Berkshire region real estate sales April 2-8, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: April 2-8, 2017.



6 Country Rd: James E. Alexander of Adams to James E. Alexander and Lynne E. Meczywor, $4,500 on 04/03/2017

22 Meadow St: Jason M. Turner of Adams to Brian W. Bergeron, $120,000 on 04/05/2017


670 Bonny Rigg Hill Rd: Sharon Hughes of Becket to Jeremy S. Abramson, $540,000 on 04/04/2017

462 Long Bow Ln E: Stanley P. and Lynn J. Locke of Becket to David R. Edgecomb, $317,000 on 04/03/2017


12 Park Circle Dr: Kathleen A. Dinicola and Melissa A. Galeucia of Dalton to Michael J. and Dianne J. Garvey, $126,000 on 04/03/2017

Great Barrington

117 Division St: Julien D. Mckee and Abigail M. Rogers-Mckee of Great Barrington to Berkshire Village Inc, $560,000 on 04/05/2017

212 Grove St: Flag Rock LLC of Great Barrington to James R. and Jenny R. Andrews, $10,000 on 04/07/2017

8 Hart St: William C. Laidlaw of Great Barrington to Guian E. Heintzen and Donna Fenn-Heintzen, $190,000 on 04/07/2017

45 Hillside Ave: Christopher W. and Jill Sweet of Great Barrington to Jane S. Bernstein, $270,000 on 04/07/2017

9 Lake Ave: Anthony C. Blair and Rebecca E. Tillinghast of Great Barrington to Almar LLC, $1,450,000 on 04/05/2017

80 Taconic Ave Unit 17: William C. Ritt of Great Barrington to Kevin P. and Ronnie G. Sacco, $454,000 on 04/07/2017


4105 Hancock Rd: Benjamin C. and Kelly J. Szalewicz of Hancock to Robert W. Dorsey, $420,000 on 04/07/2017

9174 Mountainside Unit 4: Steven Grant-Neary and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Hancock to Royal Property Group LLC, $170,000 on 04/03/2017


9 Main St: Dawn L Frissell NT and Dawn L. Frissell of Hinsdale to Lussier Realty LLC, $225,000 on 04/06/2017


103 Old State Rd: Susan L. and Peter J. Unis of Lanesboro to Jonathan L. Meczywor and Abigail M. Wood, $130,000 on 04/05/2017

580 S Main St Unit 203: Michael J. Anthony of Lanesboro to Lucille F. Boutin, $73,000 on 04/07/2017

108 Silver St: Mrci B. Schwartz-Ruff and US Bank NA of Lanesboro to US Bank NA Tr, $374,000 on 04/04/2017


355 Fairview St: John M. and Tiffany D. Morawiec of Lee to Mandi L. and Steven M. Denhardt, $240,000 on 04/07/2017


32 Brunell Ave: Jennifer Andrews of Lenox to David and Linda Cass, $394,000 on 04/03/2017

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F17: F17 Lenox Heights RT and John Mcquade of Lenox to F17 Lennox Heights Inc, $105,000 on 04/07/2017


30 Elephant Rock Rd: John F. Hogan and Virginia Kraus of Monterey to Jonathan Levin and Paula Hartstein, $410,000 on 04/03/2017

North Adams

135 Cliff St: Edward P. Sedarbaum and Howard R. Cruse of North Adams to Brian P. Mccreary, $102,000 on 04/06/2017

101-107 Main St: Scarafoni Associates NT and David G. Carver of North Adams to Dowlin Building LLC, $615,000 on 04/05/2017


1898 E Otis Rd: Andrea Wagner of Otis to KTI Realty LLC, $250,000 on 04/05/2017


227 2nd St: Adam C. and Tanya L. Haas of Pittsfield to Jonathan M. Morse, $105,000 on 04/06/2017

955 Barker Rd: Higgins Michael F Est and Richard C. Higgins of Pittsfield to Anthony M. and Lauren E. Quinto, $140,000 on 04/04/2017

