daniel B. Luciani, $184,000 on 08/25/2017

580 S Main St Unit 302: Nancy J. Deforest of Lanesboro to Andrew and Alicia Couture, $112,500 on 08/21/2017

580 S Main St Unit 206: Stephen W. Duffy of Lanesboro to Maricelli Serrano, $66,000 on 08/25/2017

24 Swamp Rd: James A. and Doris E. Blodgett of Lanesboro to Shaun M. and Noelle A. Cooper, $222,500 on 08/25/2017


65 Margerie St: Kathryn V. Boswell of Lee to Gregory T. and Candace M. Wrobel, $261,000 on 08/25/2017


30 Clifden Ct Unit 1-6: Doris Fleisher of Lenox to Judy Fox, $341,500 on 08/24/2017

3 Delafield Dr: Citizens Bank NA of Lenox to Patrick and Andrea Wigington, $340,000 on 08/21/2017

970 East St: Gordon O. and Brenda A. Reynolds of Lenox to Thomas A. and Nancy C. Scrimo, $690,000 on 08/25/2017

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit A7: Colleen Fall of Lenox to Daniel J. White, $75,000 on 08/25/2017

New Marlborough

333 Adsit Crosby Rd: Martin G. and Sandra Waldman of New Marlboro to Mark Costa and Diane Clark, $330,000 on 08/22/2017

North Adams

48-50 Ashland St: W Mark Wheeler and Dean M. Grimes of North Adams to Very Good Properties LLC, $160,000 on 08/25/2017

35-37 Bracewell Ave: Aaron C. Tower of North Adams to Roderick Stanbrook and Ulrike Nagel, $130,000 on 08/23/2017

14 Gallup St: Quirk FT 2009 and Kathleen A. Fletcher of North Adams to Jean M. Braman, $70,500 on 08/22/2017

70 Lois St: Ryan M. and Sarah M. Krzyzanowicz of North Adams to Stephen D. Edward and Jillanna M. Simon, $195,000 on 08/21/2017

130 Marion Ave: Norman V Bianco 1994 RET and Patricia Willette of North Adams to Michael Woloschak, $256,000 on 08/24/2017

31-33 Porter St: Mountain Way NT and Thomas A. Cramer of North Adams to David W. Jennings, $105,500 on 08/22/2017

24 Wesleyan St Unit 26: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of North Adams to Anglefund Inc, $18,865 on 08/23/2017


837-855 Lee Westfield Rd: Alan S. Koivisto of Otis to Laura and Frank Thorn, $174,084 on 08/21/2017


10 Albermarle Rd: FNMA of Pittsfield to Thomas J. Troiano, $110,000 on 08/25/2017

32 Arlington St: Kristopher F. and Meagan L. Ireland of Pittsfield to Bruce A. and Nancy Griffith, $207,000 on 08/25/2017

64 Churchill Crst Unit 64: Roger E. and Patricia M. Douillet of Pittsfield to Joseph A. and Theresa E. Riello, $130,000 on 08/22/2017

145 Draper Ave: Lester C. and Susan C. Poincelot of Pittsfield to Joseph F. Pero, $234,900 on 08/25/2017

64 Exeter Ave: Joan M. Clairmont of Pittsfield to Nathaniel Brown and Rachel Strout, $143,600 on 08/23/2017

23 High St: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Pittsfield to Castlerock 2017 LLC, $17,540 on 08/25/2017

312 Highland Ave: Joseph A. and Theresa E. Riello of Pittsfield to Stephen D. and Cheryl L. Kitchen, $215,000 on 08/22/2017

5 Juliana Dr: Raymond F Callahan RET and Raymond F. Callahan of Pittsfield to Justin and Cori Scaduto, $410,500 on 08/25/2017

339 Lenox Ave: Jose A. Perez and Jasmine M. Lopez of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $139,918 on 08/22/2017

9 Pacific St: James Kimpel-Phibbs and MHFA of Pittsfield to MHFA, $36,083 on 08/21/2017

11 Paula Ave: Terence F. and Donna M. Kushi of Pittsfield to Brandon Mauer, $169,500 on 08/24/2017

40 Pembroke Ave: Justin A. Disantis of Pittsfield to Louis Chamberlain and Catherine Kennedy, $129,000 on 08/25/2017

21 Spring St: Jorge E. Delgado of Pittsfield to Nicole M. Campos-Vasquez, $119,000 on 08/22/2017

21 Toronita Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Richard A. Jones, $40,000 on 08/22/2017

531 Williams St: Edward L. Vella and Lee Failla of Pittsfield to Nancy J. and Kenneth R. Dinofrio, $290,000 on 08/25/2017


