247 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, Mass. Sold: $900,000 (4 beds, 4 baths, 4,467 Square Feet)

Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

Massachusetts, September 5 – September 8


10 Enterprise Street: Adams Town Of of Adams to Justin Fitzpatrick, $1 on 09/07/2023

10 Forest Park Avenue: Christian L. Rilla of Adams to Brace A. Trala and Jamie L. Trala, $266,000 on 09/08/2023


132 Dawn Drive: Jonathan R. Sheets of Becket to Erdim Yilmaz, $240,000 on 09/05/2023

328 Woodmere Road: Anthony W. Stein and Meridee Stein of Becket to Daniel R. Spirer and Kathleen G. Spirer, $630,000 on 09/07/2023


5 Field Street: Dalton Town Of of Dalton to Richard J. Lamothe, $1 on 09/05/2023

61 Ensign Street: T & Marilyn Patti RET and Thomas J. Patti of Dalton to Scarlet Flora Patti RET and Scarlet F. Patti, $100,000 on 09/08/2023

215 Dalton Division Road: Daniel C. Brooks of Dalton to Audrey J. Shelton and Anthony M. Shelton, $310,000 on 09/06/2023

Great Barrington

6 Fairview Road: Dietemann Ft and C G. Dietemann of Great Barrington to Kyle J. Schwartz and Emily Schwartz, $486,500 on 09/05/2023

168 Main Street #5: 45 Realty LLC of Great Barrington to Dead River Com LLC, $800,000 on 09/06/2023


42 Corey Road #42: Jane S. Thorne of Hancock to Michael J. Madarash and Lindsay P. Rich, $307,500 on 09/08/2023


150 Fairview Street: Robert J. Feltre and Laurie J. Hoff of Lee to George H Fleischner RET and George H. Fleischner, $352,500 on 09/08/2023

175 Prospect Street: Peter Buratto and Marc Buratto of Lee to Joseph D. Daley and Shelby E. Love-Daley, $370,000 on 09/08/2023


11 New Lenox Road: Storan Inc of Lenox to 600 Merrill Rd LLC, $375,000 on 09/08/2023

14 Sunset Avenue: Mpa Sunset Rt and Michael P. Albert of Lenox to David A. Albert and Kyneret Albert, $700,000 on 09/07/2023

232 Old Stockbridge Road: William H. Corby and Carolyn Corby of Lenox to William H. Corby and Carolyn Corby, $250,000 on 09/07/2023

260 Pittsfield Road #C5: Lisa M. Parise of Lenox to John D. Reber, $175,000 on 09/08/2023

374 Pittsfield Road: Different Drummers Kitchen of Lenox to 600 Meerrill Rd LLC, $850,000 on 09/08/2023

384 Pittsfield Road: John R. Flynn of Lenox to 600 Merrill Rd LLC, $519,000 on 09/08/2023

388 Pittsfield Road: Flynn Mary J Est and John R. Flynn of Lenox to 600 Merrill Rd LLC, $166,000 on 09/08/2023


241 Main Road: Elliot G. Sagor and Susan J. Sagor of Monterey to Matthew A. Amstead and Mitchell D. Amstead, $307,000 on 09/08/2023

434 Main Road: Monterey Town Of of Monterey to Karen Slade, $1 on 09/05/2023

North Adams

252-R Walnut Street: Joseph H. Segala of North Adams to Michael S. Merriam and Patricia A. Merriam, $150,000 on 09/06/2023

584 E Main Street: Erica R. Boucher of North Adams to Kevin H. Alicea, $210,000 on 09/06/2023

740 Church Street: Bernardi Dennis F Est and Donna B. Briggs of North Adams to Vanessa R. Hooper, $167,500 on 09/07/2023


294 Tyringham Road: Jules A. Titelbaum and Susan B. Titelbaum of Otis to Benjamin Sharoni and Haley Melikian, $430,000 on 09/05/2023

1955 Algerie Road: Barbara E. Drosnin of Otis to Jason P. Wells and Jacy A. Barber, $462,500 on 09/08/2023


6 Cedar Street: Anthony N. Marno of Pittsfield to Jahyde R. Bullard, $160,000 on 09/05/2023

12 Delaware Avenue: Deana M. Makdissi of Pittsfield to Kaitlyn A. Rilla, $210,000 on 09/08/2023

24 North Street: Berkshire Bank of Pittsfield to Ace 24 North LLC, $880,000 on 09/08/2023

33 Cole Avenue: Rebecca L. Cook of Pittsfield to Michael B. Schmitz, $352,500 on 09/08/2023

42 Alpine #42: Apter Ft and Robert Apter of Pittsfield to Ronald Dixon and Steven Dixon, $650,000 on 09/05/2023

50 Pine Grove Drive: Linda A. Fairfield and Michael Fairfield of Pittsfield to Jason K. Twomey, $306,000 on 09/06/2023

76 Roselyn Drive: Herbert John L Est and Daric Herbert of Pittsfield to Ana C. Cambi and Andy B. Cambi, $290,000 on 09/06/2023