15 Briggs Ave: Patricia A. Colvin of Pittsfield to Naomi Cortez, $24,500 on 04/04/2017

58 Cromwell Ave: Raphael Gimbert and Diana Chihai of Pittsfield to Lynda J. Norman, $155,000 on 04/07/2017

240 Dawes Ave: Donald K. and Barbara J. Carlisle of Pittsfield to Michael N. and Elisabeth K. Thoma, $265,000 on 04/07/2017

66 McArthur St: John C. and Patricia A. Obrien of Pittsfield to Brittany A. Czarnecki and Raymond Vanzandt, $108,000 on 04/03/2017

201 Onota St: IBT Investments LLC of Pittsfield to Erin R. Killen, $105,000 on 04/04/2017

40 Plinn St: William A. Mcgovern and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Sling LLC, $125,000 on 04/07/2017

49 Putnam Ave: Lauren E. Quinto of Pittsfield to Jennifer L. Steinman, $165,000 on 04/03/2017

6 Thomas Rd: Richard T Flynn FT and Richard T. Flynn of Pittsfield to Brenda K. Adams, $320,000 on 04/03/2017


23 Jackson Rd: Scott F. Koczela of Savoy to Justina C. Furey and Garrett W. Lesage, $112,000 on 04/07/2017


166 Berkshire School Rd: Tiffany M. Stephens of Sheffield to Mark Tanen, $244,000 on 04/07/2017

West Stockbridge

62 Pixley Hill Rd: Phyllis Lafarge 2014 FT and Jeffrey Levine of West Stockbridge to Crockett and Virginia E. Mcgarrity, $400,000 on 04/07/2017


54 Charles St: Gray FT and Melissa M. Richardson of Williamstown to Kevin M. Faulkner, $90,000 on 04/07/2017

1150 Main St: Bacher NT and Marina E. Bacher of Williamstown to Cornelia D. Alden, $215,000 on 04/07/2017

412 N Hemlock Ln Unit 412: Mary W. Fisher of Williamstown to Allen W&Marilyn G Rork LT and Allen W. Rork, $260,000 on 04/03/2017

1260 N Hoosac Rd: Rebecca Ohm of Williamstown to Bolza FT and Gail M. Bolza, $205,000 on 04/03/2017

194 Water St: Edith B Monroe RET and Edith B. Monroe of Williamstown to 194 Water LLC, $301,000 on 04/03/2017



523 E Hartland Rd: Michael J. Oconnor of Barkhamsted to Dean G. Martel, $150,000 on 03/30/2017

125 Goose Green Rd: Julius J. and Gertrude B. Baumann of Barkhamsted to Zachary P. Debisschop and Chiara M. Arcidy, $330,000 on 03/27/2017

33 Yarmoshuk Rd: Todd and Karen Ransom of Barkhamsted to Robert and Denise Sedor, $430,000 on 03/23/2017


55 Beebe Hill Rd: Leo J. Mclaughlin and Alex H. Mulens of Canaan to Thomas P. Watkins, $375,000 on 04/03/2017


11 Cobb City Rd: Mark Poirier of Colebrook to Andrew and Jessica Bakulski, $247,000 on 03/28/2017

12-a Greenwoods Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Colebrook to Shane Douglas, $60,500 on 03/28/2017


19 Pierce Ln: Michael J. Geysalaers and Brigette E. Geyselaers of Cornwall to Melissa Bronson, $172,000 on 03/22/2017

54 Sharon Goshen Tpke: Cheryl A. Cass and Sandra L. Spiessl of Cornwall to Jane Herold and Robert Adzema, $168,000 on 03/23/2017


