Berkshire region real estate sales Aug. 7-13, 2016

The latest weekly report from the Warren Group of real estate sales in the Berkshire region: Aug 7-13, 2016



14 Beech St: Jean V Morin NT and Jean V. Morin of Adams to Timothy P. and Ann M. Vachula, $150,000 on 08/12/2016

79 Lime St: Michael Bissaillon and Michelle A. Jukoski of Adams to Joshua S. Sworzen, $105,500 on 08/12/2016

5 North St: Elise M. Minassian of Adams to Xavier J. and Kirby P. Valentine, $166,500 on 08/08/2016


Parsons Way: Fauve A W Birrell IRT and Ronald Birrell of Becket to Keith A. Hill and Kelly A. Dastous, $31,000 on 08/11/2016


103-105 Main St: Albina M. Graziani of Cheshire to Francis A. Waterman, $8,000 on 08/08/2016


82 Cider Ln Unit 82: Donald J. and Ellen J. Feldman of Dalton to Carol A. Silverman, $385,000 on 08/09/2016

319 Grange Hall Rd: Malinda A. Quermann and Daniel W. Brigley of Dalton to Torran M. Bagamary, $190,000 on 08/12/2016


270 Hillsdale Rd: Ethan M. and Janet L. Ham of Egremont to Paul J. and Karen Lightfoot, $400,000 on 08/08/2016

Great Barrington

59 Division St: Samuel C. and Karen L. Tarnauskas of Great Barrington to Sarai R. Liebenow, $180,000 on 08/12/2016

229 Long Pond Rd: Raymond J. Crowley and Mary E. Merritt of Great Barrington to Robert O. and Shiva Lucido, $600,000 on 08/12/2016

281 Main St Unit 7: Valerie Fanarjian of Great Barrington to Robert and Alba Tutnauer, $160,000 on 08/09/2016


63 Edgewood Dr: Gary and Bernice H. Turetsky of Hinsdale to Gregory N. Ketchum and Colleen L. Bailey, $386,000 on 08/10/2016

135 Pine Cone Ln Unit 135: Sandra and Alan I. Rubin of Hinsdale to Edward K. and Maura E. Feller, $284,500 on 08/12/2016

8 Shore Dr: Diane G. Lewis of Hinsdale to Matthew W. Mottor, $174,000 on 08/12/2016


120 Maple St: Raymond Velez of Lee to Eleanore Velez, $200,000 on 08/09/2016


170 Cliffwood St: FHLM of Lenox to Dena Bancroft, $229,900 on 08/12/2016

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit A17: Donald and Cheryl Bluestone of Lenox to Rita Santelia, $52,400 on 08/10/2016

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit A12: Richard I. Lees of Lenox to Kenneth M. Harrison, $85,500 on 08/11/2016


64 Main Rd: Richard and Karen Farkas of Monterey to Jonny Bill Wilkens LT and John Bill-Wilkins, $520,000 on 08/08/2016

North Adams

23 Bradley St: RSB Properties LLC of North Adams to Jay E. Serken, $56,500 on 08/10/2016

221 Corinth St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Dennis Bernardi, $29,000 on 08/12/2016

27 Hall St: John J. Paulin and HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of North Adams to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $64,000 on 08/12/2016

26 Meadow St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Mary Lamb and Craig Taylor, $41,900 on 08/12/2016


233 Stebbins Rd: Joan A. Neale of Otis to Patricia M. Daly and Michael H. Mcbreairty, $100,000 on 08/09/2016

167 Tyringham Rd: Ralph B. and Sarah D. Edwards of Otis to Richard T. Margulis, $300,000 on 08/11/2016


3 David Dr: S&C Homebuyers LLC of Peru to Crevier Restorations LLC, $75,000 on 08/09/2016


102 Ann Dr: Jill A. Allessio of Pittsfield to Marie Lafayette, $264,500 on 08/09/2016

1750 Cascade St: Timothy A. and Rosemary M. Messer of Pittsfield to Edward and Marilyn Rothstein, $259,000 on 08/12/2016

269 Cloverdale St: Scott A. Graves and Benjamin L. Cortis of Pittsfield to Shelby L. Cortis, $155,000 on 08/11/2016

290 Crane Ave: James E. Benlien of Pittsfield to Katie L. Stegner, $235,000 on 08/09/2016

250 Dalton Ave: John S. and Jennifer L. Masten of Pittsfield to Christopher M. and Deana A. Post, $200,000 on 08/09/2016

241 Dawes Ave: Melissa K. Gogan of Pittsfield to Thomas R. Minahan, $162,500 on 08/12/2016

497 Holmes Rd: Holmesdale RET and Maxine Stein of Pittsfield to Michael A. Cabana, $375,000 on 08/09/2016

317 Lenox Ave: Cgeryl M. Munger and Bank New York Mellon Tr of Pittsfield to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $125,760 on 08/09/2016

