Berkshire region real estate sales Aug. 25-31, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Aug. 25-31, 2019



25 Crooked Hill Rd: Enrico Hinz of Alford to Kipp Lynch and Bess Hochstein, $629,000 on 09/03/2019


224 Friar Tuck Dr: Derek and Jennifer Ogden of Becket to Robert J. and Elizabeth A. Levesque, $110,000 on 08/27/2019

26 Paw Ln: Wendy and Roger Duryea of Becket to Robert Beauregard, $160,000 on 08/27/2019

186 Prince John Dr: Frank and Alice Bevvino of Becket to Craig C. Calfee, $143,500 on 08/29/2019


137 Ashuelot St: 1307 North Street LLC of Dalton to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

83 Curtis Ave: Dalton Senior Apartments of Dalton to Bespoke Capital LLC, $996,000 on 08/30/2019

123 Grange Hall Rd: Mary E. Kendall of Dalton to Dalton Center Block LLC, $145,000 on 08/27/2019

12 John St: Dalton Senior Apartments of Dalton to Bespoke Capital LLC, $996,000 on 08/30/2019

529 Kirchner Rd: Bruce Lamke RET 2011 and Bruce Lamke of Dalton to Scott W. and Lynn Clements, $202,000 on 09/03/2019


5 Creamery Rd: Matthew D. Syrett and Cynthia L. Wade of Egremont to Samuel H. and Lauren A. Handel, $1,075,000 on 08/28/2019

90 Hillsdale Rd: Alice D. Tortoriello of Egremont to William and Wendy Welch, $310,000 on 08/28/2019

16 Pine Crest Hill Rd: Pine Crest Hill LLC of Egremont to Gillian F. and Jeremy C. Sporn, $838,000 on 08/30/2019

Great Barrington

182 Division St: Linnea L. Mace of Great Barrington to Adels NT and Peter Adels, $450,000 on 09/03/2019

250 Maple Ave: Sanford L. Smith and Jill Bokor of Great Barrington to Scott M. and Katherine J. Reisfeld, $550,000 on 08/28/2019

48 Mechanic St: Chung Yeung of Great Barrington to Tsamis Management LLC, $116,500 on 08/27/2019


37 Corey Rd Unit 812: George N. Graf of Hancock to Thomas and Kerrin Bahr, $270,000 on 08/30/2019

31 Potter Mountain Rd: Kathleen M. Bigos of Hancock to Kevin M. and Rebecca Leonard, $150,000 on 08/30/2019


396 Maple St: Anthony L. and Vanessa J. Phillips of Hinsdale to Gary G. Daniels, $320,000 on 08/29/2019

60 Pine Cone Ln Unit 60: Susan B. and Roger H. Madon of Hinsdale to Elaine Charland, $309,900 on 08/27/2019

31 Plunkett Reservoir Rd: Lester R. and Teri L. Trufant of Hinsdale to Garrett J. and Stacey E. Whitney, $272,500 on 08/29/2019


32 Longview Rd: Elizabeth E. Hakes of Lanesborough to Marc A. and Stephaine L. Griffin, $162,500 on 08/30/2019

8 Park Dr: Mary C Melanson LT and Mary C. Melanson of Lanesborough to David Maston, $268,000 on 08/30/2019


100 Tyringham Rd: 100 Tyringham Road NT and James Mercer of Lee to Business Investments LLC, $275,000 on 09/03/2019

315 Tyringham Rd: Edgar Chamorro of Lee to Eli E. Dvorchik, $89,000 on 08/30/2019

755 Tyringham Rd: Gary D. Blank of Lee to Edward and Claudia Glickman, $660,000 on 09/03/2019


980 East St: Gilbert M Slote 2005 RET and Adam G. Slote of Lenox to Courtney Gilardi, $200,000 on 09/03/2019

131 Main St: Susan E. Danish of Lenox to Robert S. Cundall and Daniel T. Bross, $375,000 on 08/30/2019

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit D9: Kathleen L Keenan LT and Kathleen L. Keenan of Lenox to Nestor Riva, $146,000 on 08/30/2019

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F10: Pine Ridge T and John Karnath of Lenox to Mitchell L. Kruszyna, $97,500 on 08/30/2019

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F13: Pelletz Betty Est and David H. Pelletz of Lenox to David K. and Dorothy D. Kanter, $90,000 on 08/30/2019

10 Yokun Brook Rd Unit 10: Marlene M Brager RET and Jaye Greenfest of Lenox to Scott H. Rothstein and Elizabeth B. Troop, $425,000 on 08/30/2019

