Berkshire real estate sales, Sept. 7 — 13, 2015

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshires and northwestern Connecticut, as compiled by the Warren Group.

Berkshire Real Estate transactions, Sept. 7 through Sept. 13, 2015


6 Valley St: Stephen T. Meczywor of Adams to Elizabeth A. and Mathew J. Lesage, $129,000 on 09/10/2015


45 N Egremont Rd: Robert P. Stein and Gail I. Edwin of Alford to John and Maria Williams, $458,750 on 09/10/2015


224 Friar Tuck Dr: Sheila M. Cyr of Becket to Joan Caluori and Derek Ogden, $93,000 on 09/11/2015

325 Friar Tuck Dr: William F. Paone of Becket to Sandra L. and Steven A. Dean, $36,500 on 09/11/2015

693 George Carter Rd: Theophile A. Combre of Becket to Deborah A. and Arthur G. Martin, $110,000 on 09/08/2015

33 Lady Lucille: Leroy J. Chessic and Gail A. Garland of Becket to Avigdor Konig, $385,000 on 09/08/2015


812 W Mountain Rd: Anna M. Messenger of Cheshire to Kathryn M. Mcdonald and Andre J. Leblanc, $234,000 on 09/10/2015


10 Sunnyside Dr: Kevin J. and Cynthia L. Costello of Dalton to Bayview Loan Servicing, $221,495 on 09/09/2015


254 Hillsdale Rd: Rosalyn C. Ollivierra of Egremont to Jamarlon M. Ollivierra, $230,000 on 09/08/2015

46 Warner Rd: Candee Margaret L Est and Sherry L. Roberts of Egremont to Kristen M. Gabriel, $155,000 on 09/11/2015

Great Barrington

7 Elm Ct: Sutcliffe RT and Gilbert W. Sutcliffe of Great Barrington to John Lynn Jones IRT and Kathleen M. Mccormick, $370,000 on 09/09/2015

263 Long Pond Rd: Lynn A. Hutchinson of Great Barrington to Susan G. Segall, $1,050,000 on 09/09/2015

23 Pleasant St: Jed M. and Lee A. Schwartz of Great Barrington to Sagitta LLC, $410,000 on 09/11/2015


772 E Washington Rd: Brian B. and Susan E. Gage of Hinsdale to Christian G. Rasch, $353,000 on 09/10/2015\


5 Imperial St: David J. and Mary E. Belcher of Lanesboro to Kayla A. Kennedy and Arthur L. Zander, $200,000 on 09/09/2015

75 Meadow Ln: Holly A. Desmond and Greylock FCU of Lanesboro to Andrew P. and Gina M. Girard, $32,500 on 09/09/2015

62 Sunrise St: Carmel F. and Margaret R. Vasta of Lanesboro to Jill Ryder, $170,000 on 09/08/2015


185 Fairview St: Tobias J. and Lisa G. Trudeau of Lee to Ryan P. Paul and Jamie M. North, $195,000 on 09/09/2015


610 East St: Bernard Levine of Lenox to Robin E. Fleet, $523,750 on 09/11/2015

117 New Lenox Rd: Eileen T. Reilly of Lenox to Thomas K. Jaeger, $256,500 on 09/10/2015

2 Rose Bank Dr: Carol J. Breeze and Mary N. Mclane of Lenox to Joan E Bancroft RET and Joan E. Bancroft, $420,300 on 09/08/2015

Mt. Washington

2 Plantain Pond Rd: Benjamin and Carol Green of Mt Washington to William E. Obrock, $173,000 on 09/11/2015

23 Plantain Pond Rd: Plantain Pond Road RT and Margaret J. Batista of Mt Washington to Benjamin P. and Carol L. Green, $500,000 on 09/11/2015

New Marlborough

185 Lumbert Cross Rd: John Considine of New Marlborough to Nancy and Lawrence B. Bronstein, $265,000 on 09/10/2015

North Adams

62 Foucher Ave: Sarah and Kristy Bull-Samson of North Adams to Michael A. Davis, $118,500 on 09/09/2015

54 North St: Margaret A. Siracusa of North Adams to Brenda Wojnicki, $85,000 on 09/11/2015

257 Reservoir Rd: Patricia A. Brewer of North Adams to Jenny L. Carey, $103,000 on 09/08/2015

344 Union St: Glenda Messina of North Adams to Roland M. Bouchard, $35,000 on 09/08/2015


30 Pond Blvd: Kathleen M Osborne RET and Daniel R. Idzik of Otis to John M. and Tracey L. Arrowsmith, $512,500 on 09/09/2015


76 Exeter Ave: Robert Phair and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to FNMA, $87,540 on 09/11/2015

75 Foote Ave: Peplowski Joanne S Est and Steven E. Peplowski of Pittsfield to Kylie G. Speirs, $120,500 on 09/08/2015

44 Garden St: IBT Investments LLC of Pittsfield to Jason P. Cimini, $135,000 on 09/10/2015

221 Holmes Rd: Scott L. and Beverly A. Blonder of Pittsfield to James A. and Leigh E. Sylvia, $255,000 on 09/11/2015

77 Lafayette St: Janvier W. and Kimberly J. Lindsay of Pittsfield to David J. and Mary E. Belcher, $216,000 on 09/09/2015

554 Lakeway Dr: Reginald C. and Lisa R. Burgess of Pittsfield to Diane L. Robie, $163,000 on 09/11/2015

34 Michigan Ave: Zachary D. Herring of Pittsfield to Robert V. Beron, $124,300 on 09/08/2015

11 Morewood Dr: Carol W Powell IRT and Christopher M. Powell of Pittsfield to Lori J. and Donald F. Troy, $240,000 on 09/11/2015

