Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County, Northern Litchfield County, and Columbia County

Massachusetts, week of May 15–21


10 Godek Street: Stephen A. Faucher of Adams to James Roy and Laurie Roy, $110,000 on 05/19/2022

13 Melrose Street: Peter J. Mazzacco and Barbara L. Mazzacco of Adams to Mathew J. Zieba and Courtney M. Hayer, $100,000 on 05/19/2022

13 Morningside Avenue: Thomas F. Nimmons of Adams to Stephanie A. Lopez and Jeffery S. Rakes, $265,000 on 05/19/2022

65 Howland Avenue: Trevor D. West of Adams to EPWH LLC, $180,000 on 05/17/2022


122 Route 71: Jack G. Nichols and John C. Novotny of Alford to Peter Salett 2020 IRT and Peter Salett, $1,313,000 on 05/20/2022


333 Leonhardt Road: Douglas L Brand RET and Douglas L. Brand of Becket to Lisa Abeles and George B. Cohen, $1,030,000 on 05/20/2022


47 Franklin Street: Town of Dalton to Dawne L. Fahey, $1 on 05/16/2022


68 Creamery Road: Morgan Capital Mgmt LLC of Egremont to Hayley Farrington and Richard Wykoff, $335,000 on 05/20/2022

Great Barrington

121 Bridge Street: Benjamin E. Wohlfert of Great Barrington to FP Lend Fund 1 LLC, $255,000 on 05/17/2022

168 Main Street #1: BKL Realty LLC of Great Barrington to 168 Main St Hldg GB LLC, $975,000 on 05/18/2022


Corey Road #712: James M. Feeney and Jennifer K. Strom of Hancock to Howard Greenspan, $110,000 on 05/19/2022


20 Algonquin Street: Leslie A. Smith of Lanesboro to Benjamin M. Williams and Susan R. Williams, $270,000 on 05/20/2022


775 Tyringham Road: Lachezar Galabov and Amelia Galabova of Lee to Vincent Aurelia, $406,500 on 05/16/2022


14 Hutchinson Lane: Ronald W. Paul of Lenox to Robert M. Fuster and Tatiana S. Fuster, $530,000 on 05/16/2022

123 Walker Street: Steven T Egmont LT and Steven T. Egmont of Lenox to Berkshire Lifesharing LLC, $837,000 on 05/16/2022

181 New Lenox Road: Elizabeth E. Aho of Lenox to Eric D. Nixon and Kari Chapin-Nixon, $350,000 on 05/19/2022


454 Main Road #3: Channing T. Mendelsohn of Monterey to Susan Fagan, $131,700 on 05/16/2022

454 Main Road #4: Channing T. Mendelson of Monterey to Susan Fagan-Moran, $7,900 on 05/16/2022

New Marlboro

1139 Clayton Mill River Road: Chez Rolico RT and Maris Cohen of New Marlboro to Shaun P. Kelleher-Nagorski and Alexander J. Nagorski, $875,000 on 05/20/2022

North Adams

29 Montgomery Street: Tansey Dunn and Kirk Howland of North Adams to James Pedro, $50,000 on 05/19/2022


9 Broad Street: S Coralia. Hernandez of Pittsfield to Jessica Sovronsky, $217,500 on 05/20/2022

10 Meadowview Drive: Crystal St Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Shamrock RT and Phyllis Kelly, $206,000 on 05/16/2022

17 Buel Street: Ashley M. Morrison and Christopher G. Plummer of Pittsfield to Gustavo A. Hernandez, $288,000 on 05/16/2022

23 Kent Avenue: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

23 Pleasure Avenue: Charles E. Mcnally of Pittsfield to Cindy J. Aragon and Edwin E. Umana, $200,000 on 05/16/2022

26 Harryel Street: Lee Kohlenberger and Kaitlyn M. Kohlenberger of Pittsfield to Brian D. Winchell and Kayla M. Lorette, $410,000 on 05/16/2022

28 1st Street: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

35 Linden Street: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

37 Marian Avenue: Darryl R. Poplaski and Shelley L. Poplaski of Pittsfield to Marie E. Bartlett, $240,000 on 05/17/2022

39 Linden Street: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

41 Delaware Avenue: Brian D. Winchell and Amanda Tedford of Pittsfield to Aaron Kaeble and Juliana Kaeble, $231,750 on 05/16/2022