161 Reservoir Rd: Elena M Powell 2008 T and Edwin B. Powell of Richmond to Richard H. and Ruth C. Sudock, $625,000 on 08/21/2017

20 Willow Rd: Joseph J. Borden and Carol C. Keuma-Hipwell of Richmond to Shaun Borden, $88,764 on 08/25/2017


64 New Hartford Rd: Robert W. Richardson and Susan L. Fish of Sandisfield to Matthew C. Gordon, $195,000 on 08/25/2017

130 Sears Rd: Jeffrey H. and Mary Bijur of Sandisfield to Richard and Natalie Mines, $1,750,000 on 08/25/2017


74 Main Rd: Donald A. Bernard and Emily Norman-Bernard of Tyringham to Frederick R. and Elizabeth K. Cross, $880,000 on 08/25/2017

West Stockbridge

3 Peaceable Hill Rd: Richard D. Freedman of West Stockbridge to Roman Schwartz, $357,500 on 08/25/2017


912 Cold Spring Rd: Christina T. Kaczmarczyk of Williamstown to Charles E. and Katherine W. Swabey, $604,500 on 08/21/2017

4 Windflower Way Unit 4: Mary M. Winston of Williamstown to Daniel R. Bird and Christina T. Kaczmarczyk, $259,000 on 08/21/2017



172 Route 7 N: Drake Petroleum Co of Canaan to Falls Village Deli&Conv and Convenience Store LLC, $64,000 on 08/21/2017


2 Ethan Allen St: Trebekistan LLC of Salisbury to East Haven Hemingway LLC, $425,000 on 08/17/2017

46 Under Mountain Rd: Jessica A. Metcalf of Salisbury to Renee B. Tedesco, $363,500 on 08/21/2017

309 Wells Hill Rd: Bruce Mansfield of Salisbury to Stephane Hardy, $345,000 on 08/21/2017


183 Allen Rd: FNMA of Torrington to Stephen Demetri, $103,000 on 08/18/2017

170 Beechwood Ave: Marlene J. Smith and Wilmington Svngs Fund Soc of Torrington to Wilmington Svngs Fund Soc, $1 on 08/21/2017

519 Charles St: Candace Abbamondi of Torrington to Morrone Development LLC, $92,000 on 08/21/2017

132 Ginger Ln: Daniel J. and Mary A. Warzecho of Torrington to Calhoun R. Subahwon, $193,000 on 08/21/2017

57 Grove St: Sharon M. Garbin of Torrington to Julio Rijo-Severino, $114,900 on 08/17/2017

278 Highland Ave: Norman D. Lamere of Torrington to Sandra Hansen, $85,000 on 08/22/2017

34 N Elm St: Francis J. Carpenter and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 08/22/2017

167 Old Farms Rd Unit 167: Lisa N. Greenfield of Torrington to Daniel Mathews, $33,750 on 08/16/2017

167 Old Farms Rd Unit 167: Peter L. Greenfield of Torrington to Daniel Mathews, $33,750 on 08/16/2017

116 Queens Rd Unit 116: Robert Zbuska of Torrington to Donna R. Dubois, $103,000 on 08/22/2017

2734 Torringford West St: Ronald A. Raymond of Torrington to James N. Warren and Alexys T. George, $162,500 on 08/21/2017

1931 Weed Rd: Ellen L. Tillotson of Torrington to Norman W. and Rosibel R. Mackinnon, $265,000 on 08/17/2017

108 Wood St: Stanislaw and Nela Wiacek of Torrington to Richard D. and Carleena B. Sparkman, $145,000 on 08/21/2017


61 Holmes Rd: Robert J. and Liza Dimartino of Winchester to Lauren Gardner, $325,000 on 08/21/2017

111 Riverton Rd Unit 39: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Winchester to Jeanne Kent, $55,000 on 08/25/2017

111 Riverton Rd Unit 25: Brandy L. Grant and CHFA of Winchester to CHFA, $1 on 08/21/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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