15 Filomena Drive, Pittsfield, Mass. Sold: $765,000 (4 beds, 4 baths, 3,480 Square Feet)

Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

Massachusetts, September 11 – September 15


67 Cherokee Road: Timothy Ogilvie and Jessica Ogilvie of Becket to Bonnie Southworth and Rajesh Gandhi, $725,000 on 09/15/2023

113 Iroquois Avenue: Luz Bravo-Gleicher T and Luz Bravo-Gleicher of Becket to Eliza Lewis Lt and Eliza Lewis, $549,500 on 09/12/2023

1705 Main Street: Patrick A. Conner and Virginia T. Conner of Becket to Jolyn G. Unruh, $212,000 on 09/11/2023


335 North Street: John F. Segala Jr and Nancy I. Segala of Cheshire to Jeremy K. Johnson and Nicole E. Johnson, $320,000 on 09/15/2023


142 Depot Street: Richard G. Day and Rosemary M. Day of Dalton to Gregory T. Chapman and Sherry L. Chapman, $256,000 on 09/11/2023

Great Barrington

7 Fern: Yonynah Evans 2014 RET and Risa Evans of Great Barrington to Sasc Properties LLC, $850,000 on 09/12/2023

222 Highland Street: Richard T. Coons and Linda A. Coons of Great Barrington to Douglas Escalon, $75,000 on 09/11/2023


22 Linden Lane: Joni R. Berardino and Peter P. Berardino of Hinsdale to Paul Rochford and Jodi Rochford, $231,000 on 09/11/2023


189 Narragansett Avenue: Rita T. Quirk of Lanesboro to Laura Ephraim and James Owens, $769,900 on 09/14/2023

202 S Main Street: Scott Williams of Lanesboro to Tylor M. Pullaro and James N. Pullaro, $250,000 on 09/12/2023


15 Joseph Avenue: Tete Hurlbut Ft and Bruce A. Hurlbut of Lee to Cindy L. Faggioni and Paul A. Faggioni Jr, $375,000 on 09/15/2023


6 Rolling #10: Edward M Homich RET and Christine H. Quetti of Lenox to Linda J Lerner RET and Linda J. Lerner, $336,000 on 09/13/2023

102 Walker Street: Peter J. Sprague and Tjasa K. Sprague of Lenox to Scott R. Lenihan and Isabel M. Lenihan, $350,000 on 09/11/2023

190 Hubbard Street: Gwendolyn J. Adam and Sharon L. Alpert of Lenox to Elizaveta Murray, $718,000 on 09/14/2023

384 Pittsfield Road: Lenox Town Of of Lenox to Mary J. Flynn and John R. Flynn, $1 on 09/15/2023

388 Pittsfield Road: Lenox Town Of of Lenox to Mary J. Flynn and John R. Flynn, $1 on 09/15/2023

North Adams

84-86 Holbrook Street: Timothy Voice of North Adams to Randall Straaton and Annie Straaton, $69,000 on 09/13/2023

243 Union Street #306: Corry C. Buckwalter of North Adams to Carlos A. Caicedo, $410,000 on 09/14/2023

272-274 Beaver Street: Saure Jr Charles A Est and Alexandria Sauer of North Adams to Robert Scutt, $25,000 on 09/14/2023

344-346 W Main Street: James K. Yartz of North Adams to Joshua Hartman Sr and Michelle Hartman, $25,000 on 09/11/2023

708 Barbour Street: Anne E. Pecor of North Adams to V P. Vadnais and Dawn A. Vadnais, $85,000 on 09/14/2023


174 Long Mountain Road: J S. Hansen of Otis to Threeq Holdings LLC, $1,850,000 on 09/12/2023


1 Taconic: Robert W. Kubica of Pittsfield to Marcelle King, $200,000 on 09/14/2023

13 Cobble Stone: Stuart Yurman and Paula M. Yurman of Pittsfield to Jillian D. Cote, $230,000 on 09/15/2023

15 Filomena Drive: Rudolph J. Mazzeo and Lori A. Mazzeo of Pittsfield to Noe R. Lobo and Michelle Toro, $765,000 on 09/15/2023

18 Elberon Avenue: David W. Neal and Ana L. Neal of Pittsfield to Chester W. Johns and Emily F. Johns, $350,000 on 09/15/2023

