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Berkshire region real estate sales August 20-26, 2017

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93 E Hoosac St: Gina M. Lerose of Adams to Keith E. and Heather C. Bourassa, $176,000 on 08/18/2017

4 Edmunds St Unit A101: Merlyn E. Riley of Adams to Valerie C. Piantoni, $140,000 on 08/14/2017


54 Otis Rd: Milton E. Arnold of Becket to Gary Danko, $35,000 on 08/14/2017


63 Prospect St: Robert Henry Johnson Jr T and Frances E. Thomas of Cheshire to Steven E. and Sara E. Senecal, $175,000 on 08/17/2017


50 Wheeler Ave: James Craven of Clarksburg to William J. and Laura L. Gingerich, $70,000 on 08/14/2017


2231 Hancock Rd: Mark S Freedman T and Mark S. Freedman of Hancock to Nicholas and Elizabeth Petropulos, $365,000 on 08/15/2017

2898 Hancock Rd: FNMA of Hancock to David and Sherri Hamm, $150,000 on 08/18/2017


261 Main St: Adams Community Bank of Hinsdale to Lussier Realty LLC, $115,000 on 08/15/2017


510 N Main St: Richard D. and Susan F. Clairmont of Lanesboro to Paul T. and Mary A. Delphia, $215,200 on 08/14/2017


315 Church St: Lincoln T Co and Pensco T Co of Lee to Emily Loving-Aaronson and Selom H. Azuma, $900,000 on 08/17/2017

880 East St Unit 3a: 1997 Gladys Botie T and Gladys Botie of Lee to 880 Lee LLC, $267,000 on 08/14/2017

650 Mallard Ln Unit 3: Lee Homer LLC of Lee to Benjamin D. and Sandra S. Krause, $825,000 on 08/16/2017

650 Mallard Ln Unit 6: Lee Homer LLC of Lee to Benjamin D. and Sandra S. Krause, $825,000 on 08/16/2017

82 Prospect St: Juliana B. Reiss of Lee to Laura Bell-Copper and Jennifer Copper, $235,000 on 08/15/2017

25 Saint Marys Ave: Devarennes FT and Michael Devarennes of Lee to Matthew M. Cyr and Rhonda J. Fujan, $259,000 on 08/18/2017

105 Tyringham Rd: AJT RT and Thomas E. Touponce of Lee to Mychal Shove, $100,000 on 08/15/2017


170 Hubbard St: Neal H. and Margaret B. Carpenter of Lenox to John B. and Tatjana Deary, $606,375 on 08/16/2017

197 Kemble St: Richard M. Bechtold of Lenox to Tucson Lenox LLC, $200,000 on 08/18/2017

14 Kneeland Ave: Paul B. and Matthew E. Bougas of Lenox to Duane F. and Mary E. Hillis, $519,000 on 08/18/2017

770 Summer St Unit 7a: Robert M. and Mary A. Sacks of Lenox to Jun Takayasu and Katherine Wehri-Takayasu, $486,250 on 08/18/2017

North Adams

31-37 Arnold Pl: Cheryl A. Sharpe of North Adams to Danmark LLC, $116,000 on 08/14/2017

125 Liberty St: Adams Community Bank of North Adams to B&B Micro Manufacturing, $35,000 on 08/15/2017

1388-1390 Massachusetts Ave: Timothy P. and Jean M. Ohearn of North Adams to Benjamin Svenson, $115,000 on 08/15/2017

121 Richview Ave: Donald W. and Cindy L. Dix of North Adams to Jay F. Crowley, $37,000 on 08/16/2017

517-519 Union St: Norman S. Haas of North Adams to Brendan W. Longe, $91,000 on 08/18/2017

252-r Walnut St: David J. and Nancy C. Segala of North Adams to Joseph H. Segala, $64,500 on 08/14/2017


207 Brookman Dr: Edwards FT and Werner C. Edwards of Otis to John and Aileen Alicandri, $739,000 on 08/18/2017

50 Louden Bethlehem Rd: Austin FT and Joann D. Austin of Otis to Robert L. and Susan P. Watson, $400,000 on 08/15/2017


320 1st St: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Pittsfield to Elizabeth Galarza-Perez, $36,000 on 08/16/2017

56 Cole Ave: Elisabeth B. Mcdonnell of Pittsfield to Ian P. Bouthillette, $146,400 on 08/17/2017

12 Delaware Ave: John F. Laplante of Pittsfield to Deana M. Makdissi, $84,000 on 08/18/2017

97 Mcarthur St: Toni Bessette of Pittsfield to Ronald F. Lemoine, $116,000 on 08/15/2017

89 Pecks Rd: Douglas D. Kinnas of Pittsfield to Noah D. Kelley, $85,000 on 08/16/2017

37 Roselyn Dr: Wayne E. Scace and Eileen M. Clawson of Pittsfield to Christine M. Isca, $164,200 on 08/14/2017


231 E Slope Rd: Ryan J. and Laura J. Aylesworth of Richmond to Jeremy Rock-Smith, $372,500 on 08/14/2017

20 Reservoir Rd: Maia Robbins-Zust and Dion C. Robbins-Zust of Richmond to Penrhyn NT and Richard Byrnes, $550,000 on 08/17/2017

