Berkshire region real estate sales Aug. 23-29, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Aug. 23-29, 2020



7 Dubis St: Patricia Carpenter of Adams to Earl R. and Linda J. Kornn, $170,000 on 08/28/2020

21 Dubis St: Mary A. Rinaldi of Adams to Richard D. Sookey and Rebecca A. Wellington, $280,000 on 08/31/2020

13 Enterprise St: Aaron C. and Ethan B. Kaczowka of Adams to Eileen M. Sullivan, $122,650 on 08/31/2020

Grove Ave: Peter A. Dudley and Hillary E. Masselli of Adams to Kest Schwartzman, $75,000 on 08/31/2020

9 Melrose St: Rebecca Haight of Adams to Kelly S. Lee and Drew W. Smires, $115,000 on 08/26/2020

53 Park St: Richard J. Solomon of Adams to Peter Oleskiewicz, $100,000 on 08/31/2020

29 Victory St: Horn Thomas H Sr Est and Lisa Horn-Fournier of Adams to Orlando Vergara, $41,000 on 08/27/2020


23 Cross Rd: Glenda Sherman of Alford to Sean and Lauren Buckley, $762,500 on 08/28/2020


2271 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Emily Armstrong of Becket to Angela N. Sedelow, $190,000 on 08/31/2020

454 Seneca Dr: Jeanette Liemer RET and Jeanette Liemer of Becket to Andreas and Barbara Kaimis, $345,000 on 08/28/2020


65 W Mountain Rd: Matthew J. Mancino and Jocelyn S. Kimball of Cheshire to Christopher J. and Kaylee R. Biddy, $170,000 on 08/28/2020

939 W Mountain Rd: P N 3rd&C A Tietgens NT and Peter N. Tietgens of Cheshire to Maria A. Mackenty, $450,000 on 08/26/2020


46 Belmar Dr: Barbara J. Little of Clarksburg to Anthony S. Pike, $246,000 on 08/28/2020


43 Central Ave: Paul G. and Jennifer A. Durfee of Dalton to Ryan Perkins and Rebecca Godbout, $216,000 on 08/28/2020

49 Hale St: Marilyn C. Harte of Dalton to Jason P. Cimini and Jennifer M. Guinan, $226,000 on 08/28/2020

33 Mountain View Ter: Elyssa Hannan of Dalton to Jonathan R. and Mary E. Baker, $219,900 on 08/31/2020

177 Pleasant St: Shaun Torrey and Elizabeth M. Mathis-Torrey of Dalton to Drew F. Burdick and Sarah H. Pudney, $248,500 on 08/25/2020


55 Sheffield Rd: Lane M. Farnum of Egremont to Joseph Soudant and Jennifer Otte, $100,000 on 08/31/2020

Great Barrington

23 Church St: John Henderson of Great Barrington to Johnson RT and Stephen W. Johnson, $760,000 on 08/26/2020

226 Grove St: Margaret A. Curletti of Great Barrington to John A. Curletti, $230,000 on 08/25/2020

1060 Main St: Vincenzo A. Romano of Great Barrington to H Rush RET and Hillary Rush, $500,000 on 08/28/2020


377 George Schnopp Rd: Wayne M. and Michelle Chappell of Hinsdale to Glenn B. Walter, $650,000 on 08/27/2020

62 Linden Ln: Leon A. Caouette of Hinsdale to Robert E. Karowski, $210,000 on 08/27/2020

338 Maple St: Martha M. Bodine of Hinsdale to Steven J. and Jocelyn L. Dupont, $252,000 on 08/27/2020


32 Bailey Rd: Steven F. and Katrina A. Ouellette of Lanesborough to Gleb and Ann Jerebtsov, $155,500 on 08/27/2020

35 Baker St: Tammy M. Munn of Lanesborough to Shanon J. Morse, $125,000 on 08/25/2020

19 Bridge St: Kevin W. Cahill and Casey M. Hall of Lanesborough to Ellies Holdings LLC, $28,000 on 08/28/2020

55 Ocean St: William B. and Nancy J. Pacocha of Lanesborough to Cynthia A. Sample, $359,900 on 08/28/2020

67 Potter Mountain Rd: Wesley P. Lamore of Lanesborough to Kimberly C. Conant and Tyler M. Pereira, $350,000 on 08/27/2020

