Berkshire region real estate sales Aug. 9-15, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Aug. 9-15, 2020



262 West Rd: Arnold Hart of Alford to Cloud Kingdom 2020 LLC, $905,000 on 08/13/2020


38 Fox Hollow Dr: Judith Cromwell of Becket to Kevin Coleman and Haixing Wang, $367,000 on 08/14/2020

3626 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Roland and Ulrike Arlt of Becket to Upton County Water LLC, $275,000 on 08/11/2020


12 Claremont Rd: Anthony V. and Laurie M. Cantarella of Dalton to Sarah Palanjian, $235,000 on 08/12/2020

62 Hemlock Hl: Donald J. and Sharon R. Nealon of Dalton to Anthony and Laurie Cantarella, $293,000 on 08/12/2020

59 Orchard Rd: Anthony J. and Gina L. Simonelli of Dalton to Kurtis R. and Heather K. Allain, $285,000 on 08/13/2020


7 Baldwin Hill Rd: Steven T. Soule of Egremont to Mark and Jodi Hurwitz, $705,000 on 08/14/2020


64 N County Rd: James and Jane E. Noel of Florida to Hannah K. Noel, $100,000 on 08/11/2020

Great Barrington

23 Commonwealth Ave: William J. and Ann M. Barscz of Great Barrington to Dylan S. Woods, $259,000 on 08/10/2020

15 Higgins St: Rebecca Churt of Great Barrington to Kristen Palazzo and Michael Berkowitz, $525,000 on 08/14/2020

267 Long Pond Rd: Andrew R. Humes of Great Barrington to Melanie S. Greenberg, $1,290,000 on 08/10/2020

281 Main St Unit 8: Tutnauer FT and Robert Tutnauer of Great Barrington to Timothy&Ruth Wood FT and Timothy Wood, $340,000 on 08/14/2020

241 N Plain Rd: Baumbach Jonathan Est and Nina Baumbach of Great Barrington to Nicolas Gomez and Paola Weintraub-Gomez, $688,500 on 08/10/2020

24 Stanley Dr Unit 24: Francine S Ryan RET and Francine Stenger-Ryan of Great Barrington to Charles C. Vinai, $259,000 on 08/14/2020


2467 Hancock Rd: Patricia A. Herrick of Hancock to James M. and Christine R. Callahan, $315,000 on 08/14/2020

10 Upland Dr: Keith A. Taylor of Hancock to Bridget K. Barbera and Anthony Lekas, $266,000 on 08/14/2020


45 Paul Dr: April Chalfin of Lee to Bruce A. and Eric J. Garlow, $297,000 on 08/10/2020

800 Pleasant St: Fragala FT and Rose A. Fragala of Lee to Stone M. Burdick, $324,000 on 08/12/2020

165 Silver St: Brandon K. and Danielle L. Boule of Lee to Ann I. Millett and Edwin T. Ozawa, $269,000 on 08/14/2020

175 Silver St: Carrie A. Minahan of Lee to Robert L. Kass and Shayne F. Gilbert, $220,000 on 08/10/2020

250 Theresa Ter: Laura Walters-Keenan of Lee to Brandon K. and Danielle L. Boule, $302,000 on 08/14/2020


12 Brunell Ave: Posner Ayala K Est and Katharine A. Pacella of Lenox to Scott Pignatelli and Kathleen Mcninch, $277,500 on 08/14/2020

29 Plunkett St: Lynn P. Sutton of Lenox to Peter E. Aronson and Emily B. Russo, $720,000 on 08/11/2020


20 Limerock Ln: Beth Bogart of Monterey to Justin and Sharon Edelstein, $460,000 on 08/14/2020

522 Main Rd: James K. Gauthier of Monterey to Jeffrey Zimmerman and Lauren J. Behrman, $952,500 on 08/14/2020

3 Tyringham Rd: Joshua R. Allentuck and Virginia Miller of Monterey to Stephanie Sloane, $415,000 on 08/13/2020

New Marlborough

109 Aberdeen Rd: Robert Butter and Alicia Ruiz of New Marlborough to Michael Sanders and Deborah Gruber-Sanders, $535,000 on 08/10/2020

2241 Canaan Southfield Rd: Greylock FCU of New Marlborough to Upton County Water LLC, $58,750 on 08/12/2020

182 Konkapot Rd: Michael M. Scimeca of New Marlborough to William and Jane Fuccillo, $460,000 on 08/13/2020

North Adams

388 Ashland St Unit 6: Davenport Manor NT and Cynthia J. Gross of North Adams to Elizabeth A. Fischer, $59,000 on 08/11/2020

87 Church St: Jeffrey J. and Laura J. Williams of North Adams to Carrie A. Diehl and Dane Eriksen-Fay, $213,000 on 08/10/2020