6 North St: Hugh I Hunt 1999 RET and Samantha Hunt-Mcanulty of Goshen to Joann Livolsi, $299,900 on 03/06/2017

8 Allenby Ct: Jeanne E. Bugay of Goshen to David M. and Anne Marie Rosaler, $449,000 on 03/22/2017

139 Allyn Rd: Thomas A. Masterson of Goshen to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $1 on 03/28/2017

3736 Hall Meadow Rd: Frank Rich Associates LLC of Goshen to Matthew Toman, $155,000 on 03/01/2017

61 Shelbourne Dr: Susan Corriveau of Goshen to Dawn D. Derwin, $250,000 on 03/06/2017

78 Wellsford Dr: Jeffrey V. Thompson of Goshen to Glenn R. and Sheila A. Green, $285,000 on 03/15/2017

119 Wellsford Dr: Margaret A. Brown of Goshen to Anne M. Covey, $365,000 on 03/30/2017

184 Wellsford Dr: Susan and Bruce Berkman of Goshen to Krysia Bibro, $365,000 on 03/06/2017

3 Whispering Pines Ln: Michelle and Matthew Kinzler of Goshen to Retained Realty Inc, $1 on 03/09/2017

New Hartford

206 Main St: US Bank NA Tr of New Hartford to Gregory J. and James P. Erisoty, $98,000 on 04/06/2017

352 Main St: Edward A. and Carol L. Allen of New Hartford to Upcountry LLC, $195,000 on 04/06/2017

11 Black Bridge Rd: Gail D. Puffer and US Bank NA of New Hartford to US Bank NA Tr, $1 on 04/07/2017

430 Town Hill Rd: Michael and Carol Cvercko of New Hartford to Robert and Liza Dimartino, $750,000 on 04/04/2017

North Canaan

63 Allyndale Rd: Douglas K. Oconnell of North Canaan to Salvatore C. and Lisa Caruso, $335,000 on 03/20/2017

86 Bragg St: Franklin Colby-Lewis of North Canaan to Flor M. Gordon, $160,000 on 03/13/2017

157 Church St: Michael J. Christiansen and Wells Fargo Bank NA of North Canaan to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 03/02/2017

40 College Hill Rd: FHLM of North Canaan to Colleen Curtis, $79,900 on 03/06/2017

11 Greene Ave: Peter A. and Kelly A. Tuthill of North Canaan to Adam J. Naehrig and Victoria C. Smith, $218,000 on 03/01/2017

93 Orchard Rd: Neal J. and Diane J. Warner of North Canaan to Carolann Keenan-Kohl, $176,000 on 03/02/2017

28 Sodom Rd: Carol D. Ploetz and JP Morgan Mortgage Acq of North Canaan to JP Morgan Mortgage Acq, $1 on 03/15/2017


325 Canaan Rd: Jason and Melanie Griffith of Salisbury to CCAZ&C 3 LLC, $2,560,000 on 04/11/2017

432 Under Mountain Rd: Judith Becker of Salisbury to Ryan Hartje, $210,000 on 04/06/2017


516 Brightwood Ave: Anthony Pepin and Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Bank Of America NA, $1 on 04/06/2017

119 Grant St: Maureen E. Williams and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Torrington to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $1 on 04/07/2017

291 Guerdat Rd: Janice Pace of Torrington to Susan Bovat and Ronald Breen, $219,900 on 04/07/2017

305 Harwinton Ave: Laraine R. Iovine and Citimortgage Inc of Torrington to Citimortgage Inc, $1 on 04/06/2017

123 Hyde St: Alexis L. Muscaro of Torrington to Lucian Maragnano, $131,500 on 04/10/2017

21 Monroe St: OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of Torrington to Ocsar M. and Lucas F. Cambizaca, $45,000 on 04/05/2017

200 Penny Ln: Kevin J. and Deborah Cook of Torrington to Rober W. and Hildegard T. Demallie, $285,000 on 04/11/2017

114 Red Mountain Ave: Michael P. Modeen and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 04/06/2017

24 Schibi St: Robert Christman and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Torrington to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1 on 04/06/2017

57 Stoneridge Dr: Charles R. and Jennifer Donovan of Torrington to Cliff J. Maestri, $175,000 on 04/07/2017

400 Westside Ln: Cheryl A. Considine of Torrington to Jennifer R. Donovan, $256,000 on 04/10/2017


267 Rockwell St: Sebastian J. and Maria E. Sorrentino of Winchester to Patterson Real Estate LLC, $104,000 on 04/03/2017

160 Rugg Brook Rd: Webster Bank NA of Winchester to Ronald Curtis, $45,000 on 04/04/2017

111 Torringford St Unit 6: Blake Dobrowolski of Winchester to Robert Powers, $95,000 on 04/07/2017

174 Wallens St Unit E3: Sylvester W. and Kathleen V. Munn of Winchester to Donald R. and Karin J. Whitley, $165,000 on 04/05/2017

Source: The Warren Group