42 Hamlin Street: Thomas R. Beuth of Pittsfield to 160-169 N St Pittsfield M, $175,000 on 05/17/2022

47 Lincoln Street: Chu Perez-Martinez of Pittsfield to Manuel Diaz, $368,000 on 05/20/2022

50 Wood Avenue: Alexis King of Pittsfield to Morgan F. Miletich, $200,000 on 05/17/2022

54 Mervyn Street: Schroeder-Dean FT and Vicky A. Kolodziej of Pittsfield to Old Williamstown Rlty LLC, $55,000 on 05/18/2022

69 Ridge Avenue: Frank Sawyer of Pittsfield to Kevin Mcginnis and Mary Mcginnis, $299,999 on 05/16/2022

85 Linden Street: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

129 Newell Street: City of Pittsfield to Joseph Mensah-Otoo, $1 on 05/16/2022

135 2nd Street: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

152 Maple Grove Drive: Russell Recker and Rebecca Recker of Pittsfield to Geoffrey H. Sunshine and Ilene Robinson-Sunshine, $285,000 on 05/16/2022

161 Bradford Street: WDM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to ECW Pittsfield Prop LLC, $3,250,000 on 05/16/2022

161 Sherwood Drive: Newland D. Baldwin of Pittsfield to T Francis Jr&M M Duffy and Patricia Duffy-Brown, $299,900 on 05/20/2022

181 Holmes Road: 2 Bears NT and David R. Cianflone of Pittsfield to Susan Bazel and Julian Bazel, $685,000 on 05/17/2022

197 2nd Street: Katie E. Lauzon of Pittsfield to Louis Silva, $180,000 on 05/16/2022

301 Fenn Street: Fenn Street Apartment LLC of Pittsfield to 301 Fenn St Holdings LLC, $530,000 on 05/18/2022

338 South Street: James S. Mcrory Sr of Pittsfield to SSC 338 LLC, $250,000 on 05/18/2022

360 South Street: Adam P. Sugarman of Pittsfield to TCI Holdings LLC, $160,000 on 05/20/2022

394 Williams Street: Therese M Allen RET and David K. Allen of Pittsfield to Robert J. Allen and Kayla M. Allen, $360,000 on 05/17/2022


51 School Street: Peter Mehlin of Williamstown to Bernhard Klingenberg and Sophie C. Klingenberg, $500,000 on 05/18/2022

53 Cobbleview Road: Jeanne M Dilisio T and Monica Berry of Williamstown to Sara E. Katz, $377,000 on 05/20/2022


2241 Route 9: Jason M. Shepard of Windsor to Alexis King and Shane Johnson, $375,000 on 05/17/2022

Connecticut, week of May 15–21


50 Fuller Road: Schiller Judith L Est and Gregory J. Spuches of Barkhamsted to Scott A. Tibbals and Grace D. Tibbals, $95,000 on 05/18/2022


310 Music Mountain Road: Endre Molnar of Canaan to David Ott and Isabelle Foster, $725,000 on 05/17/2022

New Hartford

38 Cedar Lane: Vincent Capital LLC of New Hartford to Jeffery J. Krul and Andrea M. Cote, $245,000 on 05/18/2022

127 Niles Road: Reney Acquisitions LLC of New Hartford to Beth Mehmel-Dube and Beth M. Dube, $230,000 on 05/16/2022

588 W Hill Road: Diane L Tucker LT and Diane L. Tucker of New Hartford to Robert T. Pinchbeck and Lauren Pinchbeck, $187,000 on 05/20/2022

North Canaan

277 Ashley Falls Road: Considine Country Classic of North Canaan to German F. Perez, $10,000 on 05/16/2022


4 Upper Main Street #6: Alexandra Helfer of Sharon to Xiaoyan Wang, $240,000 on 05/16/2022


8 Loretta Road: Patricia A. Reinert and Jonathan C. Reinert of Torrington to Jared Fishman and Gabrelle Sia, $307,500 on 05/17/2022

26 Yale Avenue: Ana M. Dossantos of Torrington to Walter Lyons and Breann E. Box, $242,000 on 05/20/2022

52 Roberts Street: Drew A. Macchiaroli and Kristy D. Harrison of Torrington to Stephen J. Egliskis, $250,000 on 05/16/2022