122 Marion Ave: 122 Marion Avenue NT and Gail M. Boyer of North Adams to Katelyn Millard, $205,000 on 08/13/2020

101 North St: Jonathan and Kristina Boucher of North Adams to Matthew D. StPierre, $129,400 on 08/14/2020

147-149 Veazie St: Lars J. and Calye M. Reinhard of North Adams to Christopher M. Voss, $175,000 on 08/14/2020


760 Dimmock Rd: Haritini Kanthou of Otis to Michael and Christina C. Schidlowsky, $429,000 on 08/10/2020

768 Stebbins Rd: Gary F. Geiger and Mary E. Sliech of Otis to Deborah A. Cullings and Erzsebet A. Romann, $485,000 on 08/11/2020


Causeway Rd: Anna C. Wysocki of Peru to Phebe Wehner, $6,300 on 08/11/2020


267 2nd St: Suresh K. Mylam of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $98,000 on 08/12/2020

160 Alpine Trl Unit 160: Sinclair FT and J Terrence Sinclair of Pittsfield to Andrew M. Zeitlin and Susan E. Loeb-Zeitlin, $430,000 on 08/12/2020

140 Broadview Ter: David L. Carlon and Linda D. Dutcher of Pittsfield to Frances Family Realty LLC, $75,000 on 08/14/2020

147 Broadview Ter: David L. Carlon and Linda D. Dutcher of Pittsfield to Frances Family Realty LLC, $125,000 on 08/14/2020

39 Churchill Crst Unit 39: Edward J. and Maureen C. Murray of Pittsfield to Judith Cromwell, $259,900 on 08/14/2020

101 Daniels Ave: Mir and Tooraj Afdasta of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $100,000 on 08/12/2020

81 Dartmouth St Unit 207: Nancy A. Magnifico of Pittsfield to Brian W. Staubach, $138,000 on 08/10/2020

335 Elm St: Hajjar Nelson E Est and Jean A. Hajjar of Pittsfield to Jenna F. Lanphear, $200,000 on 08/10/2020

339 Fenn St: Brian F. Reardon of Pittsfield to Tony Henriquez, $137,300 on 08/13/2020

27 Hull Ave: Lisa E. Kennedy of Pittsfield to Brian A. Boateng, $139,900 on 08/11/2020

139 Madison Ave: Nicole T. Casey and Renald J. Michaud of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $113,000 on 08/12/2020

39 Maplewood Ave: Leonard J. Abbisso of Pittsfield to Michael Ferry, $50,000 on 08/11/2020

4 Onota Ln Unit 3: Talal A. and Nada Y. Makkaoui of Pittsfield to Jean A. Hajjar, $160,600 on 08/14/2020

39 Ontario St: Reeves Paul J Est and Darlene T. Williams of Pittsfield to Timothy and Susan Kelly, $159,000 on 08/14/2020

140 Pomeroy Ave: Robert W. and Barbara N. Sammons of Pittsfield to Joan R. Osleeb, $285,000 on 08/14/2020

239 Robbins Ave: Cascade Funding Mtg T HB2 and Reverse Mtg Soltns Inc Tr of Pittsfield to Roytay LLC, $35,000 on 08/12/2020

75 Sampson Pkwy: Ellen Schwaitzberg FT and Pasquale A. Arace of Pittsfield to Paul J. Procopio and Gillian O. Spoehr, $220,000 on 08/13/2020

138 Sampson Pkwy: Stephen S. and Marcia K. Durfee of Pittsfield to Juana Martinez-Bernal and Lubia J. Pablo-Martinez, $245,000 on 08/14/2020

30 Scammell Ave: Ronald W. Mercier of Pittsfield to Mitchell T. Scace and Jordyn L. Mason, $175,000 on 08/10/2020

326 Springside Ave: REM&LPM NT and Ronald E. Mason of Pittsfield to 326 Springside Avenue LLC, $160,000 on 08/12/2020

13 Westminister St: Mark Speth of Pittsfield to Orphelia Duku, $143,500 on 08/14/2020

725 Williams St: Nancy L. Andrus of Pittsfield to Edward J. and Maureen C. Murray, $309,900 on 08/14/2020


995 Dublin Rd: Genie S Arnold NT and Sharron R. Gareau of Richmond to Brian Callahan and Katelynn Mcguire, $290,000 on 08/14/2020

170 Lenox Rd: John E. North of Richmond to Lynn P. Sutton, $287,300 on 08/10/2020

530 Osceola Rd: C W Fischer&D Ferriere LT and Donna L. Ferriere of Richmond to Jameson Kelleher and John Lebreton, $915,000 on 08/12/2020