19 Spring Street: Links LLC of Pittsfield to Cheng W. Zhu and Li Y. Li, $175,000 on 09/15/2023

29 Churchill #29: Yvette P. Sirker and Tim Brenner of Pittsfield to Arthur J. Blum, $278,000 on 09/15/2023

30 Onota Street: Stanley L. Pyrzanowski and Nina L. Pyrzanowski of Pittsfield to Brett A. Random, $206,000 on 09/15/2023

36 Plunkett Street: Bespoke Capital LLC of Pittsfield to Nydia E. Zamora and Norberto Dominguez, $306,000 on 09/15/2023

38 Shetland Drive: Mufatti Nt and June L. Mufatti of Pittsfield to Matthew Billet and Lisa Olsen-Billet, $535,000 on 09/15/2023

40 Henry Avenue: Walter R. Cooper Jr of Pittsfield to Daniel Mcgonagle and Elvira Mcgonagle, $245,000 on 09/11/2023

50 Churchill #50: Susan A Halpert 2013 RET and Susan A. Fertig of Pittsfield to Linda T. Franchebois and John W. Franchebois, $290,000 on 09/15/2023

63 Orchard Street: Links LLC of Pittsfield to Elidon Holdings LLC, $297,000 on 09/15/2023

97 Northumberland Road: Humberto Fernandez and Lonnie Gross of Pittsfield to Michael Martin and Kimberly Waid, $390,000 on 09/15/2023

123 Alfred Drive: Noe R. Lobo and Michelle Toro of Pittsfield to Brian Underhill and Brunt C. Van, $497,000 on 09/15/2023

136 Dalton Avenue: Jason Adams and Alicia Alvaro of Pittsfield to Lnd Investments LLC, $142,100 on 09/15/2023

1526 North Street: Berkshire Mtn Hospitality of Pittsfield to Adam C. Petricca, $385,000 on 09/12/2023

1621 W Housatonic Street: Sharon Dupont of Pittsfield to Ilyas Ozdemir, $249,000 on 09/11/2023


308 Lenox Road: Donald A. Bernard of Richmond to John Sparkman, $399,000 on 09/14/2023


128 Sandisfield Road: Sandisfield Town Of of Sandisfield to Jeffrey Shanklin, $1 on 09/15/2023


974 Berkshire School Road: Ron W. Walden and Elizabeth O. Fletcher of Sheffield to Berkshire School Inc, $665,000 on 09/15/2023


13 Cherry Hill Road: Michael A. Shirley and Jean S. Shirley of Stockbridge to Andrew M. Ebert and Nance E. Levine-Ebert, $562,500 on 09/15/2023


45 Old Farm Way: Peter H. Thomsen and Laurie J. Thomsen of Williamstown to Sarah Austell Cart Ft and Sarah A. Cart, $2,699,300 on 09/15/2023

114 S Hemlock Lane #114: Gene R. Cohen and Donna L. Cox of Williamstown to Henry Jakiela and Ann Jakiela, $270,000 on 09/13/2023

137 Berkshire Drive: Thomas G. Elder of Williamstown to Kerrie C. Dent, $432,000 on 09/14/2023

321 New Ashford Road: Sandra B. Rhodes of Williamstown to Amy Russell, $435,250 on 09/15/2023

Connecticut, September 1 – September 14


10 Birch Road: Henry H. Chmielinski and Kristina V. Chmielinski of Barkhamsted to Alan Arvidson and Nancy Arvidson, $135,000 on 09/14/2023

16 Alexandria Drive: Jeffrey J. Haddock of Barkhamsted to William J. Young and Regina N. Namey, $418,000 on 09/05/2023

145 N Canton Road: Denver M. Lapierre and Patricia A. Lapierre of Barkhamsted to Brian Ratte and Rachel Ratte, $363,000 on 09/06/2023

317 W River Road: Ralph A. Scarpino and Shirley A. Scarpino of Barkhamsted to Sharon L. Hays and Katie L. Co, $389,500 on 09/05/2023

New Hartford

11 Cottage Street: Kostak Edward J Est and Erica E. Dyndiuk of New Hartford to Suzanne E. Sweeney, $275,000 on 09/12/2023

64 Lakeshore Drive: Edwin G. Winters Jr and Gail M. Winters of New Hartford to Tyler P. Strobel and Nancy O. Strobel, $365,000 on 09/14/2023


134 Meekertown Road: 134 Meekertown Road LLC of Norfolk to Samara E. Levenstein, $530,000 on 09/11/2023

North Canaan

32 Housatonic Avenue: Nancy A. Mahoney of North Canaan to Kirsten Merritt and Jason Marshall, $399,000 on 09/11/2023

72 N Elm Street #2E: Jose G. Mendoza and Gloria E. Vargas of North Canaan to Thomas Doane, $163,000 on 09/14/2023


15 Harrison Street: Jessica Michelle Demler D and Jessica M. Demler of Salisbury to Sarah E. Scoville and Avery E. Scoville, $2,510,000 on 09/11/2023

