Berkshire real estate transactions April 3 through April 10, 2015

The latest Berkshire County real estate transactions as reported by the Warren Group.

 April 3 through April 10, 2015


35 Burt St: Theodore S. Brown and Bayview Loan Servicing of Adams to Bayview Loan Servicing, $97,900 on 04/07/2015


1838 Main St: Filmus Gladus Est and Michael Filmus of Becket to Lakeside Retreats LLC, $162,000 on 04/07/2015


60 North St Unit 16: Robert E. and Gail P. Ginthwain of Dalton to Peter P. and Joni R. Berardino, $118,000 on 04/09/2015


25 New Lenox Rd: Paul T. Giardina of Lenox to Daniel R. and Paula M. Lewis, $95,000 on 04/10/2015

30 Pinecrest Dr: Timothy J. Byrnes and Lee Bank of Lenox to Robert M. and Timothy M. Hart, $200,000 on 04/06/2015

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F17: Barbara Pomerantz RET and Ivy Travisano of Lenox to F17 Lenox Heights RT and John Mcquade, $85,000 on 04/10/2015

16 Sedgwick Ln Unit 16: Marc and David Krellenstein of Lenox to Robert A. and Phyllis S. Yawitt, $950,000 on 04/07/2015

New Marlborough

1741 Hartsville New Marlborough R: Peter H. Levy of New Marlborough to Kevin and Kimberly Fahey, $344,000 on 04/09/2015

475 Hayes Hill Rd: Chestnut Ridge NT and Elisabeth Pisila of New Marlborough to Charles B. Joyce, $77,500 on 04/08/2015

North Adams

83 Chestnut St: Patricia B. Willette of North Adams to Brian J. Miksic, $75,000 on 04/10/2015

16 Wall St: Jennifer N. and David R. Delisle of North Adams to Joanna E. Gabler, $50,000 on 04/07/2015


30 Dan Ave: Dale T. and Rita A. Wheaton of Pittsfield to Lisa A. Poplaski, $229,500 on 04/07/2015

57 Emerson Ave: Sally Evans of Pittsfield to James and Lesliejohn Roche, $170,000 on 04/08/2015

184 Highland Ave: Brian Goddard of Pittsfield to Justin J. Goddard, $66,000 on 04/10/2015

35 Morewood Dr: Rita Mary Vandergrift RET and Christine A. Lusignan of Pittsfield to Alexander Arbour and Margaret Steuerwald, $214,000 on 04/09/2015

20 Richmond Ave: Whaling Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Eric and Alicia Jost, $74,500 on 04/08/2015

48 Roxbury Ave: Sean M. and Nadine L. Desautels of Pittsfield to Elaina M. Grant, $145,000 on 04/10/2015


11 Jamie Ln: Isabeth B. Hardy and Kathleen Decelle of Sandisfield to Beryl B. Birch, $383,500 on 04/10/2015

38 Elm Ct: Rebecca J. Machaffie and Greylock FCU of Sheffield to Greylock FCU, $129,558 on 04/10/2015


8 Cherry St: New FT and William J. New of Stockbridge to Charles Diskavich and Ruth Huhtanen, $258,500 on 04/06/2015

West Stockbridge

209 North St: Marie-Elizabeth Mali of West Stockbridge to William A. Barth and Jayne Benjulian, $850,000 on 04/10/2015

Source: Warren Group

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  • My husband and I use the Internet for business and find it extremely frustrating that service is unreliable. it is very obvious that in order to have people do business in these parts, the Internet service MUST be available .More people are working from home offices , utilizing telecommuting . This is often impossible with service the way it exists ( or doesn’t exist) in many of our communities.
    Why would enterprising people want to live here full time without consistent Internet?

  • The lack of High Speed Internet is creating a community where educated youth have no choice but to look elsewhere for anything other than service jobs. Parents see this and are not encouraged to bring up children in The Berkshires. We see this in the diminishing population of students in virtually every school in our communities. It’s a sad plight that our Berkshires are are rapidly becoming a retirement community laden with spas, health facilities, chiropractors, and the like. Yes we have extraordinary music, theatre, dance, and museums. These primarily for weekend visitors. I for one rarely see but a very few amongst the audiences that I recognize and one must admit that they too are largely retirees. Visitors as well as residents.
    Youth creates a growing dynamic of intelligent, competitive, as well as a vibrant population. Those of the graduating high schools and college age from the Berkshires that spoke up against a fourth spa in Lenox and Stockbridge this year were the ones to whom we should be listening.
    Clearly and intelligently said by one girl. “What future opportunity can this provide us”. What future another hotel, motel, restaurant, shopping center, and one can go on ad go on ad nauseam as we go on with our heads buried in the sand!
    High speed internet is the most important draw for professionals, companies, corporations, etc. all potentially magnets for the younger generation.
    Think about this it’s “a slam dunk!”

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