247 Mountain Drive: D R. Pocock and Rose M. Pocock of Pittsfield to Rudolph J. Mazzeo and Lori A. Mazzeo, $900,000 on 09/08/2023

265 Williams Street: Timothy R. Daury of Pittsfield to Vanessa M. Traversa, $335,600 on 09/08/2023


1411 Salisbury Road: Michael Latino of Sheffield to Jeffrey Heaton and Melonie Heaton, $176,600 on 09/06/2023


3 Lakeview Drive: Carol A Whitcomb RET and Carol A. Whitcomb of Stockbridge to Edward S. Lichtenberg and Betsy S. Aubrey, $1,800,000 on 09/08/2023

12 Beachwood Drive: Linda S Olson Lt and Linda S. Olson of Stockbridge to Nancy A. Kasten and David E. Stern, $600,000 on 09/07/2023

200 Old Stockbridge Road #3B: Edmund A. Grossman of Stockbridge to Robert A. Schubert and Audrey Shachnow, $1,100,000 on 09/08/2023


71 Goose Pond Road: William Desantis and Trysta Desantis of Tyringham to Benjamin P. Davis and Bonita A. Davis, $955,000 on 09/05/2023

West Stockbridge

17 Iron Mine Road: Sandra J. Bink-Lyon of West Stockbridge to Gary Sacon and Helen Sacon, $767,000 on 09/07/2023


300 Sweetbrook Road: Jacobs Isabel F Est and Paul Jacobs of Williamstown to Charles H. Hopton, $755,000 on 09/08/2023

640 Pine Cobble Road: Williams College of Williamstown to Gwendolyn J. Adam and Sharon L. Alpert, $594,000 on 09/06/2023

857 N Hoosac Road: 1 Bahia Partners LLC of Williamstown to C A Mitchell 3rd T Ii-201 and Megan Mitchell, $465,000 on 09/06/2023

Connecticut, August 15 – September 8


1 Cedar Lane: Mark J. Healy of Barkhamsted to Joshua R. Demaio, $365,000 on 08/21/2023

4 Center Hill Road: Sandra A. Friedman of Barkhamsted to Kenneth M. Livingston and Jill M. Livingston, $435,000 on 08/31/2023

24 Park Road: Jon J. Starn and Evelyn M. Betz of Barkhamsted to David Glover, $435,000 on 08/16/2023

93 N Canton Road: Alexandra T. Maclaren and F X. Stricker-Krongrad of Barkhamsted to Gregory Argila, $273,000 on 08/15/2023

111 Gavitt Road: Leclaire Maureen N Est and Amy C. Otoole of Barkhamsted to Amanda R. Otoole and Amy C. Otoole, $199,000 on 08/31/2023


114 Beebe Hill Road: James P. Sanogueira Jr and Amy J. Sanogueira of Canaan to Bernice Morrow and John Morrow, $490,000 on 09/06/2023


102 Simons Pond Road: Richard Blitz of Colebrook to Peter J. Moore 2nd and Katie P. Moore, $325,000 on 09/06/2023


57 Sandy Beach Road: Robert E. Rzewnicki and Paul A. Rzewnicki of Goshen to James H. Adams and Karen M. Adams, $270,000 on 09/07/2023

250 Beach Street: Stephanie L. Magyar and Stephen M. Magyar of Goshen to Gregory A. Bike and Katie M. Bike, $615,000 on 09/05/2023

New Hartford

54 Rickie Drive: Gerald A. Jewiss and Patricia A. Scully of New Hartford to Danielle Duffy, $260,000 on 09/06/2023

North Canaan

12 Bond Street: Equity TCompany of North Canaan to Aries Prop Management LLC, $59,900 on 09/06/2023


13 Walton Street: Morgenstern Fret and Michael Morgenstern of Salisbury to Tami Reiker 2005 T and Tami Reiker, $651,750 on 09/08/2023


12 Margerie Street: Torrington Property Hldg of Torrington to 12 Margerie LLC, $302,500 on 09/05/2023

21 Arbor Ridge Road: John Dasilva of Torrington to Lawrence Reid, $327,000 on 09/05/2023

21 Winthrop Street #26: Borla Annesa M Est and Karen M. Borla of Torrington to Willa Altman, $295,000 on 09/05/2023

21 Winthrop Street #27: Borla Annesa M Est and Karen M. Borla of Torrington to Willa Altman, $295,000 on 09/05/2023

26 Bird Street: C&a Construction LLC of Torrington to Michael S. Spremulli and Paula E. Spremulli, $325,000 on 09/07/2023

