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Berkshire region real estate sales Aug. 13-19, 2017

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1 Apremont St: Connie J. Wittig of Adams to Victoria R. Halsted, $142,000 on 08/11/2017

7 Elm St: Astrid M. Halten of Adams to Richmond Financial LLC, $75,000 on 08/10/2017

27-29 Elm St: Joann C. Gagne of Adams to Michael J. Oleskiewicz, $86,200 on 08/10/2017


134 East Rd: Anthony G. Silvanic of Alford to David N. and Deborah M. Tancredi, $650,000 on 08/09/2017

15 West Rd: Larry M. and Billie A. Chernicoff of Alford to Colin S. and Emily B. Nissan, $895,000 on 08/10/2017


1048 Benton Hill Rd: Susan E Volk-Weiss T and Susan E. Volk-Weiss of Becket to Juan F. Jado-Encalada and Exilandra Osorio, $85,000 on 08/10/2017

10 Mallard Dr: Rene and Christyna M. Laubach of Becket to Michael R. Gillespie, $180,000 on 08/11/2017

43 Pleasant St: US Bank NA Tr of Becket to Arthur Muszynski, $22,500 on 08/07/2017

44 Pleasant St: US Bank NA Tr of Becket to Arthur Muszynski, $22,500 on 08/07/2017


741 Lanesboro Rd: Edward F. Chilson and Mountainone Bank of Cheshire to Sean F. Lydon, $350,000 on 08/11/2017

612 W Mountain Rd: Karmen B. Field-Mitchell and Rodger P. Field of Cheshire to Mark F. Warner, $150,000 on 08/11/2017

913 Wells Rd: Kenneth A. and Susan J. Egnaczak of Cheshire to Jason and Erica Turner, $185,000 on 08/10/2017


851 East Rd: Charles and Katherine Swabey of Clarksburg to Christopher M. and Jennifer L. Bullett, $45,600 on 08/09/2017


38 Renee Dr: Theodore W. and Jenna M. Bremner of Dalton to Todd J. Daigneault and Christine A. Roughley, $338,500 on 08/08/2017


31 Moores Rd: Margaret R. Vanpeterson of Florida to Ronald W. and Jill M. Hurley, $187,000 on 08/07/2017

Great Barrington

16 Burning Tree Rd Unit 16: Cottages At Barringtn Brk and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Howard N. and Beatrice Kudler, $547,500 on 08/10/2017

27 Lake Ave: Joseph N. and Ronald J. Pothul of Great Barrington to CG Grace Properties LLC, $338,800 on 08/10/2017

12 Manville St Unit 4: Kathleen N. Dolan of Great Barrington to Christopher E. Ryan, $233,000 on 08/07/2017


16 Grove Ave: Michael A. and Jena Furforo of Lanesboro to Samantha K. Barbarotta, $175,000 on 08/11/2017


210 Greylock St: Benjamin B. and Amanda L. Towne of Lee to Alan M. and Laura E. Cummings, $210,000 on 08/09/2017

165 Orchard St: Dean I. and Dorinda H. Shaw of Lee to James and Amanda Rankin, $355,000 on 08/11/2017


8 Rolling Hls Unit 8: Mary Talbot of Lenox to Susan L. Martino, $215,000 on 08/11/2017

120 Walker St: James B. and Jennifer M. Cryan of Lenox to Timothy J. and Laura A. Collins, $417,500 on 08/10/2017

151 Walker St: Lee and Laura S. Munder of Lenox to Michael T Miller LT and Jeffrey W. Davis, $3,575,000 on 08/11/2017

North Adams

91 Hathaway St: Raymond F&M E Mahar NT and Thomas R. Mahar of North Adams to James E. and Mary E. Bardsley, $137,500 on 08/11/2017

21-23 High St Unit 3: High Street Condominiums of North Adams to Emily K. Hakkinen, $150,000 on 08/08/2017

28 Jackson St: Theresa Jenoure and Michael Obannon of North Adams to Sean M. Treloggen, $87,000 on 08/11/2017

101 Tremont St: Thomas R. and Antoinette C. Hawke of North Adams to Dave Bourassa, $150,000 on 08/08/2017


69 Evergreen Rd: George E. and Marta S. Gabor of Otis to Jessica Doerr and Eric Bein, $574,000 on 08/11/2017


1 Andrea Dr: Laurence J. and Kelly M. Bird of Pittsfield to John E. and Kristin E. Pedrotti, $400,000 on 08/11/2017

36 Aspen Way Unit 36: Hogan LT and Dennis G. Hogan of Pittsfield to Frederick A. and Pamela S. Ganz, $485,000 on 08/09/2017

31 Buel St: David Roberts of Pittsfield to Astrid M. Halten, $145,000 on 08/09/2017

188 California Ave: Shannon M. Smith of Pittsfield to Jacob E. Locke and Lindsay H. Pedersen, $135,000 on 08/11/2017

101 Colt Rd: John P. and Elizabeth M. Cifu of Pittsfield to Philip M. and Helen Charbonneau, $390,000 on 08/07/2017

10 Dwight St: Jason W. Smegal of Pittsfield to Bridget K. Keegan, $103,000 on 08/11/2017

141 Imperial Ave: Francis A. and Susan Curro of Pittsfield to Eric C. and Katrina E. Cahoon, $230,000 on 08/10/2017

87 Lenox Ave: Donna T. Rivers of Pittsfield to Dustin A. Todd, $146,000 on 08/07/2017

35 Lowden St: Nilan Roger J Est and Christine Mullaney of Pittsfield to Michael P. Ouellette, $144,500 on 08/08/2017

1450 North St Unit 206: Roland J Latulip RET 1999 and Roland J. Latulip of Pittsfield to Howard B. Gottlieb and Susan B. Hirsch, $162,000 on 08/07/2017