New Marlborough

416 Adsit Crosby Rd: Gail A. Mackenzie of New Marlborough to Kathleen Loring and Scott S. Mackenzie, $90,000 on 08/28/2019

North Adams

137 Bracewell Ave: Federico Balestrazzi of North Adams to Daniel K. Matz and Kebra A. Ward, $99,400 on 08/29/2019

153-155 Cliff St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Jason E. Walsh and Wendy A. Burn, $21,500 on 08/30/2019

222 Corinth St: Town Crest Property Group of North Adams to Daniel P. Maher, $147,500 on 08/29/2019

25 Green Ave: Rachel Reynolds of North Adams to Maddie E. Baird and Adriane E. Meyer-Baird, $187,000 on 09/03/2019

66 Lyman St: Pasotti William J Est and Nancy A. Shartrand of North Adams to Cheryl Buckholt-Coppens, $40,000 on 08/29/2019

42 Meadow St: Go America LLC of North Adams to Eric Gordon, $41,500 on 08/30/2019

1582 Mohawk Trl: Richard Tovani of North Adams to Anthony P. Tovani, $100,000 on 09/03/2019

208 Walker St: Greylock FCU of North Adams to Stephen Aitken, $50,000 on 08/30/2019


560 E Otis Rd: Michael L. Poulin and US Bank NA of Otis to US Bank NA Tr, $95,189 on 09/03/2019


70 Bay State Rd: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

72 Briggs Ave: Jessica M. Winston of Pittsfield to Robert J. and Mary K. Brinton, $102,000 on 08/30/2019

92 Brown St: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

18 Charles St: Corkat Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Thomas A. Mcnulty, $140,000 on 08/30/2019

24 Charles St: Corkat Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Andrea F. Nuciforo, $135,000 on 08/30/2019

10 Cherry St: Christopher J. Connell of Pittsfield to Berkshire Property Ptnrs, $75,000 on 08/29/2019

35 Copley Ter: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

8 Courtland Pl: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

881 Dalton Ave: Mendel Bruce H Est and Holly Magri of Pittsfield to Joseph A. Hassoun, $237,500 on 08/30/2019

16 Dartmouth St: Christopher Connell of Pittsfield to Berkshire Property Ptnrs, $460,000 on 08/29/2019

20 Dartmouth St: Christopher Connell of Pittsfield to Berkshire Property Ptnrs, $460,000 on 08/29/2019

95 Elaine Dr: Linda F. Procopio-Messana of Pittsfield to Nancy J. Belouin, $200,000 on 08/29/2019

34 Elberon Ave: Kathleen P. Herman of Pittsfield to Gabrielle H. Golan, $210,000 on 08/27/2019

136 Elizabeth St: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

142 Elizabeth St: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

38 Emerson Ave: Michael J. and Dawn E. Maddalena of Pittsfield to Andrew G. and Susan M. Tower, $215,000 on 08/29/2019

7 Eric Dr: Edward R. and Mary E. Chandler of Pittsfield to Matthew M. and Erin C. Maloy, $280,000 on 08/30/2019

20 Hopewell Dr: Avalle FT and Robert J. Avalle of Pittsfield to Patrick W. Mickle, $155,000 on 08/29/2019

106 Howard St: Thomas C. Doyle of Pittsfield to Celestino Reyes-Vargas, $162,000 on 08/27/2019

15 Joan Dr: D A. Marchetto-Tesoniero and Audrey J. Lohr of Pittsfield to Max C. and Kara J. Teichert, $218,500 on 08/30/2019