35 Maud Street: Joann Bemus of Torrington to 35 Maud LLC, $250,500 on 09/05/2023

39 Evergreen Road #39: Joanna E. Petti of Torrington to Liora Lan, $180,000 on 09/05/2023

55 Horace Street: Hyacinth Dolor of Torrington to Raymond E. Ayles Jr and Callie M. Greenwood, $279,000 on 09/05/2023

57 North Street: Reis Paul Est and Rosalie Fredsall of Torrington to Huckleberry Hill LLC, $115,000 on 09/06/2023

65 Fairmount Avenue: Mahaila D LLC of Torrington to 65 Fairmount LLC, $425,000 on 09/08/2023

65 Heritage Way: Crystal Gillotti of Torrington to Daren Jacklin, $242,000 on 09/07/2023

167 Culvert Street: Sj Winn Properties LLC of Torrington to Jose A. Xol and Yeyni Valdez, $195,000 on 09/08/2023

183 Allen Road: Dustin R. Fenn and Jade A. Fenn of Torrington to Jeremy Trapp, $275,000 on 09/08/2023

199 Ledge Drive #199: Robert J. Lee of Torrington to Eugene Colucci, $185,000 on 09/05/2023

223 Carriage Lane: Gangell Lee V Est and Tara Rokash of Torrington to Namir E. Agramonte, $250,000 on 09/06/2023

372 Litchfield Street: Ryan M. Lockwood of Torrington to Daimian Tollen and Xiomara Rodriguez, $300,000 on 09/05/2023

580 Prospect Street: Kassandra Berardinelli and Patric Berardinelli of Torrington to Luis Angamarca and Carmita Quituizaca, $345,550 on 09/05/2023

591 Wimbledon Gate: Xcelerated Title LLC of Torrington to Ajro Properties LLC, $55,000 on 09/05/2023

617 Guerdat Road: Robert Hamilton and Deborah Hamilton of Torrington to Revive & Thrive Renovatio, $252,420 on 09/06/2023

682 Main Street: Terry A. Gray of Torrington to Mark Rich, $245,000 on 09/08/2023

895 Torringford Street: Michael W. Baker Jr of Torrington to William Palmer and Alexandra Moritz, $235,000 on 09/05/2023

1001 Saw Mill Hill Road: Claire Marie of Torrington to Christian C. Carothers and Joandrew D. Cousins, $485,000 on 09/07/2023

1477 Torringford Street: Evelin Gonzalez-Padron of Torrington to Teresa G. Sanchez and Edvin R. Barillas, $100,000 on 09/07/2023


22 Adams Street: Rosibel R. Mackinnon of Winchester to Jared Lacher and Jillian Lacher, $210,000 on 09/06/2023

151 Moore Avenue: Martin D. Nieman of Winchester to Tyler J. Nelson, $240,000 on 09/08/2023

New York, August 25 – August 31


184 County Route 17: Jacqueline Lincy of Chatham to Kaufman Dimino T and James Kaufman, $789,000 on 08/30/2023

1002 County Route 32: Paula Nelson of Chatham to Joshua Gregg and Tierney Gregg, $899,000 on 08/29/2023


174 Prach Road: Norman Sigler Jr and Tammy Sigler of Claverack to Wendy Guntert, $70,000 on 08/25/2023

234 Route 16: Susan Makkoo and Scott D. Shallo of Claverack to Marc F. Haeringer and Stephen C. Lessard, $385,000 on 08/30/2023


254 Cemetery Road: Philip Gellert and Richard Arnstein of Clermont to Arnstein Ellen, $200,000 on 08/28/2023


431 Lakeview Road: Joseph Lapiana of Copake to 431 Lakeview LLC, $2,700,000 on 08/29/2023


132 Gregory Road: Columbia Cnty and Daniel G. Coons of Ghent to Ariel Jones, $44,700 on 08/30/2023


32 Ten Broeck Avenue: Jga Real Estate LLC of Greenport to Carina Dacer and Maria C. Kalaw, $439,900 on 08/30/2023


66 Wolf Hill Road: Jeanne Bergeron and Bonnie J. Bergeron of Hillsdale to Lynne Block and Bonnie J. Bergeron, $945,000 on 08/31/2023


14 Mckinstry: Dianna L. Almstead and Gregory J. Almstead of Hudson to Jesse Curran, $440,000 on 08/25/2023

870 Columbia Street: Daniel Ragone of Hudson to Jonathan T. Spampinato, $1,050,000 on 08/30/2023


21 Eichybush Road: Robin L. Siter and Leslie A. Gay of Kinderhook to Tjh Cap LLC, $250,000 on 08/28/2023

45 Eichybush Road: Paul H. Arndt and Christopher M. Arndt of Kinderhook to Gray A. Kendrick, $550,000 on 08/31/2023


Copake Lake Road: Michael Botwinick and Linda S. Bloch of Taghkanic to Arthur Bonifati and Cynthia Bonifati, $695,000 on 08/29/2023

381 Dranbauer Road: Thaddeus Tompkins and Marina Tompkins of Taghkanic to Lisa Distefano, $130,500 on 08/29/2023


6505 Smith Circle: Justin Jablanski and Trisha A. Jablanski of Valatie to Lynn Simmons and Lisa A. Cosgrove, $348,000 on 08/30/2023