87 Swamp Rd: Sandra J. and Susan M. Barnes of Lanesborough to James K. Barnes, $50,000 on 08/28/2020

20 Williamstown Rd: Patriot Resorts Corp of Lanesborough to Normalk NT and Anthony P. Doyle, $250,000 on 08/27/2020


80 3rd St: Warren S. Robertson and Carol A. Hastedt of Lee to Brian P. Allison, $127,500 on 08/28/2020

430 Devon Rd: Dorothy E. Zanelli of Lee to Brenda Kipp-StPierre, $349,900 on 08/31/2020

880 East St Unit 2c: Myrna R. Davidson of Lee to Lisa F. Miller and Carl I. Schwartz, $160,000 on 08/31/2020

189 Housatonic St: Brian J. Wadsworth of Lee to Crystal L. Curtis, $210,000 on 08/24/2020

215 Lander Rd: Macdowell FT and Nicole L. Choquette of Lee to Robert J. and Letishia A. Daley, $400,000 on 08/31/2020

165 Mandalay Rd: Matthew W. and Loren S. Kinnaman of Lee to Sean Douglas and Lauren Mullen, $380,000 on 08/31/2020

60 Margerie St: John H. Polastri and Suzanne P. Pearson of Lee to Charles Solarz and Sarah J. Cinquemani, $188,500 on 08/27/2020

1528 Pleasant St: Laurie A. Barnaba of Lee to Mackenzie J. Kruvant, $459,000 on 08/28/2020

50 Prospect St: David A. and Linda L. Griffin of Lee to Matthew B. and Raquel Lee, $249,000 on 08/31/2020

100 Summer St: Shawn N. and Marion P. Ceanga of Lee to Christopher J. Meczywor and Rachel E. Cogswell, $325,000 on 08/31/2020

30 Union St: Elliot S. and Michelle P. Bodian of Lee to Brian J. Wadsworth, $190,000 on 08/26/2020


26 Hawthorne St: Craig Vickers and Junior Winokur of Lenox to Daniel and Carol Milewich, $780,000 on 08/31/2020

9 Highcrest Rd Unit 9: George and Rochelle Stassa of Lenox to Charles Roy Lipcon RET and Charles R. Lipcon, $675,000 on 08/28/2020

55 Pittsfield Rd Unit 1: TL745D Inc of Lenox to Hjb Holdings LLC, $520,000 on 08/25/2020

5 Rolling Hls Unit 10: Erica Forman of Lenox to Martha Bodine, $210,000 on 08/27/2020

61 Taconic Ave: Jon B. Maclean of Lenox to David Mcdaniel and Steve Edlund, $210,000 on 08/28/2020

114 West St: Matthew A. and Kerry K. Morrison of Lenox to Diane M. and Claire C. Simeral, $489,000 on 08/31/2020


38 Elephant Rock Rd: Sandra Moore IRT and Pama R. Miller of Monterey to Andres F. Lichtenthal and Lisa Landry, $715,000 on 08/28/2020

10 Heron Pond Park: Dennis J. and Elaine Lynch of Monterey to Susan Kerschbaumer, $489,000 on 08/28/2020

148 Main Rd: 148 Main Road RT and David M. Abromowitz of Monterey to Brian C. and Erin H. Kaplan, $577,000 on 08/28/2020

New Marlborough

110 Mill River Great Barringt: Alfred P. Nicol and Gina Digiovanni of New Marlborough to Phoebe Cottage LLC, $450,000 on 08/28/2020