17 Juliana Dr: Elaine Charland of Pittsfield to Kripa Gautam and Bishow Aryal, $355,000 on 08/27/2019

18 Laflin Ter: Valerie F. Toomey of Pittsfield to Matthew Whiton and Abigail Rollins, $225,000 on 08/30/2019

1282 North St: Andrew M. Prescott of Pittsfield to Eugene E. and Victoria J. Hayford, $215,000 on 09/03/2019

1307 North St: 1307 North Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $804,000 on 08/30/2019

305 Onota St: Tallage Lincoln LLC of Pittsfield to Ellies Holdings LLC, $44,000 on 08/28/2019

11 Pinehurst Ave: Harold E. Lampro and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $69,900 on 08/29/2019

10 Pleasure Ave: John W. Daniels of Pittsfield to Luz S. Herrera, $134,000 on 08/27/2019

38 Rockland Dr: Brenna E. and Laura J. Dorr of Pittsfield to Michael J. and Dawn E. Maddalena, $305,000 on 08/29/2019

135 S Mountain Rd: Daniel C. Righi of Pittsfield to Brenna Dorr, $270,000 on 08/29/2019

182 S Mountain Rd: Cheshire Green LLC of Pittsfield to Jesse R. and Sarah B. Polo, $380,000 on 08/30/2019

46 Sunset St: Maureen B. Burke of Pittsfield to Paige M. Hoffman, $85,900 on 08/29/2019

98 Union St: Christopher Connell of Pittsfield to Berkshire Property Ptnrs, $460,000 on 08/29/2019

56 Velma Ave: Peter D. Duguay of Pittsfield to Michael Hart, $65,000 on 08/30/2019

39 Wellesley St: Carl K. Zartman and Deanna L. Ruffer of Pittsfield to Ricardo Rodriguez and Gayle S. Saks, $345,000 on 09/03/2019


305 Lakeshore Dr: Douglas and Judy Degelsmith of Sandisfield to Monica Asher, $350,000 on 09/03/2019


20 Davis Ln: Bobtail NT and David Funk of Sheffield to Robert Hervieux, $20,000 on 08/27/2019

130 Park Ln: Adrienne A. Marsh-Naessil of Sheffield to Pamela H. Zachritz, $432,500 on 08/30/2019


22 Mahkeenac Rd: Paul A. and Cindy L. Faggioni of Stockbridge to Craig M. and Cailen A. Marone, $268,000 on 08/28/2019

8 Pine St: Lola E Jaffe RET and Lola E. Jaffe of Stockbridge to Lewpeta West Properties, $425,000 on 08/27/2019

2 Wallace Rd Unit 1e: Shaggy Dog NT and David V. White of Stockbridge to Patricia A. Harper, $190,000 on 08/30/2019


125 Main Rd: Aleej Tyringham NT and Allan E. Joyner of Tyringham to Elizabeth Cadorette, $220,000 on 08/28/2019


60 Middlefield Rd: Julie A. Pavia of Washington to Andrew M. Prescott, $358,000 on 09/03/2019


280 Cole Ave: Baker Property Holdings of Williamstown to Shiva Realty LLC, $1,060,000 on 08/27/2019

41 Manning St: Elizabeth Suderburg of Williamstown to Alexander M. Bryan and Anne E. Jaskot, $399,000 on 08/29/2019

560 N Hoosac Rd: Jennifer Trainer-Thompson of Williamstown to Lawerence M. and Christina V. Sanborn, $490,000 on 08/30/2019

750 N Hoosac Rd: Susan J. Merchant and Christine C. Higby of Williamstown to Selvin D. Larios-Bixcul and Abiyel D. Bella-Larios, $120,000 on 08/28/2019

81 Stratton Rd: Elizabeth Fedotowsky of Williamstown to David L. Jowett, $53,500 on 08/30/2019



436 E River Rd: Mark Telford of Barkhamsted to Royal Coachman LLC, $345,000 on 08/26/2019

89 Goose Green Rd: Carol Cutrelli of Barkhamsted to Heidi L. and John J. Dealessio, $280,000 on 08/27/2019

161 W West Hill Rd: Anthony N. and Olivia M. Derosa of Barkhamsted to James Kloczko, $233,000 on 08/27/2019

36 Warner Rd: Deborah A. and Michael Kuszaj of Barkhamsted to William C. Otte, $255,000 on 08/26/2019


4-6 Eno Hill Rd: Glen S. Lauzier of Colebrook to George P. Woodman and Patricia W. Woodman, $292,500 on 08/29/2019