123 State Rd: Rich FT and Joseph Rich of Richmond to Christopher I. White and Ellen E. Winters, $675,000 on 08/14/2020

2399 Swamp Rd: Dean and Patrice C. Creighton of Richmond to Edward and Donna L. Bernstein, $389,000 on 08/10/2020


391 Highland Way: Eliot D. and Laurette J. Russman of Sandisfield to Anya Mukarji-Connolly and Ignacio Jaureguilorda, $335,000 on 08/13/2020

305 Woodlands Way: Michael A. and Janet B. Berg of Sandisfield to Steven Weiner and Robin Bezark, $290,000 on 08/14/2020


319 Berkshire School Rd: David and Helaine T. Gold of Sheffield to FTH LLC, $349,000 on 08/14/2020

69 East Rd: Rosley Judy S Est and Stephen J. Krass of Sheffield to Nalini Madiwale, $450,000 on 08/14/2020

674 Rannapo Rd: Charles E. Bell and Katherine R. Lindsay of Sheffield to Ashley Falls LLC, $200,000 on 08/13/2020


8 Manitauk Hts: John H. and Mary T. Hart of Stockbridge to Yakimchuk RET 1 and Dmitry Yakimchuk, $310,000 on 08/12/2020


71 N Washington State Rd: Eyal Shapira of Washington to Gwen Buswell-Gordon, $325,000 on 08/14/2020

West Stockbridge

36 Birch Hill Rd: Dita Stieglitz of West Stockbridge to Peter M. Arseneau and Stacy M. Twing, $322,500 on 08/14/2020


4 Cobbleview Rd: Darin A. and Christina T. Harvey of Williamstown to Jonathan and Kristina Boucher, $248,000 on 08/14/2020

55 Elm St: William&Larrie Ann RET and William C. Noyes of Williamstown to Anne B. Palmer, $229,900 on 08/11/2020

105 Harrison Ave: Short William L Est and Michael W. Short of Williamstown to Jonah M. Bayer and Victoria H. Papa, $259,900 on 08/11/2020



12 E River Rd: Susan M. Eastman of Barkhamsted to Chin Chin Yeh, $499,000 on 08/11/2020


677 Colebrook Rd: Mildred L. Johnson of Colebrook to Shawn C. Bruey, $192,000 on 08/03/2020

61-a Eno Hill Rd: Vernon L. and Wendy L. Swartley of Colebrook to Samantha and Nathan Artruc, $315,000 on 08/04/2020

67 Fritz Rd: Lori A. Travato and Scott R. Phelps of Colebrook to Rosa Pagano, $245,000 on 08/12/2020

16 Schoolhouse Rd: Marlene and Dennis E. Spector of Colebrook to Ryan and Liz-Annette Vaughan, $330,000 on 08/11/2020


138 Ashley Dr: Ciro and Michelle Porricelli of Goshen to Faye Garofano, $260,000 on 07/02/2020

316 Beach St: Jared and Rebecca Hubschman of Goshen to Daniel and Kayla Rupenski, $320,000 on 07/17/2020

34 Benjamin Ln: Matthew Hebiton and Natalie Barnett of Goshen to William and Noriko Straus, $565,000 on 07/15/2020

151 Bentley Cir: David and Theresa Nichols of Goshen to Leon Potok and Helen Ehrlich, $610,000 on 07/21/2020

30 Dresden Cir: Michael Fasano of Goshen to Christopher and Judith Reinke, $578,000 on 07/29/2020

37 E Hyerdale Dr: Scott and Mary Fraher of Goshen to Abigail and Todd Rossman, $560,000 on 07/20/2020

19 Tyler Lake Heights Ext: Robert and Wendy Cunningham of Goshen to Michael Welsh, $356,000 on 07/23/2020

161 W Hyerdale Dr: Richard Cohen of Goshen to Marla Colf and Ronald Wolf, $1,390,000 on 07/31/2020

210 W Hyerdale Dr: Henry and Susan Heidtmann of Goshen to Jonathan and Martha Packard, $477,500 on 07/09/2020

243 W Hyerdale Dr: Jeffrey Urwin of Goshen to Hillari and Peter Boritz, $117,500 on 07/20/2020

136 West St: Robert and Jill Maeder of Goshen to Melissa Stonier and Richard Blaze Stonier, $369,900 on 07/15/2020

New Hartford

96 Elizabeth Rd: Mary Perry of New Hartford to Stephen T. and Devon M. Janecko, $391,000 on 08/10/2020

20 Hickory Knls: Joseph M. and Nancy D. Russo of New Hartford to Michael D. Allen, $368,000 on 08/12/2020

64 High St: John P. Alubicki of New Hartford to Karianne N. Mcguinness, $275,000 on 08/11/2020

9 Hilltop Rd: Lisa M. Vanty and Laura M. Whitaker of New Hartford to James A. Baio, $128,000 on 08/12/2020

74 Rickie Dr: Edward J. and Catherine P. Dombroski of New Hartford to Rachel Kucinskas and Sarah Ludecke, $92,500 on 08/11/2020