North Adams

63 Dover St: Paul Conlin of North Adams to Jason P. Blasso, $135,000 on 08/31/2020

329 Eagle St: Casey L. Bard of North Adams to Casey D. Albert and Paul A. Rondeau, $169,000 on 08/24/2020

55-57 Hall St: 55-57 Hall Street NT and Michael J. Badorini of North Adams to Benjamin Nardone, $120,000 on 08/31/2020


7 Sunset Ct: Norman G. and Marcia G. Resnick of Otis to Janet F. Weinstein, $300,000 on 08/28/2020


13 Ash Ln: Michael J. Rebarchak and Meghann E. Donovan of Peru to Jarred Grignon, $295,000 on 08/28/2020

13 Bonny Ln: Steven J. and Jocelyn L. Dupont of Peru to Shawn Crahan and Kelly Cote, $150,900 on 08/27/2020


207 2nd St: Berkshire Gatewy Inv Prop of Pittsfield to Miryam L. Rendon and Michelle Serna, $189,900 on 08/31/2020

185 Benedict Rd: Bruseghini Aldo R Est and Delia L. Canino of Pittsfield to Cam NT and Steven Ray, $77,500 on 08/31/2020

169 Brighton Ave: Karen A. Furey and Lisa M. Pope of Pittsfield to Lauren H. Larison and Jason M. Boulais, $191,000 on 08/26/2020

140 Broadview Ter: Francese Family Rlty LLC of Pittsfield to Ryan Wadsworth, $115,000 on 08/28/2020

28 Bryant St: Keith M. and Susan E. Holden of Pittsfield to Austin R. Nunn and Heather L. Lusignan, $215,000 on 08/28/2020

186 Burbank St: Melodie A. Hoskeer of Pittsfield to Patricia L. Thompson, $79,000 on 08/27/2020

620 Churchill St Unit 4: Gregory M. and Amy L. Sheehan of Pittsfield to Matthew W. and Alicia M. Powers, $450,000 on 08/26/2020

1296 Churchill St: James and Tricia Bronson of Pittsfield to Matthew J. Giardina and Justine S. Deluca, $365,000 on 08/28/2020

33 Connecticut Ave: Vincenzo G. Mazzeo á and Arvest Central Mtg Co of Pittsfield to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $130,500 on 08/25/2020

17 Crane Ave: Bruce M. Powell of Pittsfield to Brandon A. Rochelo, $163,500 on 08/31/2020

218 Dalton Ave: Kate K. Welch of Pittsfield to Alexandra M. Ely, $184,900 on 08/31/2020

121 Dorchester Ave: Churchill St Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Joshua and Sarah Jordan, $173,000 on 08/28/2020

275 Elm St: S&F Investments LLC of Pittsfield to Rupa RE Holdings LLC, $560,000 on 08/31/2020

422 Elm St: George E. Newell of Pittsfield to John E. Perusse, $197,500 on 08/28/2020

31 Elmhurst Ave: Michael K. and Dennis T. Schilling of Pittsfield to Melodie A. Hoskeer, $160,000 on 08/27/2020

129 Euclid Ave: Karen M. Machaffie of Pittsfield to Charles F. Paffenroth, $210,000 on 08/25/2020

75 Exeter Ave: K N Mccauley 2015 T and Kathleen N. Mccauley of Pittsfield to Kristin C. Guptill, $150,000 on 08/31/2020

44 Garden St: Jason P. Cimini of Pittsfield to Austin P. Gaudette, $166,750 on 08/28/2020

39 Hopewell Dr: John C. and Nancy C. Ogle of Pittsfield to Tyler E. Joyner and Caitlyn R. Gooley, $182,500 on 08/25/2020

70 Imperial Ave: Grull Hubert A Est and Norbert J. Grull of Pittsfield to Bryan T. and Arri Better, $204,000 on 08/31/2020

