327 Chester Rd, Becket, Mass. Sold: $1,700,000 (3 beds, 2 baths, 1,200 sqft)

Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Northern Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

Massachusetts, February 21 - 24


111 Columbia Street: Arigoni Emily Arlene Est and Elizabeth M. Vareschi of Adams to Zick A. Konte and Bigue N. Konte, $120,000 on 02/23/2023

150 Columbia Street: Smith Elaine D Est and Bruce E. Lagess of Adams to Richview Properties LLC, $67,900 on 02/23/2023


271 Johnson Road: Maria Wallington RET and Maria Wallington of Becket to James M. Sharpton and Pilar C. Bellido-Sharpton, $375,000 on 02/22/2023

327 Chester Road: Adam Larson of Becket to Jeffrey N. Krupa and Kathleen A. Knox, $1,700,000 on 02/23/2023


74 Frederick Drive: Ryan J. Stengl and Shelbey K. Stengl of Dalton to Lisiane A. Medeiros-Toole, $430,000 on 02/21/2023

143 Grange Hall Road: Nicholas R. Anastasio and Kelsey J. Anastasio of Dalton to Steven M. Berning, $338,000 on 02/21/2023


136 Egremont Plain Road: Cora Portnoff of Egremont to Paul E. Storti and Brooke E. Storti, $300,000 on 02/23/2023

Great Barrington

2 Walnut Street: Sierra Forest and Cameron Forest of Great Barrington to 2 Walnut Street LLC, $305,000 on 02/24/2023

17 Wyantenuck Street: Lawrence A. Obrien Jr and Nancy E. Obrien of Great Barrington to James Mead, $280,000 on 02/24/2023


212 Longview Avenue: Camp Tanglelake Inc of Hinsdale to Camp Emerson Re Co LLC, $2,347,900 on 02/21/2023


4 Baglee Avenue: Timothy J. Obrien of Lanesboro to 4 Baglee Avenue LLC, $175,000 on 02/24/2023


49 Crystal Street: Beth A. Archey of Lenox to Luke J. Archey and Amber Malinofsky, $195,500 on 02/24/2023

85 Clifden Court #4-5: Michael P. Coppola and Ann Z. Coppola of Lenox to William R. Johnson and Pamela J. Johnson, $650,000 on 02/21/2023


140 Main Road: William R. Johnson and Pamela J. Johnson of Monterey to Claire M Fraser RET and Claire M. Fraser, $1,725,000 on 02/21/2023

North Adams

13 Veazie Street: Scarafoni Associates Nt and David G. Carver of North Adams to Berkshire Hls Dev Co LLC, $10,000 on 02/24/2023


7 Bonny Lane: Katherine Guitard of Peru to Charles C. Stickles 3rd, $135,000 on 02/22/2023


15 Commercial Street: Shire City Apples LLC and Lee Bank of Pittsfield to 15 Commercial LLC, $625,000 on 02/24/2023

35 Pittsfield Avenue: 2018 RET Richard Cowan and David Cowan of Pittsfield to Hunter S. Mott and Olivia L. Bedard, $280,000 on 02/22/2023

39 Catherine Street: Simeon M. Bittman and Natanya H. Bittman of Pittsfield to Chelsea M. Szmania, $215,000 on 02/22/2023

80 Howard Street: Benjamin C. Webster of Pittsfield to Luis Fernandez and Alexandra Belalcazar, $165,000 on 02/22/2023

82 Lincoln Street: Esther R. Anderson of Pittsfield to Newtown Realty LLC, $484,000 on 02/23/2023

86 Lincoln Street: Esther R. Anderson of Pittsfield to Newtown Realty LLC, $484,000 on 02/23/2023

90 Commonwealth Avenue: Eden-Renee Hayes of Pittsfield to John Toole, $334,000 on 02/22/2023

175 Dalton Avenue: Kozchuk Helen Mary Est and John Pierce of Pittsfield to Amanda Wojtkowski and Thomas Gilardi, $207,000 on 02/22/2023

200 W Housatonic Street #19: Joanne L. Pasquini and James J. Pasquini of Pittsfield to Kenneth Harrison, $140,000 on 02/23/2023


142 Main Street: Custom Classics LLC of Sheffield to Four One Tree Realty LLC, $260,000 on 02/23/2023


51 Lindley: Gaudette Nancy M Est and James J. Sisto of Williamstown to Marzio Gusmaroli and Marcia A. Schrock, $449,500 on 02/22/2023

Connecticut, January 30 - February 24


21 Day Road: Carroll Erika B Est and Charles R. Ebersol Jr of Cornwall to Catherine De Neergaard, $455,000 on 02/21/2023


187 Greenwoods Road: Ellen A. Arel of Norfolk to Adam M. Vernali, $245,000 on 02/21/2023


194 Salmon Kill Road: Christian Plunkett of Salisbury to Maureen F. Young and Christopher S. Young, $2,090,000 on 02/24/2023


13 Hospital Hill Road: Armen T. Babigian and Laurie M. Slotnick of Sharon to Tri-State Center For The, $255,000 on 02/24/2023