11 Rossiter Rd: Reynolds House LLC of Richmond to Kathryn V. Boswell, $450,000 on 08/17/2017


Cold Spring Rd: Myers Ronald E Est and Roberta A. Myers of Sandisfield to Eric S. Nadel and Marianne Paley-Nadel, $50,000 on 08/18/2017

250 Cold Spring Rd: Myers Ronald E Est and Roberta A. Myers of Sandisfield to Eric S. Nadel and Marianne Paley-Nadel, $460,000 on 08/18/2017


375 Hewins St: Charlotte E. Carlson of Sheffield to Jeffrey R. Neil, $649,000 on 08/18/2017

319 S Main St: Douglas M. Deville and Richard C. Rook of Sheffield to Kathryn E. Dahlgren, $295,000 on 08/18/2017


9 Hill Rd: Dunne FT and Robert W. Dunne of Stockbridge to Gary D. and Linda A. Johnston, $300,000 on 08/15/2017


37 Cooper Creek Rd: J Todd and Gail A. Briggs of Tyringham to Westbirdnw RT and Susan A. Litowitz, $916,000 on 08/15/2017

West Stockbridge

6 Pomeroy St: Shirley A. Panzeri of West Stockbridge to Jason J. and Ashley M. Daigle, $205,000 on 08/18/2017


156 Meacham St Unit 156: Cliveden Massachusetts T and Jennifer C. Platt of Williamstown to Sophie Chatas, $245,000 on 08/18/2017

817 N Hoosac Rd: Lawson A. Davis and Gail A. Bouknight-Davis of Williamstown to Kevin D. Sharon and Julie M. Henderson, $217,900 on 08/14/2017

270 Sand Springs Rd: Ellen Baylis of Williamstown to Ethan J. Weinheimer and Andrea M. Puccio, $235,000 on 08/14/2017



18-22 Sand Rd: Antonio and Camille P. Perez of Canaan to Bridgeview Management LLC, $187,000 on 08/17/2017

New Hartford

29 Lakeshore Dr: Jacob S. and Wendy Beliveau of New Hartford to Christopher Decicco, $270,000 on 08/17/2017


87 Canaan Rd Unit 5c: Janet H. Muyskens of Salisbury to Ann O. Spoor, $335,000 on 08/14/2017

8 Falls Mountain Rd: William H. Cronin and Ann C. Egan-Cronin of Salisbury to Jason and Erica Sonner, $285,000 on 08/11/2017

12 Meadow Ln: Jon and Deborah Hillegeist of Salisbury to FHLM, $294,310 on 08/10/2017

192 Wells Hill Rd: Bette B. Weed of Salisbury to Mark and Stacey Wood, $1,085,000 on 08/15/2017


45 Morey Rd: James Leahy of Sharon to David Gerbitz and Joshua R. Smith, $920,000 on 08/11/2017


89 Colt Ave: Maple Real Estate LLC of Torrington to AVA Realestate LLC, $140,000 on 08/10/2017

195 Beechwood Ave: Eugene J. and Debora A. Olow of Torrington to Wendy A. Crownshaw, $100,000 on 08/14/2017

84 Chestnut Ave: Tara D. Feeney of Torrington to Nadja and Carl T. Wallace, $118,000 on 08/14/2017

66 Colorado Ave N: Susan J. Orr and Village Mortgage Co of Torrington to Village Mortgage Co, $89,400 on 08/15/2017

97 Coolidge Ave: Charles A. Constable of Torrington to Marlene E. Constable, $225,000 on 08/14/2017

330 Migeon Ave: Jeanmarie Savoury of Torrington to Matthew A. Vella and Heather Kelley, $180,000 on 08/10/2017

116 Roosevelt Ave: Jason A. and Kristin A. Roberts of Torrington to Albert A. Selmani, $129,900 on 08/14/2017

4 Willow St: Jodee Fridrich of Torrington to Mackenzie L. Dimichele, $127,000 on 08/15/2017


160 E Wakefield Blvd: Marlene and Marlene Z. Constable of Winchester to Elizabeth M. and Stephen M. Giller, $475,000 on 08/14/2017

139 Marshall St: Kevin M. Longhi of Winchester to Paul F. and Lisa M. Perry, $246,000 on 08/14/2017

5 Home Pl: Marc Pruchnicki and Westfield Bank of Winchester to Westfield Bank, $1 on 08/16/2017

40 Oak St: Carol L. Jarvis of Winchester to Matthew Sepko, $139,500 on 08/17/2017

152 Rugg Brook Rd: Jeffrey E. Seitz of Winchester to Matthew R. Boutot, $230,000 on 08/17/2017

720 W Wakefield Blvd: Rick Poulin and Edward Robertson of Winchester to William and Barbara Fontaine, $245,000 on 08/14/2017

Source: The Warren Group



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