Berkshire real estate transactions: May 10 through May 16

The latest recorded Berkshire County real estate transactions, as compiled by the Warren Group.

May 10 through May 16, 2015


11 Siara St: Michael J. Nardin of Adams to Lisa I. Nardin, $76,366 on 05/15/2015


138 Bonny Rigg Hill Rd: Charles R Mccollough LT and Carol K. Mccollough of Becket to James K. and Donna W. Schaefer, $424,000 on 05/11/2015

12 Sir George Dr: MHFA of Becket to Todd J. Fitzgerald, $97,000 on 05/15/2015


711 Middle Rd: Bissaillon R A Jr Est and John M. Bissaillon of Clarksburg to Adam Cimonetti and Marissa Bator, $205,000 on 05/13/2015


93 Central Ave: CAM Real Estate 3 LLC of Dalton to Austin E. Daly and Rebecca J. Murdock, $122,000 on 05/15/2015

35 Gertrude Rd: Robert W. and Jennifer L. Gero of Dalton to Megan M. Mickle and Garrett E. Vanderpool, $124,000 on 05/15/2015

1131 Main St: Boudreau James E Est and Cheryl M. Boudreau of Dalton to Kyle A. and Jill L. Jolin, $160,000 on 05/12/2015


32 Undermountain Rd: Pond Andrew J Est and Ellen M. Montgomery of Egremont to Nathan G. and Rosemary G. Davis, $230,000 on 05/13/2015

Great Barrington

8 Locust St: Callas Peter J Est and Charles H. Morin of Great Barrington to Pamela M. Dupuis and Amy Katz, $183,200 on 05/13/2015

10 Meadow St: Serendipity Holdings LLC of Great Barrington to Jonathon B. Williams and Bridghe C. Mccracken, $177,500 on 05/15/2015


8 Corey Rd Unit 816: Howard and Mary Berman of Hancock to Andrew J. and Colleen M. Oflaherty, $200,000 on 05/13/2015


158 Bull Hill Rd: Fred Delia of Lanesboro to James H. Lontz, $110,000 on 05/15/2015


248 W Mountain Rd: Phillip A Formel Co Inc of Lenox to Paul J. and Edwina S. Vahle, $475,000 on 05/13/2015

51 Willow Creek Rd: Borgnis Peter F Est and Maureen A. Borgnis of Lenox to Willow Creek Corp, $250,000 on 05/13/2015

North Adams

33 Lyman St: CSB Service Corp of North Adams to Dean M. Grimes, $45,000 on 05/15/2015


60 Benton Dr: Robert E. and Deborah A. Walley of Otis to Brian P. and Fiona C. Bruder, $325,000 on 05/15/2015

340 Hayes Hill Rd: Andrew J. and Terry A. Defilippo of Otis to Michael P. Agar and Tanya E. Scarpa, $299,000 on 05/15/2015


50 Bellmore Dr: Anastasia K. Bell of Pittsfield to Thomas J. and Ashley M. Scherben, $195,000 on 05/15/2015

31 Essex St: Thomas J. and Ashley M. Scherben of Pittsfield to David E. Marchitto and Sean C. Colombari, $150,000 on 05/15/2015

109 Euclid Ave: Michael J. and Laura L. Ott of Pittsfield to Jason T. Jones and Meagan E. Holmes, $143,000 on 05/15/2015

194 Hungerford St: Linda M. Connors of Pittsfield to William M. Andrews, $2,108 on 05/14/2015

21 Lathers Ave: Linda S. Mahoney and Laura C. Bowler of Pittsfield to Tricia E. and Marcus M. Ladeinde, $149,000 on 05/14/2015

78 Northumberland Rd: Gizwood Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Rodney L. and Linda P. Hasty, $185,000 on 05/15/2015

5 Pondview Dr Unit H: Thomas D. and Laurie A. Stumpek of Pittsfield to Maureen A Brooks IRT and Kiersten Hitchcock, $165,000 on 05/15/2015

20 Scammell Ave: Whitmire William F Est and Ronald J. Bonacquisti of Pittsfield to Sean M. Lahert, $120,900 on 05/15/2015

48 Thomson Pl: Debbie J. Kelson and Nancy-Jane C. Donnelly of Pittsfield to James E. and Mary E. Dowling, $88,500 on 05/13/2015


156 Orchard Cir: Noto FT and Rosario Noto of Richmond to Proskin FT and Robert A. Proskin, $360,000 on 05/14/2015


399 River Rd: Lawrence R. and Carolyn A. Baumann of Windsor to Theo and Lacie Leyrer, $191,500 on 05/14/2015

Source: The Warren Group