30 Kearney Ave: Robert G. and Martha L. Haughey of Pittsfield to Philip S. Volastro, $210,000 on 08/28/2020

28 Kellie Dr: Anthony F. and Marilyn J. Carusotto of Pittsfield to Jonathan Ovitt and Caitlyn Cross, $190,000 on 08/27/2020

152 Kittredge Rd: Anthony J. and Marilyn D. Gattuso of Pittsfield to Timothy Garrity, $275,000 on 08/31/2020

82 Noblehurst Ave: Roberts Merrill W Est and Linda A. Waldman of Pittsfield to Nina M. and Nathan G. Sondrini, $125,000 on 08/25/2020

Old Farm Ln Unit 33: Woodmont Development Corp of Pittsfield to Andrew and Michele Manzer, $25,000 on 08/27/2020

11 Pleasure Ave: Willard W. and Christine A. Smith of Pittsfield to Ronald W. Mercier, $190,000 on 08/24/2020

68 Preston Ave: Jean A. Hajjar of Pittsfield to Krobkul Seesangrit, $185,000 on 08/31/2020

71 Richmond Ave: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Rene Barahona and Yanitza Santiago, $157,000 on 08/31/2020

31 Saratoga Dr: Matthew J. Giardina of Pittsfield to Mark and Mary E. Zarazinski, $220,000 on 08/28/2020

32 Shore Dr: Jane B. Perlman of Pittsfield to Barbara and Marc D. Boulais, $633,100 on 08/31/2020

18 Wilson St: Inmer Bernabel and Bartola I. Orellana of Pittsfield to Marisela N. Pascual and Andres Villa-Felipe, $102,100 on 08/25/2020

30 Wood Ave: Cory R. and Jessica M. Bazinet of Pittsfield to Susan B. Carroll, $215,000 on 08/27/2020

14 Woodland Dr: Buldo NT and M Theresa Mazzeo of Pittsfield to Frank and Lisa Cermak, $535,000 on 08/27/2020


13 Cherry Hill Rd: James D. Freeman of Stockbridge to Michael A. and Jean S. Shirley, $319,000 on 08/31/2020

78 Interlaken Rd: Carol and Jonathan Davidson of Stockbridge to Jonathan and Shari Turell, $2,375,000 on 08/27/2020

2 Massasoit Rd: Harvey B. Simon of Stockbridge to Stephen G. and Marisa D. Abraham, $278,000 on 08/31/2020

West Stockbridge

19 State Line Rd: Gary S. and Cindy J. Yaple of West Stockbridge to Christopher E. and Molly M. Meador, $565,000 on 08/31/2020

47 Stockbridge Rd: AJ IS NT and Audrey S. Vandervoort of West Stockbridge to Ryan D. Salame, $150,000 on 08/25/2020

64 W Center Rd: Ira R Licht T and Ira R. Licht of West Stockbridge to Alexander Maroni, $800,000 on 08/31/2020


146 Ide Rd: Ellen J Bernstein RET and Ellen J. Bernstein of Williamstown to Jawal M. and Janelle M. Nga, $708,800 on 08/28/2020

79 Linden St: Michael W. and Carolyn B. Streett of Williamstown to Debra L. Chaulk, $360,000 on 08/31/2020

537 Main St: Darryl Danaher and Lisa Kelly of Williamstown to ENL LLC, $250,000 on 08/26/2020

1305 Main St: Steven E. and Erin C. Nafziger of Williamstown to 1305 Main NT and Emma E. Weiskopf, $520,000 on 08/10/2020

106 Scott Hill Rd: Marilyn W Coll T and Mary-Delia J. Marshall of Williamstown to David J. Reiss and Rufina J. Lee, $375,000 on 08/28/2020

