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Berkshire region real estate sales April 14-20, 2019

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248 Columbia St: Thomas E. and Nicole M. Jannicelli of Adams to Kevin C. and Ann M. Volff, $120,000 on 04/19/2019

46 Notch Rd: Harrison Evelyn B Est and Suzanne M. Rougeau of Adams to Ryan M. Rentfrow, $135,000 on 04/19/2019


2305 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Robert L. Campagna of Becket to Caleb Cerda, $229,000 on 04/17/2019

24 Western Ave: Glen A. Aloisi of Becket to Timothy and Wendy Leahy, $50,000 on 04/22/2019


59 Carson Ave: Jose F. Goncalves of Dalton to Mark and Laura Carey, $173,400 on 04/17/2019

44 Eleanor Rd: Kenneth J. and Doreen P. Aleshevich of Dalton to Norman Mcclintock, $197,000 on 04/19/2019


412 Maple St: Monique J. Menard of Hinsdale to Ian O. and Bretta D. Mcalister, $207,000 on 04/17/2019


580 S Main St Unit 402: Raymond Gochey of Lanesborough to Jeffrey A. Michalski, $72,000 on 04/18/2019


260 Pittsfield Rd Unit B4: Hildegard M. Hoeller of Lenox to Nancy J. Lotz, $105,000 on 04/19/2019

7 Shaylor Hill Rd: David M. and Vera L. Bergen of Lenox to Michael B. and Susan B. Reuben, $995,000 on 04/17/2019

North Adams

65 Hathaway St: Peter R. and Michael B. Ronan of North Adams to Colleen M. Mazza, $120,400 on 04/19/2019

117 N Holden St: Marra NT and Kathryn M. Rose of North Adams to M Middleton&G Donati T and Marlene Middleton, $123,500 on 04/19/2019

100 North St: Evolution NT and V Peter Vadnais of North Adams to Doreen M. Bunn, $181,500 on 04/19/2019


87 S Main Rd: Andrew T. Boyne of Otis to Johannes and Catherine Devries, $145,000 on 04/19/2019


62 Briggs Ave: Mary B. Adler of Pittsfield to Marion Darrell-Johnson and Louise A. Johnson, $85,000 on 04/22/2019

1 Colt Rd Unit 3: Peter Lichtenfeld RET and Peter Lichtenfeld of Pittsfield to Kathleen J. Kilgus, $161,500 on 04/18/2019

40 Longfellow Ave: Louis V. Failla of Pittsfield to Edward M. Jones, $198,500 on 04/19/2019

5 Meadow Ridge Dr: Vikas Veeranna and Krithi Ramesh of Pittsfield to Derek C. Hansen and James E. Terryberry, $430,000 on 04/19/2019

100 Noblehurst Ave: Calla R. Delsignore and Thomas M. Spencer of Pittsfield to Jenna Marchione, $147,000 on 04/18/2019

28 Plastics Ave: USA HUD of Pittsfield to Javier Aragon, $85,000 on 04/22/2019

28 Pleasure Ave: IBT Investments LLC of Pittsfield to G M. Melendez-Mossetty, $110,900 on 04/22/2019

56 Pollock Ave: Kathleen J. Kilgus of Pittsfield to Thomas M. Spencer and Calla R. Delsignore, $252,400 on 04/18/2019

31 Sherrill Ave: Katherine J. and Christopher J. Goodno of Pittsfield to Kyle J. Knox and Kaitlyn N. Wheeler, $128,000 on 04/17/2019

242 Wahconah St: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Ken J. Gordon, $27,000 on 04/18/2019

433 Williams St: David D Lanfair LT and David D. Lanfair of Pittsfield to Lindsay L. Codwise, $157,000 on 04/17/2019


160 Cheever Rd: Veronica J. Massey of Richmond to Conor C. Meehan and Marissa A. Dubecky, $300,000 on 04/22/2019

659 Lenox Rd: Justin M. Codwise of Richmond to Brad J. Felix and Katy M. Broggi, $235,000 on 04/19/2019


1474 S Undermountain Rd: Orchard View LLC of Sheffield to Gretchen Mol and Tod Williams, $850,000 on 04/22/2019


18 Hill Rd: Katherine T. Oconnor of Stockbridge to Charles F. and Michele A. Hollis, $180,000 on 04/19/2019

26 Interlaken Rd: Edwards FT and Robert J. Edwards of Stockbridge to Sean R. and Erin C. Edwards, $232,000 on 04/19/2019

106 Interlaken Rd: W Eric and Margot T. Egan of Stockbridge to Jane Iredale, $2,225,000 on 04/19/2019

1 Lahey Cross Rd: Jean J. and Georgeanne M. Rousseau of Stockbridge to Ellen Shapiro, $1,500,000 on 04/19/2019


122 North St: David R. and Patricia M. Richard of Windsor to Alex B. Kearin, $65,000 on 04/18/2019


New Hartford

122 Carpenter Rd: Eric K. and Kelley A. Pearson of New Hartford to Carmela Stevens, $242,000 on 04/17/2019

408 Main St: Bishop Warren Jayson Est and Warren J. Bishop of New Hartford to Audrey Vicino, $61,500 on 04/16/2019

5 Stedman Rd: Joan M. Smith and Marilyn H. Ottone of New Hartford to Jennifer and David Gerber, $237,000 on 04/17/2019

1 Turkey Holw: Anthony C. and Susan Truss of New Hartford to Kevin G. Smith, $188,500 on 04/18/2019


3 Greenwoods Rd E Unit 3a: Paul C. and Judith T. Dorphley of Norfolk to Jerry Rosenfeld and Marion Harris, $109,944 on 04/15/2019