13 Alberta Rd: Dennis D. and Pamela K. Vogel of Sharon to Michelle Bauer, $385,000 on 08/10/2020

35 Deer Run: Kenneth R. Edholm of Sharon to Kylie Mccarron and Derek Trivelli, $470,000 on 08/10/2020

157 Gay St: Buddogs LLC of Sharon to Stone Acres Renaissance, $309,000 on 08/10/2020

1 Great Elm Rd Unit 5: Eleanor Owens of Sharon to Ruth C. Adams, $250,000 on 08/12/2020


80 Cherry St: Kevin and Ingrid Canady of Torrington to Marvin K. Douglas, $127,000 on 08/10/2020

91 Cookes Rdg: Benjamin E. VanOrmer of Torrington to Robert J. Rivers, $175,000 on 08/13/2020

160 E Main St: 160 East Main Street LLC of Torrington to CG&Sons LLC, $120,000 on 08/10/2020

39 Evergreen Rd Unit 39: John T. and Mary E. Daniel of Torrington to Joanna E. Petti, $75,000 on 08/14/2020

475 Evergreen Rd Unit 475: Steven Z. and Ilona V. Brandeis of Torrington to Michael and Elyssa Nadler, $135,000 on 08/13/2020

225 Guerdat Rd Unit 5: David F. and Laureen M. Bouchard of Torrington to Domenic Rotondo, $224,000 on 08/11/2020

281 Hayden Hill Rd: Robert A. Skaret of Torrington to Anthony K. and Brittany F. Marinelli, $135,000 on 08/14/2020

229 Ledge Dr Unit 229: Shlomo and Bernice Balter of Torrington to Brian and Jessica Krisburg, $105,000 on 08/13/2020

1282 New Litchfield St: James V. Fontana of Torrington to Edison Lalles, $190,000 on 08/13/2020

399 Notting Hill Gate: John Simmons RET and John Simmons of Torrington to Miklos Joo, $200,000 on 08/13/2020

227 Riverside Ave: Beverly A Ferris RET and Revere H. Ferris of Torrington to Jacob R. Zavatkay, $151,400 on 08/11/2020

1931 Torringford St: Laudelina Bender of Torrington to David and Allyson Skaret, $189,000 on 08/10/2020

81 Wildwood Rd: Todd R. Thompson of Torrington to Martha M. Babbitt, $170,000 on 08/12/2020


25 Adams St: Richard A. and Sara R. Westervelt of Winchester to Henry M. and Tiffany Poveromo, $245,000 on 08/03/2020

39 E Lake St: Stewart A. and Wendy E. Brandt of Winchester to Sean P. and Amy E. Bailey, $495,000 on 08/03/2020

842 E Wakefield Blvd: Lester A. and Susan M. Knox of Winchester to Gregory N. and Tracy E. Kyrytschenko, $471,900 on 08/11/2020

153 Holabird Ave: Carol and Edward Butkevich of Winchester to Valerie Sorensen, $215,000 on 08/10/2020

16 Lewis St: R Evelyn Horvay of Winchester to Diane C. Woronick, $139,900 on 08/03/2020

472 Platt Hill Rd: John J. and Kathleen A. Phillips of Winchester to Todd R. Thompson, $205,000 on 08/10/2020

127 Shore Dr: Kathryn Ekstrom of Winchester to Paul J. Mitchell, $163,000 on 08/10/2020

176 Shore Dr: Robert S&K F Brackett RET and Kathleen F. Brackett of Winchester to Timothy R. Perra and Kristin Watlz-Perra, $799,000 on 08/03/2020

18 Upland Rd: Vikki Reski and Dale Bertoldi of Winchester to Sheila A. Mcginty, $135,000 on 08/12/2020

714 W Wakefield Blvd: Northwest Investments LLC of Winchester to Alan C. and Johanna W. Needham, $590,000 on 08/12/2020

716 W Wakefield Blvd: Margaret Ziolkowski and Heather Carr of Winchester to Kathryn S. and Scott W. Ekstrom, $200,000 on 08/12/2020

126 Wallens St: Janis C. Waldron of Winchester to Christopher Glidden, $155,000 on 08/10/2020

436 Winchester Rd: Francis G. and Jill A. Oneglia of Winchester to Carey S. Bernstein, $549,000 on 08/10/2020


The Warren Group