567 Onota St: MHFA of Pittsfield to Chelsea R. Suydam, $73,000 on 08/09/2017

38 Parker St: John A. Fiorini of Pittsfield to Cory Evangelisto, $70,200 on 08/10/2017

295 Partridge Rd: Michael D. Ward of Pittsfield to Ryan A. and Kiersten S. Touponce, $242,500 on 08/11/2017

561 Pecks Rd: Raymond R. and Maureen A. Henault of Pittsfield to Ralph S. Wendling, $172,200 on 08/07/2017

118 Somerset Ave: Bradley C. and Sheila A. Stevens of Pittsfield to Joanne M. Kellogg, $180,000 on 08/10/2017

23 Westover St: Love Wood and James B Nutter&Co of Pittsfield to FNMA, $96,000 on 08/09/2017


30 Clark Rd: Brya F. Lee of Sandisfield to Benjamin Fowler-Lee, $150,000 on 08/09/2017


6 Brookside Ln: Diamond Cottage LLC of Stockbridge to John I. and Diana S. Glendinning, $675,000 on 08/11/2017

13 Goodrich St: Richard P. Iemolini and Christine A. Congdon of Stockbridge to Ryan E. Eckert, $275,000 on 08/11/2017

55 Main St: Kim R. and Yurika O. Choate of Stockbridge to Nicholas M. Rumin and Mary A. Langeron-Rumin, $840,000 on 08/07/2017


62 Charles St: Peter Greenwald of Williamstown to Jean M. Queen, $130,000 on 08/11/2017

165 Luce Rd: Amy M. Hubner of Williamstown to Beechacre 2 LLC, $250,000 on 08/09/2017

398 N Hoosac Rd: Philippe Besnard RET and Philippe Besnard of Williamstown to Francine F. Hartman, $200,000 on 08/07/2017

787 N Hoosac Rd: Marshall K. Creighton and E Tilley-Creighton of Williamstown to Scott A. and Elisa Henderson, $297,500 on 08/09/2017

229 North St: Kathleen B. Fox of Williamstown to Jonathan P. Slyker, $137,500 on 08/09/2017


520 Shaw Rd: Patricia A. Boynton of Windsor to Robert Zaniboni and Glenn Wnukowski, $80,000 on 08/10/2017



232 Old North Rd: White Pines LLC of Barkhamsted to White Pines RE LLC, $767,000 on 07/19/2017

New Hartford

170 Cotton Hill Rd: Janet Toplansky of New Hartford to Paul J. and Noella Duh, $40,120 on 08/07/2017

365 Cotton Hill Rd: Jeanne M. Woolley of New Hartford to Devon T. and Katherine B. Bares, $130,000 on 08/10/2017

93 Shafer Rd: Rhonda L. Sawyer of New Hartford to Mary B. and Mary B. Barry, $245,100 on 08/08/2017


500 Twin Lakes Rd: Kass GP LLC of Salisbury to Sabrina Strickland and Andreas Gomoll, $1,775,000 on 08/04/2017

508 Twin Lakes Rd: Kass GP LLC of Salisbury to Sabrina Strickland and Andreas Gomoll, $1,775,000 on 08/04/2017

514 Wells Hill Rd: Heather D. Welbaum of Salisbury to Alan H. and Priscilla F. Mccord, $150,000 on 08/04/2017


339 Calkinstown Rd: Evan D. Gotlib and Lindsey Pollak of Sharon to Daniel P. Mach, $235,000 on 08/08/2017


36 Garfield St: Skyla C. Conforti and Andrew C. Cozza of Torrington to James R. Maffucci, $105,000 on 08/03/2017

839 Main St Unit 52: FNMA of Torrington to Antonio and An Rocco, $54,000 on 08/03/2017

4 Pulaski St: Guerina Lamonica and CIT Bank NA of Torrington to CIT Bank NA, $85,000 on 08/03/2017

16 Riccardone Ave: Angela Natterman of Torrington to Nicholas R. and Nicholas A. Richardone, $100,000 on 08/09/2017

37 Sunrise Dr: Scott G. and Elizabeth R. Morse of Torrington to Jeremy and Melissa Beecher, $70,000 on 08/07/2017

1140 Torringford St: Donald J. and Patricia C. Brennan of Torrington to Dongmei Shi, $280,000 on 08/04/2017

47 Whiting Ave: Ruslan Gregor of Torrington to Anila Myftari, $40,001 on 08/03/2017

148 Wyoming Ave: US Bank NA of Torrington to Dale Cole, $133,700 on 08/07/2017


814 E Wakefield Blvd: Donald J. and Belinda M. Welton of Winchester to Charles R. and Keira M. Morse, $340,252 on 08/10/2017

19 Greenwoods Ave: Diane Nixon-Hernandez and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Winchester to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $1 on 08/09/2017

59 Overlook Rd: Bruce A. Buel of Winchester to Christopher H. Prosperi, $183,000 on 08/11/2017

152 Spencer Hill Rd: Chester N. and Susan V. Goldberg of Winchester to Bryan M. and Tara Sundie, $206,250 on 08/08/2017

159 W Wakefield Blvd: James L. Corthouts of Winchester to Thomas J. and Nancy A. Gorski, $275,000 on 08/08/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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