964 Simonds Rd: Claire V. Patterson and Terry J. Vivori of Williamstown to Kristen S. Thompson, $260,000 on 08/25/2020


93 Access Road 3: Sean F. and Jennifer M. Anderson of Windsor to Jon A. and Kelly M. Frederick, $192,500 on 08/26/2020



46 N Canton Rd: E Lois and Kris Kaminski of Barkhamsted to Katie M. Kaminski and Mark D. Odonnell, $305,000 on 08/28/2020

154 Park Rd: Centofanti Anita M Est and Bernard V. Centofanti of Barkhamsted to Erynn Szewczyk, $132,500 on 08/24/2020

154 Park Rd: Anthony Centofanti Articl and Anita M. Centofanti of Barkhamsted to Erynn Szewczyk, $132,500 on 08/24/2020


15 Belden St: Vivian and Harvey S. Kimmelman of Canaan to Albee Messing and Marsha R. Mailick, $800,000 on 08/25/2020

36 Dublin Rd: Michael Barney of Canaan to Jose V. Perez, $252,000 on 08/25/2020

64 Music Mountain Rd: Margaret C. Hart of Canaan to Marylou Miller, $460,000 on 08/25/2020

New Hartford

17 Carlson Dr: Monyak Theresa M Est and Corianne M. Monyak of New Hartford to Ryan Niedmann, $209,900 on 08/25/2020


70 Lincoln City Rd: Jeffrey J. and Dana W. Scarpa of Salisbury to Valeri and Yelena Makovic, $630,000 on 08/25/2020

61-63 Race Track Rd: Jason P. Semmel of Salisbury to Kathleen S. Beatty, $1,350,000 on 08/25/2020

396 Salmon Kill Rd: Joanne Mcmillan-Kuskin and Christianne Mcmilan of Salisbury to Randall E. Allen and Margaret C. Holden, $600,000 on 08/25/2020


96 Cider Mill Xing: Maron Jacob and Jacqueline Albreada of Torrington to Howard F. and Judy A. Sears, $225,000 on 08/20/2020

54 Hayes St: Todd Doyle of Torrington to Carol Hewitt, $145,000 on 08/20/2020

349 Ledge Dr Unit 349: William and Barbara Laufer of Torrington to Bruce D. Fishkin and Rae L. Eskin, $107,000 on 07/10/2020

839 Main St Unit 59: Michael P. Mcgowan of Torrington to Warrenton Associates LLC, $68,000 on 07/10/2020

140 Spyglass Ct Unit 140: Tucker and Nicole S. Prenoveau of Torrington to Gregory J. Incerto, $104,900 on 08/19/2020

28 Taylor St: Jose R. and Sandra D. Silva of Torrington to Daniel and Debra Bergeron, $181,000 on 08/20/2020

950 Torringford West St: Brenden Lytton of Torrington to Klara Menkshi, $184,000 on 08/19/2020

75 Woodside Cir Unit 75: Judith W. and Richard Spitz of Torrington to Lauren and Jacob Schaff, $90,000 on 08/19/2020


100 Colony Dr: Cheryl A. Depaoli of Winchester to Jason Lamarsna, $180,000 on 08/14/2020

504 E Wakefield Blvd: Randy J. Ibitz of Winchester to Shawn Stanziale, $315,000 on 08/17/2020

28 Herman Rd: Go America LLC of Winchester to Glenis Vargas-Lantingua, $46,000 on 08/17/2020

75 John St: Anthony A. Angarano and Lisa A. Taylor of Winchester to Monique Abreu and Richard Schibi, $180,500 on 08/18/2020

85 Lake St: Worth It Capital LLC of Winchester to Eileen Jaske, $129,900 on 08/18/2020

52 Mountain Ave: Chrinstine Roberts of Winchester to Shaun W. Douthit and Nicole Beattie, $137,793 on 08/17/2020

159 Oak St: Mark Lapointe and Maria L. Pinho of Winchester to Eliberta Keme and Angel Sisalima, $77,000 on 08/25/2020


The Warren Group