222 Dugway Road: Gail E. Sinclair of Salisbury to Reza Poudeh, $492,000 on 09/12/2023


4 Upper Main Street #2: Margaret M. Ohara of Sharon to Patsy A Stroble RET and Jon A. Stroble, $250,000 on 09/11/2023

16 W Main Street: H&r Holdings LLC of Sharon to Clock Tower Prop LLC, $1,425,000 on 09/14/2023

201 Millerton Road: Lionel Goldfrank 3rd of Sharon to Millerton Road RET and Richard S. Levine, $5,482,694 on 09/12/2023


29 Clarence Street: Thomas Miles of Torrington to Christopher Buckley, $255,000 on 09/12/2023

33 Lyman Drive: Jailene Cruz of Torrington to David Marinaro, $235,000 on 09/11/2023

113 Linton Street: Brenda J. Viel of Torrington to Mjs Property Enterprises, $200,000 on 09/13/2023

119 Benham Street: Curran Doris M Est and Dana J. Curran of Torrington to Brianna Casey and Benjamin Casey, $230,000 on 09/13/2023

145 Hayden Hill Road: Emily A. Leffingwell of Torrington to Lindsey L. Ambrose, $249,900 on 09/11/2023

172 Washington Avenue: Secy Of Housing & Urban D of Torrington to Vanessa Nieves, $167,000 on 09/11/2023

174 Penny Lane: Vilay Sikhounmevang and Khamphanh Ounthongdy of Torrington to Virginia M. Cannon, $435,000 on 09/11/2023


111 Torringford Street #7: Deborah E. Hotchkiss and Raymond L. Hotchkiss of Winchester to Ryan J. Brayton, $150,000 on 09/11/2023

151 Moore Avenue: Martin D. Nieman of Winchester to Tyler J. Nelson, $240,000 on 09/08/2023

New York, September 1 – September 7


92 Mallory Road: Barbara L. Boyce and Ard T. Boyce of Austerlitz to Andreas Rotenberg and Johnson P. Rice, $274,000 on 09/07/2023


104 Ridge Road: Eric H. Roberge and Kali M. Roberge of Canaan to Rafael Moreno, $990,000 on 09/05/2023


38 Payn Avenue: Brandon Gaylord and Jenelle Gaylord of Chatham to Isaac Sublett and Ann Sublett, $500,000 on 09/01/2023


311 Pleasant Vale Road: Jesse C. Cutaia and Amy M. Schrader of Clermont to Christina Sellers, $565,000 on 09/01/2023


1643 County Rt 7-a: County Of Columbia and James Bocchino of Copake to James Walton, $127,100 on 09/01/2023


260 Hull Road: County Of Columbia and Edward Morales of Gallatin to Philip Gellert, $91,600 on 09/01/2023


4 Water Street: Us Bank TNa of Ghent to Mary Banker and Russell Howes, $187,350 on 09/05/2023

253 Carpenter Road: Steven M. Jennings and Katherine L. Jennings of Ghent to Poona LLC, $1,595,000 on 09/01/2023


606 Columbia Street: Yuk M. Cheung of Hudson to Amy L. Pommier, $695,000 on 09/07/2023


11 Wood Drive: County Of Columbia and Matthew Powell of Kinderhook to Kevin Chavin, $250,600 on 09/06/2023


83 Broad Street: James L. Leggett 3rd of Kinderhook to Julia J. Joseph and Julia J. Meck, $650,000 on 09/06/2023


19 Maple Avenue: Mark D. Decker and Lori J. Decker of Philmont to Whitney Childs and Corey Oconnor, $520,000 on 09/05/2023


28 Chittenden Road: County Of Columbia and Dorothy Weed of Stockport to New Vision Qlty Const LLC, $39,100 on 09/07/2023

281 Route 25: County Of Columbia and Tanya Gray of Stockport to Philip Gellert, $45,300 on 09/01/2023

2838 Atlantic Avenue: Charlene R. Austin of Stockport to Dianna Almstead and Gregory Almstead, $295,000 on 09/01/2023


77 Craryville Berkshire Road: Judith Flamenbaum of Taghkanic to Molly E. Elliott, $1,400,000 on 09/01/2023