Berkshire real estate transactions: Week of June 7 — June 13

The latest real estate transactions, for the week of June 7 through 13, 2015, as reported by the Warren Group.


41 E Jordan St: Earl R. and Linda J. Kornn of Adams to Carrie S. Gazaille, $112,000 on 06/11/2015

12 E Orchard Ter: Guettler Patricia A Est and Richard L. Guettler of Adams to David J. Kondej, $225,000 on 06/12/2015

47 Walling Rd: Scott F. and Valerie J. Nichols of Adams to Christina L. Randall, $292,500 on 06/08/2015


132 Route 71: Thomas D. and Susan K. Neumann of Alford to Benjamin A. Farkas and Meghan G. Eison, $1,522,500 on 06/09/2015

19 West Rd: Don J Castiglione QPRT and Carolyn L. Hird of Alford to Andrew R. and Wendy L. Hare, $375,000 on 06/11/2015


3011 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Greylock FCU of Becket to Diane M. and Peter J. Kergaravat, $55,000 on 06/08/2015

250 Wells Rd: Lee Bank of Becket to 2 Sharp NT and Antonio A. Cerveira, $11,500 on 06/11/2015


126 Cross Rd: Steven Boucher and US Bank NA of Clarksburg to US Bank NA Tr, $49,047 on 06/09/2015


105 Pine St: FHLM of Dalton to John K. Heon, $43,000 on 06/12/2015


200 Hillsdale Rd: Salisbury B&T Co of Egremont to Eileen R. and Alan C. Breindel, $617,500 on 06/09/2015

67 Jug End Rd: Robert W. Spurr of Egremont to Maria and Clarke Olsen, $150,000 on 06/08/2015

Great Barrington

15 Lovers Ln: Cooperman Stephen Est and Shelley Herman of Great Barrington to John J. Studzinski, $1,000,000 on 06/09/2015


15 Lacona St: Margaret White and Thomas Kilfeather of Lanesborough to Wayne R. and Darcy J. Reid, $29,500 on 06/11/2015

15 Lacona St: Kilfeather Elizabeth Est and Margaret White of Lanesborough to Wayne R. and Darcy J. Reid, $500 on 06/11/2015

20 Westview Rd: Shannon D. and Julianne Sumner of Lanesborough to Ursula K. Allen, $163,800 on 06/12/2015


361 Bradley St: Janice A. Braim and James A. Castegnaro of Lee to Sean P. Barry, $215,000 on 06/11/2015


186 E Dugway Rd: Marilyn S. Valeri of Lenox to Alexis B. and Kristofer Kennedy, $240,000 on 06/12/2015

207 Hubbard St: Mark A. and Joanne R. Fischetti of Lenox to Blaise Gregory, $349,500 on 06/08/2015

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit D9: Jean M. Sanders of Lenox to Kathleen L Keenan LT and Kathleen L. Keenan, $104,500 on 06/08/2015

North Adams

14 Chesbro Ave: John E. Ternan of North Adams to Leatrice Wiley, $107,000 on 06/09/2015

3 Holbrook St: Dargie Eileen M Est and Arthur P. Dargie of North Adams to Norman S. Haas, $36,000 on 06/12/2015


23 Bens Way: Richard J. and Alba M. Burns of Otis to 211 Housatonic Ct NT and Timothy S. Face, $150,000 on 06/08/2015

9 Old Stagecoach Rd: Cheryl L. Mustain of Otis to Sarah K. and Bradley L. Barber, $680,000 on 06/12/2015


5 Haskell Rd: David J. and Jenna L. Duquette of Peru to Maryellen E. Andrews, $139,900 on 06/12/2015


262 Appleton Ave Unit 262: Diane Spinrad of Pittsfield to Claudia L. Coplan, $225,000 on 06/12/2015

165 Churchill St: Jason Labelle of Pittsfield to Jacqueline A. Cahill, $175,000 on 06/11/2015

52 Clydesdale Dr: Marilyn J Boyle T and John J. Boyle of Pittsfield to Marissa Stevenson, $263,000 on 06/10/2015

61 Dawes Ave: Cogbill Helen K Est and Charles V. Cogbill of Pittsfield to Andrew Beckwith, $180,000 on 06/10/2015

107 Deming St: Joseph L. and Francis J. Costanzo of Pittsfield to Michael J. and Francis J. Costanzo, $45,000 on 06/11/2015

518 Gale Ave: Jonathan B. and Christine A. Grenoble of Pittsfield to Ian A. and Kimberly C. Peck, $410,000 on 06/11/2015

82 Lenox Ave: James J. Driscoll of Pittsfield to Naiya H. Patel and Ronald R. Boibeaux, $122,000 on 06/11/2015

6 Marlboro Dr: William J. Slater of Pittsfield to James F. Goddeau, $120,000 on 06/12/2015

366 Newell St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Matthew J. Pennell, $105,000 on 06/12/2015

43 Norman Ave: Jason W. Smegal of Pittsfield to Samantha Stockley, $123,720 on 06/12/2015

48 Orchard St Unit 48: Central Berkshire Habitat of Pittsfield to Dawn Seddon and Brian Lazarczyk, $74,000 on 06/09/2015

72 Reuter Ave: Oboyle Donna M Est and Peter Mcbride of Pittsfield to Justin and Jamie L. Heaton, $114,500 on 06/12/2015

37 Tamie Way: Robert E. and Marie A. Walter of Pittsfield to Andrew L. Lipps and Eva M. Sereghy, $559,000 on 06/11/2015

350 Wahconah St: Richard S. Barry of Pittsfield to Moira B. Lord, $76,940 on 06/09/2015

41 Winter St: Joe W. Russell and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Cheshire Green LLC, $43,000 on 06/12/2015


151 Old Post Rd: Bradley A. and Joan K. Baker of Richmond to Peter W. and Janet L. Lochery, $365,000 on 06/12/2015


319 Lakeshore Dr: Michael and Elena Moran of Sandisfield to Michael Orourke, $465,000 on 06/12/2015


709 Adams Rd: Dana Harris of Savoy to Brian J. Laumann, $122,500 on 06/10/2015


174 Longview Ter: Bernard J. Rhie and Julie R. Schutzman of Williamstown to Sanjay and Reena Sharma, $315,000 on 06/09/2015

1080 Simonds Rd: Paul M. Markarian of Williamstown to Anthony Derose, $155,000 on 06/08/2015



100 Reservoir Rd: Alexander D. Hanson of Salisbury to Stephen W. and Jennifer B. Lehner, $2,062,150 on 06/08/2015


50 Highland Rd: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Sharon to James Murnane, $160,000 on 06/09/2015

102 Westwoods Road 1: Eric T. Gottlieb of Sharon to Richard W. Baker, $675,000 on 06/09/2015

Source: Warren Group