Berkshire region real estate sales April 12-18, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: April 12-18, 2020



111 Columbia St: Filion Kevin Jody Est and Emma M. Wooley-Morin of Adams to Anthony C. and Emily A. Arigoni, $40,000 on 04/17/2020

13 Marshall Ave: Nicholas L. Morey of Adams to Tyler S. Sniezek, $162,575 on 04/17/2020

5-7 Richmond St: Michael A. Corkins and Lakeview Loan Servicing of Adams to Lakeview Loan Servicing, $38,540 on 04/16/2020

47 Willow St: James P. Hayes of Adams to Dylan P. Darling, $176,500 on 04/21/2020


7 Alford Center Rd: Dom NT and James J. Mercer of Alford to Alford Town Of, $235,000 on 04/21/2020


72 Blacksmiths Path: Debra Nabozny of Becket to Gene Henkel and Carl Squitieri, $34,000 on 04/21/2020


24-26 Crane Ave: David L. Plant of Dalton to Brandon S. Bailey, $160,000 on 04/15/2020

62-64 Crane Ave: David L. Plant of Dalton to Brandon S. Bailey, $160,000 on 04/16/2020

35 High St: Lynn A. Pease of Dalton to Christian J. Flores, $227,000 on 04/21/2020

324 Johnson Rd: Mary B. Manns of Dalton to Robert G. and Charlotte D. Baillargeon, $197,000 on 04/15/2020

Great Barrington

4 Copper Beech Ln Unit 4: Thomas N. Borshoff and Ann M. Kelly of Great Barrington to Joel M. Siegel and Diane Slaine-Siegel, $432,500 on 04/17/2020

23 Hemlock Hill Rd: Martiele Elliott of Great Barrington to Iovan and Christina DeRis, $276,500 on 04/21/2020


170 Main St: Robert D. Sumner of Hinsdale to Yvonne A. Jarvis, $136,000 on 04/15/2020

96 Walsh Rd: Jeremy B. Field of Hinsdale to Ryen M. Quail, $230,000 on 04/16/2020


28 National St: Colin M. and Nancy L. Ovitsky of Lanesborough to Paul M. and Renee Dodds, $290,000 on 04/15/2020


870 East St: Jacob Trudeau of Lenox to Kathleen A. Medina, $240,000 on 04/17/2020

369 Housatonic St: Jeffrey E. VanLingen of Lenox to Donna M. Gilmore, $410,000 on 04/15/2020

31 New Lenox Rd: Faith A. Parker of Lenox to Robert H. Hutson, $207,000 on 04/15/2020

5 Rolling Hls Unit 7: Charles N. and Donna L. Tacy of Lenox to John D. Reber, $145,000 on 04/21/2020

North Adams

111-113 Hall St: Trout Ronald L Est and Scott B. Trout of North Adams to Julia C. Giansiracusa, $70,000 on 04/21/2020

246-248 Houghton St: 246 Houghton Street NT and Dorothy R. Ransford of North Adams to Garabed Setrakian, $5,000 on 04/15/2020

34 Lois St: Joseph A. Kenneway of North Adams to Alyssa L. Tomkowicz, $112,000 on 04/17/2020

638 Reservoir Rd: Kevin J. Rosenburg of North Adams to Hayes A. Lord, $20,000 on 04/16/2020

206 Wells Ave: FHLM of North Adams to Eli P. Burnham, $58,000 on 04/21/2020


255 Long Mountain Rd: Cadmor Realty LLC of Otis to Jennifer L. Burry and Matthew L. Hopkins, $115,000 on 04/16/2020


21 Brattle St: Shaun Oneil of Pittsfield to Samantha R. Kasala and Alexander J. Pizzonia, $277,000 on 04/17/2020

107 Burke Ave: Derrick D. Ranzoni and Ashley Wasuk of Pittsfield to Jade C. Tanguay, $164,700 on 04/16/2020

39 Cromwell Ave: Marcia A. Martello of Pittsfield to Meghan A. Madden, $122,000 on 04/21/2020

1109 Dalton Ave: Kim M. Briggs of Pittsfield to Michael Klimek, $150,000 on 04/21/2020

31 Darlene Ave: Jeffrey T. and Nicole T. Casey of Pittsfield to Peter J. and Mary D. Blake, $269,900 on 04/15/2020

106 Doreen St: Gillian O. Spoehr of Pittsfield to Joshua M. Brilliant, $179,000 on 04/15/2020

151 Draper Ave: Rosanne M. and Daniel J. Frieri of Pittsfield to Jasmine C. Parks and Darlene L. Kern, $186,000 on 04/16/2020