71 Whitewood Road: Patricia C. Stolfi of Torrington to Davud J. Paolino Jr, $215,000 on 05/16/2022

90 Spruce Drive: Anthony Frost and Carla J. Frost of Torrington to Rafael Cruz and Evelyn E. Cruz, $283,000 on 05/18/2022

105 Eggleston Street: William Marcano and Rebecca Marcano of Torrington to Patricia Czajkowski and James Czajkowski, $137,000 on 05/20/2022

159 Mckinley Street: Melissa A. Sangster and Ryan Sangster of Torrington to Jesse E. Miller, $250,000 on 05/17/2022

171 Oak Avenue: Dennis L. Michaud of Torrington to Mercado Miguel, $199,900 on 05/16/2022

213 Funston Avenue: Robert Giampietro of Torrington to Jane Belden, $195,000 on 05/16/2022

225 Wyoming Avenue: 225 Wyoming Avenue LLC of Torrington to 225 Wyoming Owner LLC, $1,730,000 on 05/18/2022

237 Santa Maria Drive: Kenneth M. Carangelo of Torrington to Leslie Rosado-Rivera, $330,000 on 05/17/2022

741 Main Street: Beauchaine Joan Z Est and Bridget A. Beauchaine of Torrington to Maureen B. Rochette, $40,000 on 05/17/2022

839 Main Street #88: Barbara Baechler of Torrington to Destiny Marquez, $110,000 on 05/17/2022

1044 Mountain Road: Kellsey L. Schaffer of Torrington to William M. Cooke and Linda L. Cooke, $255,000 on 05/19/2022


24 Union Street: Edin Begzic of Winchester to Ervin Trendafili, $140,000 on 05/13/2022

127 Main Street: Rhee Family LLC of Winchester to 127 Main Street LLC, $165,000 on 05/20/2022

160 Danbury Quarter Road: James E. Munterich and Melissa H. Munterich of Winchester to Steven D. Gruber and Lisa Gruber, $375,000 on 05/17/2022

268 Torringford Street: Joanne L. Hunt of Winchester to Theodore W. Waldron and Jennifer Waldron, $333,000 on 05/19/2022

290 Colebrook Road: BNJ Real Estate LLC of Winchester to Shane Sugerak and Vallerie Sugerak, $220,000 on 05/16/2022

812 Main Street: Paul Masucci and Paul M. Masucci of Winchester to Mathew Newcome and Marcia Newcome, $310,000 on 05/20/2022

New York, week of May 8–14


546 Hall Hill Road: Heimbinder Gary E Est and Julie Eden of Ancram to Alonzo Realty LLC, $200,000 on 05/10/2022


22 Loomis Road: Lisa V. Moran and Scott G. Ainsbury of Chatham to William Darman and Elizabeth Holt, $3,800,000 on 05/03/2022

308 Clark Road: Amanda Goodrich of Chatham to Jerry P. Murphy and Wendy Martin, $525,000 on 05/03/2022

639 Albany Turnpike: Old Chatham Productio LLC of Chatham to Office Bacchus Global LLC, $806,675 on 05/06/2022


151 Route 23: Paul J Grieger T and Mary Grigor of Claverack to Adirondack Prop Sltns LLC, $252,500 on 05/10/2022


59 Creekside Road: Erin L. Rothstein of Gallatin to Corey J. Bergendahl and Melissa Male, $488,000 on 05/10/2022


263 Round Top Road: Lucienne Mohanach and Michael Mohnac of Germantown to Max Jaffe and Christina Jaffe, $548,000 on 05/09/2022


16 Jenkins: Philp Gellert of Hudson to Jazz Jenkins Qozb LLC, $150,000 on 05/06/2022

326 Allen Street: Barry Butterfield of Hudson to Bryan D. Bullett, $995,000 on 05/05/2022


39 Rabbit Lane: Marlene J. Polisky of Kinderhook to Hern Stern and Hillary Grill, $636,000 on 05/04/2022

298 Mccagg Road: Carlotta S Collidge RET and Carlotta S. Coolidge of Kinderhook to Francesca C. Kee-Damico and Matthew C. Damico, $640,000 on 05/03/2022


113 Royal Road: Marc Greene of Stockport to Mary A. Sanzi and Elizabeth A. Chiavelli, $315,000 on 05/10/2022


49 Craryville-berkshire Road: Anton Paluch of Taghkanic to George Politis, $80,000 on 05/03/2022


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