176 Litchfield Rd: Virginia M Oldakowski IRT and Bethany Dozier of Norfolk to Heather N. and Schuyler W. Thomson, $119,750 on 04/16/2019

176 Litchfield Rd: Gate House T and Stephen J. Oldakowski of Norfolk to Heather N. and Schuyler W. Thomson, $119,750 on 04/16/2019


52 Long Pond Rd: Dana Kraus of Salisbury to Carol L. Vargo and Robert L. Blanchard, $914,000 on 04/18/2019


15 W Meadow Rd: Ricochet One Inc of Sharon to Dana Kraus, $1,250,000 on 04/18/2019


175 Alvord Park Rd: Black Cat Investment Prop of Torrington to Ryan R. and Amber R. Mangione, $187,000 on 04/15/2019

93 Ascot Ln: Linda R. and Thomas Boyd of Torrington to Leslie A. Friscia, $157,000 on 04/16/2019

59 Barber St: Timothy Wallace and Santander Bank NA of Torrington to Santander Bank NA, $1 on 04/16/2019

118 Bradford Rd: FHLM of Torrington to Louis Fasano, $95,000 on 04/18/2019

108 Cherry St: Dwight V. Dildy and PNC Bank NA of Torrington to PNC Bank NA, $1 on 04/16/2019

293 Country Club Rd: Theresa L. Greene and Corrine M. Goad of Torrington to Kenneth R. and Karen A. Thomas, $165,000 on 04/15/2019

84 Dartmouth St: Christina M. Roulin of Torrington to Albert L. and Elizabeth V. Armstrong, $145,000 on 04/18/2019

101 Essex Ct Unit 101: Richard A. and Judith K. Barber of Torrington to Lori A. Cesnak, $115,000 on 04/18/2019

50 Gleason St: Michael W. Venghaus of Torrington to Corey Rashad-Dillard, $138,850 on 04/16/2019

242 Mckinley St: FNMA of Torrington to Nedla Properties LLC, $75,000 on 04/16/2019

26 Meadow St: Lilya A. Mackay of Torrington to Miguel A. Olavarria, $137,500 on 04/16/2019

675 Migeon Ave: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Torrington to Wellington Collins Props, $32,833 on 04/15/2019

831 Migeon Ave: Atlantic Waves LLC of Torrington to Otis 1 Enterprises LLC, $158,750 on 04/16/2019

34 N Elm St: FNMA of Torrington to Segundo D. Chuqui-Loja and Maria R. Castro-Lema, $62,900 on 04/17/2019

29 Nathaniel St: Robin A. Oldakowski of Torrington to River Tree LLC, $45,000 on 04/17/2019

565 New Harwinton Rd: Swistak Veronica Est and John S. Swistak of Torrington to Brittany Goldson, $75,000 on 04/15/2019

1256 New Litchfield St: Joseph Ruby of Torrington to Michelle Frappier, $152,000 on 04/16/2019

218 Nutmeg Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Erik Greene, $94,000 on 04/18/2019

17 Park Dr: Frank Balsamo of Torrington to Guillermo R. Hernandez and David Balcarcel, $95,000 on 04/17/2019

62 Quail Run: Joseph C. Nader and Peoples United Bank NA of Torrington to Peoples United Bank NA, $1 on 04/15/2019

657 S Main St: Roberta Sterling and Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Bayview Loan Servicing, $76,000 on 04/15/2019

675 S Main St: Richard and Lynne Lucas of Torrington to Paula Alkhamis, $89,500 on 04/15/2019

177 Starks Hill Rd: Justin and Stacey Deloy of Torrington to Christopher L. and Lindsay B. Lariccia, $375,000 on 04/15/2019

200 The Way: David A. and Cynthia M. Starr of Torrington to Joseph Watkins, $362,000 on 04/16/2019

2600 Torringford West St: Leslie A. Friscia of Torrington to Cesar A. Flores-Reyes and Jessica Y. Chriboga-Rodas, $220,000 on 04/16/2019


125 Boyd St: Bass Robert S Est and Specialized Loan Svcng of Winchester to Specialized Loan Svcng, $1 on 04/15/2019

85 Oak St: Nedla Properties LLC of Winchester to Seth Roy, $185,000 on 04/17/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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