374 Sandy Brook Rd: Kevin S. Honeycutt of Colebrook to James A. and Jennifer Mitchell, $389,000 on 08/22/2019


11 Belshyre Ct: Diane Hespelt of Goshen to Mary Rickevicius, $140,000 on 08/19/2019

16 Bruno Rd: James D. and Pamela Hicks of Goshen to Michael F. and Anne R. Robinson, $499,000 on 08/21/2019

21 Dresden Cir: Thomas J. Mckiernan of Goshen to Denny and Kara Brown, $315,000 on 08/30/2019

163 E Hyerdale Dr: Paul and Karen Whitby of Goshen to Ian F. and Carol B. Feldman, $725,000 on 08/01/2019

17 Lake Shore Dr: Kenneth R. Schrader of Goshen to Mark J. Wasdo and Alicia D. Crain, $40,000 on 08/26/2019

17 Lake Shore Dr: Martin B. Schroeder of Goshen to Mark J. Wasdo and Alicia D. Crain, $40,000 on 08/26/2019

48 Old Middle St Unit 3: Barbara Allen of Goshen to Steven E. Wilson and Andre Kreft, $200,000 on 08/01/2019

180 Shearshop Rd: Robert G. Davidson of Goshen to Craig A. and Diana M. Bernard, $342,500 on 08/15/2019

80 Shelbourne Dr: Rick J. Boger-Hawkins of Goshen to Caitlin L. Boger-Hawkins, $345,000 on 08/15/2019

49 Sherbrook Dr: Joan E. Durando of Goshen to Jeremy and Jucel Martin, $210,000 on 08/14/2019

153 Sherbrook Dr: Lucille K. Madri of Goshen to Brian and Amy Untch, $530,000 on 08/07/2019

Valcove Ct Unit 483: Robert Katz of Goshen to Dustin R. Mosley and Ashley Monday-Saunders, $19,000 on 08/22/2019


580 North St: Kerry Yuran and Salisbury B&T Co of Norfolk to Salisbury B&T Co, $1 on 08/26/2019

31 Pettibone Ln: Toby C. Young of Norfolk to Kevin S Honeycutt T and Kevin S. Honeycutt, $650,000 on 08/22/2019

North Canaan

13 Reed St: Douglas Palmer of North Canaan to Brion and Heather Tallon, $40,000 on 08/27/2019


18 Harrison St: Diana and Federico Gilly of Salisbury to Medora Bross-Geary and John W. Geary, $810,000 on 08/26/2019

78 Lincoln City Rd: Duane M. Jones of Salisbury to Patricia M. Erie, $330,000 on 08/27/2019

87 Lincoln City Rd: Jeffrey Gevaert-Hawks and Laura Salas-Hawks of Salisbury to David Nickerson-Ecker and Abby L. Ecker, $240,000 on 08/22/2019


59 Silver Lake Shore Rd: James A. and Ruth T. Reynolds of Sharon to Steven and Nancy Bafundo, $55,000 on 08/23/2019


33 Briarwood Trl: Dennis L. Michaud of Torrington to Christopher T. Fabiano, $195,000 on 08/22/2019

50 Brownstone Dr: Mark G. Mazzaferro and Selene Finance LP of Torrington to Selene Finance LP, $1 on 08/23/2019

66 Coolidge Ave: Laura Wallace-Rhodes and Cheyenne E. Rhodes of Torrington to Raymond G. Shine, $185,863 on 08/27/2019

9 E Farms Rd Unit B: Roberta C. Stoddard of Torrington to Donald F. Hilton and Karin C. Johnson, $56,500 on 08/27/2019

70 E Pearl St: David Strobel of Torrington to Kelvin A. and Sixto J. Loja, $50,000 on 08/27/2019

19 Grace St: Shawn A. Classey of Torrington to Glenstone Asset Mgmt LLC, $90,000 on 08/27/2019

240 Lindberg St: Jonathan and Jillian Pignatello of Torrington to Natalie N. Giampaolo, $245,000 on 08/22/2019

357 Main St: Linda M. Dimauro of Torrington to Md I. Khan and Sanwara Akter, $90,000 on 08/26/2019

39 Rockledge Loop Unit 39: USA HUD of Torrington to Joseph Lopresti, $45,000 on 08/22/2019

7 Surrey Ln Unit L7: Nicholas Giampaolo of Torrington to Brian W. Latulipe, $98,000 on 08/22/2019


136 Colony Dr: Francis A. Dimauro of Winchester to Holly J. Morgan, $119,800 on 08/27/2019

422 E Wakefield Blvd: Katherine M Oneglio RET and Katherine M. Oneglia of Winchester to Anthony L. and Mary C. Arico, $655,000 on 08/28/2019

424 E Wakefield Blvd: Timothy S. and Dina S. Fisher of Winchester to Stacey Brady, $800,000 on 08/28/2019

203 Holabird Ave: G&J Properties LLC of Winchester to Denette&Dimauro Inv LLC, $192,000 on 08/26/2019

56 Rockwell St: USA VA of Winchester to Robert Persechino, $56,000 on 08/26/2019

36 Whiting St: Scott J. Winn of Winchester to Michael Laurel, $155,000 on 08/28/2019

304 Winchester Rd: Wincent Randal W Est and Debra Vincent of Winchester to William A. Tigano, $55,600 on 08/26/2019


The Warren Group