14 Berry Street: Mortgage Assets Managemen and Roberta M. Dangonini of Torrington to Mortgage Assets Managemen and Bank Of Ny Mellon TCo, $185,000 on 02/21/2023

56 Beechwood Avenue: Fernando Barreiro of Torrington to Jovani D. Daniel-Haynes, $269,500 on 02/22/2023

59 Rockledge #59: Jon Burrell and Kelly Burrell of Torrington to William Elmendorf, $170,000 on 02/23/2023

100 Berkshire #100: Joseph Procopio of Torrington to Marie R. Morro, $169,000 on 02/21/2023

102 Village Drive #102: Kalish Jeffrey R Est and Nancy Canty of Torrington to Sean S. Woodward, $127,000 on 02/21/2023

114 Workman Avenue: Larry Burnett of Torrington to Jbartworks LLC, $165,000 on 02/21/2023

121 Lawrence Lane: Nina Setaro of Torrington to Anthony Derosa and Olivia Derosa, $229,900 on 02/21/2023

169 Oxbow Drive: Kathleen Pelletier of Torrington to Lynn A. Davdson, $295,000 on 02/22/2023

244 Ledge Drive #244: Paolo Chiaravalli of Torrington to Daniel J. Riker, $175,000 on 02/21/2023

1021 Highland Avenue: Sharon Richardson and Leon E. Deane of Torrington to Matthew J. Hovan Sr, $36,000 on 02/21/2023

1021 Highland Avenue: Deane Daniel James Est and Ronald A. Deane of Torrington to Matthew J. Hovan, $12,000 on 02/21/2023

1021 Highland Avenue: Deane Agnes Est and Sharon Richardson of Torrington to Matthew J. Hovan, $132,000 on 02/21/2023

1061 New Harwinton Road: Kirk A. Matava of Torrington to David Fleezer and Joan Fleezer, $226,000 on 02/21/2023

1229 Winsted Road #30: Raymond E. Belding of Torrington to Janine Kozar, $167,000 on 02/23/2023


2 Colony Drive: Roland Royer and Arline Royer of Winchester to Ashley Jones, $215,000 on 01/30/2023

31 Charles Street: Dorrance Capital LLC of Winchester to Andrew Nunez, $202,000 on 02/02/2023

52 Riveredge Drive #52: Lisa J. Macaro of Winchester to Mary N. Fleming, $150,000 on 01/30/2023

111 Torringford Street #8: Robert L. Forsyth and Barbara F. Forsyth of Winchester to Lisa J. Macaro, $155,000 on 01/30/2023

152 Pratt Street: Stephen Mastriano and Katie Mastriano of Winchester to Twin Rivers Farm LLC, $189,000 on 02/02/2023

New York, February 8 - 14


457 Route 23: Leicht Fred J Est and Lisa Valentine of Claverack to Jessica Scott and Luke Gunden, $400,000 on 02/13/2023


1256 Lake View Road: Butlien Rhodalee Est and Debra E. Butlien of Copake to Urska Rabic-Bevc and Jaka Rabic-Bevc, $385,500 on 02/08/2023


178 Slate Hill Road: Kathleen Vosburgh RET and Kathleen L. Vosburgh of Ghent to Elizabeth Daley and Robert Klein, $85,000 on 02/13/2023

205 Tice Hill Road: Marjorie J. Tice of Ghent to Christy M. Weed, $350,000 on 02/13/2023


49 James Street: Joseph Catalino and Celia Catalino of Greenport to Anthony Bucci 3rd and Kimberly Bucci, $331,000 on 02/13/2023

71 Ten Broeck Avenue: Greenport Apartments LLC of Greenport to Ten Broeck Avenue LLC, $1,000,000 on 02/14/2023

4012 Route 9: Tamarah R. Westby of Greenport to Jose R. Santos and Priscilla Santos, $450,000 on 02/13/2023


9 Union Street: Claire J. Oliverson and Timothy A. Keene of Hudson to Hilary Robertson and Alistar Mccowan, $645,000 on 02/10/2023

85 Green Street: Cynthia A. Lambert of Hudson to Ellyn H. Harshorn and William Duplain, $468,000 on 02/09/2023

127 Union Street: Roberts Albert B Est and Cody D. Williams of Hudson to 116 Union Street LLC, $570,000 on 02/09/2023


161 Cr 28b: Christine W. Vonschrader and Logan Blackburn of Kinderhook to Amy D. Carkiner and Patricia F. Wood, $291,000 on 02/13/2023

15 Albany Avenue: Pamela D. Salisbury of Kinderhook to David Marden, $685,000 on 02/13/2023

26 Broad Street: Philip D. Sherman and Birgitta L. Sherman of Kinderhook to Robert Proffirr and Helen Murphy, $820,000 on 02/13/2023

New Lebanon

Cr 9: Rem & Lpm Nt T and Ronald E. Mason of New Lebanon to Scott Vanburnt and Sondra Vanburnt, $128,000 on 02/09/2023


43 Cty Rte 26a: Nicholas M. Walster and Nina Kelly of Stuyvesant to Carlson G. Tillman, $540,000 on 02/08/2023