85 Lillian St: Sexton Kenneth Est and Judith I. Levardi of Pittsfield to Cynthia Stone, $93,000 on 08/10/2016

25 Morin St: Olds Walter B Est and Christine A. Cross of Pittsfield to William J. and Barbara L. Garfield, $174,900 on 08/12/2016

220 Mountain Dr: Arthur J. and Alexandra M. Kacala of Pittsfield to Peter M. and Maureen A. Breitmaier, $243,000 on 08/12/2016

75 Pine Grove Dr: Kitterman Olga R Est and Thomas P. Kitterman of Pittsfield to Nadine M. Schweitzer, $151,000 on 08/12/2016

140 S Mountain Rd: Gerald A. and Lynn B. Denmark of Pittsfield to Scott and Leah H. Luczynski, $285,000 on 08/12/2016


1282 Main Rd: Mallory E. Barrow and Shiloh A. Major of Savoy to Michael R. and Karen S. Harwood, $67,500 on 08/08/2016


45 East Rd: Garrett J. and Jennifer Cronin of Sheffield to Nion Robert Thieriot T and Peter E. Thieriot, $875,000 on 08/12/2016


890 N Hoosac Rd: Edward and Christine Nowlan of Williamstown to Cynthia M. Cote, $153,000 on 08/08/2016

263 North St: Christine M. Walsh of Williamstown to Todd Fiorentino and Mary C L. Kilayko, $108,000 on 08/12/2016



7 Railroad St: Helen E. Morck of Canaan to Craig Thompson, $140,000 on 08/01/2016

23 Route 7 N: Barbara D. Lemmen of Canaan to Scott Reeve, $280,000 on 08/16/2016

New Hartford

295 Cotton Hill Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of New Hartford to James and Pamela Lind, $231,000 on 08/08/2016


87 Canaan Rd Unit 1d: Barbara K. Ardizone of Salisbury to Nancy W. Kahan, $305,000 on 08/04/2016

50 Farnum Rd: Joseph T. and Margaret B. Fraser of Salisbury to Tina Strafaci, $225,000 on 08/04/2016

99 Preston Ln: Pego Partners LLP of Salisbury to Alexander M. Reid and Kathryn J. Spaziani, $495,000 on 08/05/2016


112 Knibloe Hill Rd: Casey and Sara M. Flanagan of Sharon to Travis I. Braha, $351,500 on 08/08/2016

79 N Main St: Matthew P. Smyth of Sharon to Jonathan Raiola and Lawrence V. Treglia, $805,000 on 08/04/2016

150 White Hollow Rd: Noah and Anna Rosen of Sharon to Mimi Harson, $287,500 on 08/04/2016


286 Main St: Jay J. Besozzi of Torrington to Peter J. Besozzi, $12,000 on 08/08/2016

135 Allison Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Lawrence Espinet, $131,118 on 08/09/2016

48 Dogwood Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Bernard J. Shealy, $65,000 on 08/08/2016

199 Eno Ave: Cynthia J. Fallon of Torrington to Harold Reed, $106,000 on 08/09/2016

480 Highland Ave: Aaron L. and Jennifer D. Spring of Torrington to Christopher R. Smith and Rachel E. Lee, $137,000 on 08/04/2016

28 Hitchingpost Dr: Brandon and Samantha Middleton of Torrington to Erik and Kristin R. Donovan, $164,050 on 08/08/2016

62 Ledge Dr Unit G62: Carol I. Dikman of Torrington to Jia B. and Lucy Wu, $13,500 on 08/10/2016

182 Mckinley St: Richard Carotenuti of Torrington to Merita Ajro and Zachary M. Ritchie, $157,000 on 08/08/2016

340 Mountain Laurel Ln: Mark A. and Nancy L. Hart of Torrington to Duane Brooks and Alison Samuels, $180,000 on 08/10/2016

69 Oxbow Dr: John J. and Allison A. Snelling of Torrington to Jordan M. Nelson, $147,000 on 08/10/2016

78 Pineridge Rd: Susan M. Monahan of Torrington to Fluturije Ramadani, $186,000 on 08/09/2016

4 Rossi Rd: Kenneth L. Coolbeth and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Torrington to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $110,000 on 08/09/2016

385 Trailsend Dr Unit 385: Howard and Judith Suslow of Torrington to Marcia S. Schneiweiss, $100,000 on 08/10/2016

109 Winterberry Way: Luvonney Lamar of Torrington to Todd Perrelli, $150,000 on 08/04/2016


121 Waldron St: Bruce F. and Judith L. Boyle of Winchester to Timothy D. and Ashley E. Orie, $165,000 on 08/09/2016

Source: The Warren Group