8 Egremont Ave: Bruce M. Powell of Pittsfield to Jacob F. Doyle, $170,000 on 04/21/2020

49 Gordon St: Jeremy D. and Maria R. Vestal of Pittsfield to Ablavi A. Ziandjo, $169,000 on 04/17/2020

37 Jeffrey Dr: Robert V. Failla of Pittsfield to Rebecca J. Piccolo, $139,000 on 04/21/2020

16 Juliana Dr: Kenneth R. and Dawn M. Brophy of Pittsfield to Michael W. Hinckley and Sheri Ladouceur, $311,000 on 04/17/2020

56 Leroi Dr: Donald E. and Christine J. Carlson of Pittsfield to James Lederer and Crystal Shaw, $453,000 on 04/17/2020

273 Newell St: Allegrone Real Estate LLC of Pittsfield to K&E Realty Group LLC, $375,000 on 04/21/2020

76 Partridge Rd: Julie A. Mcmahon of Pittsfield to Christopher T. Murray and Shayla F. Bowman, $224,900 on 04/17/2020

41 Yarmouth St: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Sai C. Kamasani, $90,000 on 04/21/2020


281 E Main St: Harry E. Conklin of Sheffield to Susan A. Schneider, $185,000 on 04/21/2020

1644 Hewins St: Renee S. Bilodeau of Sheffield to Christopher W. and Amy L. Soules, $218,600 on 04/15/2020

241 Main St: Umpachene Corp of Sheffield to Aquatic RE Holdings LLC, $225,000 on 04/15/2020

West Stockbridge

5 Woodruff Rd: Melvin J. Kalish of West Stockbridge to Jeffrey and Bonnie Stevens, $680,000 on 04/17/2020



85 E River Rd: Kelly and Stacy Dekeyser of Barkhamsted to Colin and Maria Douglas, $405,000 on 04/14/2020


235 Kent Rd S: James C. and Janice Batterton of Cornwall to Giselle N. Izzo and William Forrester, $285,000 on 04/16/2020


19 Echo St: James F. and Sheryl R. Kennedy of Salisbury to Steven and Mollee Alquesta, $232,500 on 04/08/2020

31 Robin Hill Ln: Garrett Bodel-Richardson of Salisbury to John B. Shriver and Beth Meehan, $425,000 on 04/13/2020


71 Bradford Rd: Anthony Sessions of Torrington to Alexander Heerland, $160,900 on 04/13/2020

43 Calhoun St: Brian F. Gauger and Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC of Torrington to Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC, $91,000 on 04/13/2020

11 Deepwood Rd: Megan M. Raiano and Matthew C. Blumlein of Torrington to Ben S. Shooshan-Stoller and Jessica L. Taylor, $185,000 on 04/13/2020

92 Rockledge Loop Unit 92: Brittany Castillo of Torrington to Alaysia Trotman, $115,000 on 04/09/2020

2720 Torringford St: Steven A. Colapietro of Torrington to Donald and Jullian Smith, $335,000 on 04/13/2020

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 56: Terry and Linda J. Thorp of Torrington to Lisa Desanti, $109,900 on 04/08/2020

78 Woodside Cir Unit 78: EBB T and Jonathan B. Baldwin of Torrington to Jeffrey A. and Ursula P. Hale, $85,000 on 04/09/2020

125 Workman Ave: Bedanken Enterprises LLC of Torrington to Red Rider Properties LLC, $97,000 on 04/08/2020


57 Bridge St: US Bank NA Tr of Winchester to Hidden Acres Properties, $60,500 on 04/17/2020

155-157 Gilbert Ave: Weigold Real Estate LLC of Winchester to Right Hand Clyde Real Est, $330,000 on 04/17/2020

173 Gilbert Ave: Kelley Harold E Est and Jonathan S. Kelley of Winchester to Kenneth R. and Alicia R. Kelsey, $129,900 on 04/13/2020

18 Strong Ter: Esbjerg Raymond J Est and Bank Of America NA of Winchester to Bank Of America NA, $1 on 04/09/2020

105 West Rd: James A. Gagnon and Laura M. Padula of Winchester to Fiona Perry, $198,000 on 04/09/2020


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