15 Morin St: US Bank NA of Pittsfield to Michael Donovan, $135,000 on 09/10/2015

25 Plunkett St: Peter White of Pittsfield to Diane C. and Ronald J. Marcella, $95,000 on 09/11/2015

289 Springside Ave: David and Janet D. Spiewak of Pittsfield to Michael Spiewak and Fang Tian, $100,000 on 09/11/2015

210 Wendell Ave: Madeline C. Culpo of Pittsfield to Kenneth J. and Laurie J. Green, $499,500 on 09/09/2015

210 Wendell Ave: Madeline C. Culpo of Pittsfield to Laurie J. Green and Thomas R. Reardon, $499,500 on 09/09/2015

1000 Williams St: Cheryl P. Ricci of Pittsfield to Kevin M. Jester and Lisa K. Fiorini-Puskey, $395,000 on 09/09/2015

140 Windsor Ave: David M. Forrest of Pittsfield to Daniel W. Brigley, $118,000 on 09/11/2015


212 Sandisfield Rd: Anne Smith of Sandisfield to Sylvie Potashner and Seth A. Kershner, $249,470 on 09/10/2015


1004 Water Farm Rd: Heidi B. Rothberg of Sheffield to Alan S. Lopez and Katie E. Dickens, $332,500 on 09/11/2015


94 Ide Rd: Kevin P. and Laurie H. Riley of Williamstown to Daniel F. and Rebecca G. Cellana, $1,075,000 on 09/10/2015

25 Sunset Dr: Jane P. Culnane of Williamstown to Cesar Guerra and Annaly Babb-Guerra, $179,000 on 09/11/2015


24 Access Road 3: Windsor Road RT and David L. Krutiak of Windsor to Alden Grover, $96,000 on 09/10/2015

250 Hill Cemetery Rd: Janice M. Dupuis of Windsor to Bruce Gaspardi, $277,500 on 09/08/2015



177 Under Mountain Rd: Alison Orr-Andrawes of Canaan to Peter B. and Alice L. Alderman, $1,135,000 on 08/31/2015


15 Burlwood Ln: Joseph C. Fuller and US Bank NA of Cornwall to US Bank NA, $1 on 08/04/2015

111 College St: Mary A. Wilbur and Financial Freedom Acuis of Cornwall to Financial Freedom Acuis, $1 on 08/13/2015

Warren Hill Rd: 233 Warren Hill Rd LLC of Cornwall to James M. and Margery W. Garnett, $1,066,000 on 08/13/2015

233 Warren Hill Rd: ARC LLC of Cornwall to James M. and Margery W. Garnett, $2,134,000 on 08/13/2015


77 Ashley Dr: Rena M. Gugliotti of Goshen to Peter J. and Gerardine A. Cifaldi, $221,500 on 08/17/2015

193 East St N: Russell V. and Mary Z. Comstock of Goshen to Fiona E. Bohane and Brian Reardon, $180,000 on 08/25/2015

370 Old Middle St: Peter G. and Susan Criag of Goshen to Christopher Grazioli, $239,000 on 08/14/2015

61 Pie Hill Rd: David C. and Jean O. Breakell of Goshen to Michael F. and Anna Dotolo, $75,000 on 08/06/2015

31 Shelbourne Dr: Kevin Kilkeary of Goshen to William F. and Marilyn G. Engstler, $300,000 on 08/10/2015

9 Sherbrook Dr: Francis J. Day of Goshen to Brian Smith IRA, $374,900 on 08/10/2015

61 Sherbrook Dr: Nestor N. Petronchak of Goshen to James P. and Antoinette B. Korner, $362,000 on 08/14/2015

17 Sucker Brook Rd: Joseph B. and Kathleen M. Glatthaar of Goshen to Thomas A. and Patricia H. Glatthaar, $299,000 on 08/03/2015

183 Torrington Rd: Alan and Teri S. Michigan of Goshen to Kathleen K. and Rodolfo Ruiz, $360,000 on 08/18/2015


800 Litchfield Rd: Christopher S. Oconnor of Norfolk to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $5,500 on 08/20/2015

800 Litchfield Rd: Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Norfolk to Daniel J. and Deborah E. Green, $160,000 on 08/20/2015

30 Maple Ave: Jody A. Zeller of Norfolk to John E. and Gordon A. Myers, $200,000 on 08/27/2015

Schoolhouse Rd: Paul D. and Sharon T. Basconi of Norfolk to Icebox Investments LLC, $100,000 on 08/31/2015

13 Shepard Rd: Richard C. Stockmal and Bank Of New York Mellon of Norfolk to Richard C. and Carol A. Stockmal, $1 on 08/17/2015

North Canaan

14 Pease St: Marie N. Carver of North Canaan to William A. Sherwood, $120,000 on 08/24/2015

5 Quinn St: Deborah Welch and Village Mortgage Co of North Canaan to Deborah Welch, $1 on 08/17/2015

25 Railroad St: Mahaiwe Apartments LLC of North Canaan to Canfield Group LLC, $350,000 on 08/03/2015

30 Raymond Ave: Gary A. Hatstat and New Century Mortgage Corp of North Canaan to Gary A. and Jenniferlyn Hatstat, $1 on 08/17/2015


234 Weatogue Rd: George J. Konomos of Salisbury to James G. Konomos, $275,000 on 09/11/2015

N/a: Diane M. Sharon of Salisbury to Richard M. and Tarcy M. Horosky, $250,000 on 09/16/2015


431 Cornwall Bridge Rd: Ronee L. Segal of Sharon to Zachary and Alexandra Calinoff, $540,000 on 09/08/2015

333 Millerton Rd: Andrew C. Dickler of Sharon to Howard C. and Jeffrey C. Dickler, $82,493 on 09/10/2015

Source: The Warren Group