Berkshire real estate sales: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

The very latest report of weekly real estate transactions in the Berkshires.

Berkshire real estate sales: October 26 through November 1, 2015


6 Grove St: Michael J. Woolf and US Bank NA Tr of Adams to US Bank NA Tr, $86,870 on 10/29/2015

23 Notch Rd: William A. and Richard J. Millette of Adams to Norma Lafleur, $139,000 on 10/30/2015


347 Big Bass Ln: Myong-Hwa Talbot T and Jack E. Houghton of Becket to Ike Amrod, $350,000 on 10/30/2015

178 Chippewa Dr: Thomas Kranidas and Carole S. Kessner of Becket to Stephen G. Schneider and William D. Araiza, $285,000 on 10/30/2015


84 Devonshire Dr: Timothy P. Gallagher of Cheshire to David Whitley, $262,000 on 10/26/2015

918 Jenks Rd: Sharon E. Toporowski of Cheshire to Robert C. and Bonnie J. Fachini, $57,500 on 10/29/2015


37 Ashuelot St: Peter J. and Claudia A. Colombari of Dalton to Nancy R. Dick, $205,900 on 10/27/2015

120 Carson Ave: Michael F. Mcneil of Dalton to Justine Rice, $135,000 on 10/29/2015

88-90 Crane Ave: Crane&Co Inc of Dalton to Celerity Properties LLC, $105,000 on 10/29/2015

575 Main St: FNMA of Dalton to Jon C. and Caroline Irsfeld, $66,000 on 10/30/2015

687 Main St: John P. and Annmarie Cicchetti of Dalton to Brandon G. and Stephanie A. Cowdrey, $174,900 on 10/30/2015

366 Old Windsor Rd: James P. Basiliere and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Dalton to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $278,597 on 10/29/2015

108 Pine St: Bruce C. Neff of Dalton to Bryan C. Parrott, $132,500 on 10/30/2015

Great Barrington

15 Forest Row Unit 15: Beverly E. Carne of Great Barrington to Janet C. Obrient, $190,000 on 10/29/2015

22 Pine St: Verona L. Hammer of Great Barrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $186,490 on 10/30/2015

22 Pine St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Great Barrington to Sagitta LLC, $85,000 on 10/30/2015


106 Main St: Kelly L. Morse of Hancock to N D. StBernard and Rachael L. Pettijohn, $195,000 on 10/30/2015


40 Clifden Ct Unit 2-1: 11 Eunice M Feinberg QPRT and Eunice M. Feinberg of Lenox to Adrienne E. Shirk, $428,000 on 10/30/2015

26 Edgewood Dr: Ferry Road Properties LLC of Lenox to Jesse M. Kowalski, $299,000 on 10/29/2015

86 Pine Knoll Rd: Michael R. and Annmarie Zenick of Lenox to James B. Pollard and John S. Henderson, $466,000 on 10/28/2015

14 Spruce Trl Unit 14: Lenox Woods At Kennedy Pk and J P. Campoli of Lenox to Madeline Johnston, $399,900 on 10/29/2015


24 Point Rd: Rochelle Brown of Monterey to Robert and Roberta J. Epstein, $1,200,000 on 10/30/2015

North Adams

306-r Eagle St: Alison Schilling RET and Alison Schilling of North Adams to David C. Atwell, $27,000 on 10/30/2015

168 Franklin St: Phyllis E. Crews of North Adams to John F. Luczynski, $135,000 on 10/29/2015

128 Hawthorne Ave: Julie A. Senecal and Judith A. Primmer of North Adams to Janet and Lewis A. Johns, $110,000 on 10/30/2015

107 Veazie St: James R. Gifford and Mountaince Bank of North Adams to RSB Properties LLC, $34,000 on 10/26/2015


5 N Lake Ave: Martha K. Groszyk of Otis to John Wagner, $400,000 on 10/29/2015

373 Stanley Rd: Louise P. Gaito and Lynn M. Hiorns of Otis to Joseph D. and Gia C. Curran, $160,000 on 10/27/2015


15 Curtin Rd: Midfirst Bank of Peru to Valerie Rust, $11,000 on 10/30/2015


89 2nd St: James R. and Alice L. Rose of Pittsfield to Naomi Cortez, $25,000 on 10/26/2015

214 Appleton Ave: Robert G. and Helen S. Howland of Pittsfield to Paul W. and Maria E. Gross, $140,000 on 10/30/2015

7 Club Cir: Charles E. Snyder of Pittsfield to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $228,063 on 10/28/2015

547 Crane Ave: Charles J. Vaninetti of Pittsfield to Daniel Lynch, $162,000 on 10/26/2015

574 Crane Ave: John F. Oswain of Pittsfield to John F. and Sheila I. Oswain, $50,000 on 10/30/2015

39 Edward Ave: Virginia S. Daniello of Pittsfield to Seth G. Stambovsky and Emily E. Sadlowski, $147,000 on 10/30/2015

158 Elm St: 42-48 Elm Street LLC of Pittsfield to Roger F Dialessi FT and Roger F. Dialessi, $1 on 10/27/2015

17 Glory Dr: Winthrop F. and Margaret F. Wyckoff of Pittsfield to Kenneth R. and Meaghan E. Arnhold, $244,000 on 10/30/2015

25 Gravesleigh Ter: Dominick B Dasilva RET and Aaron T. Dasilva of Pittsfield to Brad M. and Jennifer E. Doerle, $247,785 on 10/29/2015

48 Hamlin St: FNMA of Pittsfield to Carlos A. Pineda, $24,900 on 10/30/2015

69 Harvard St: Kevin W. Greco and Susan G. Robinson of Pittsfield to Stacy K. Macdonald, $116,800 on 10/30/2015

339 Highland Ave: Breault FT and Daniel E. Breault of Pittsfield to Norman L. Breault, $110,000 on 10/30/2015

29 Highlawn Dr: Leah L. Gagliardi of Pittsfield to Lisa A. Kenney, $167,000 on 10/27/2015

54 John St: Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to Naomi Cortez, $13,900 on 10/26/2015

219 Mcintosh Dr: Kenneth R. and Meaghan E. Arnhold of Pittsfield to Anthony J. Dinapoli, $210,000 on 10/30/2015

78 Norman Ave: Kathryn Witherell and Planet Home Lending LLC of Pittsfield to Planet Home Lending LLC, $22,500 on 10/26/2015

68 Oswald Ave: Patricia L. Hunter of Pittsfield to Ana Cambi, $80,000 on 10/30/2015

22 Quirico Dr: Warren FT and Lee J. Rudin of Pittsfield to Andrew P. Kelly and Britany K. Sullivan, $165,000 on 10/30/2015

17 Von Nida Ave Unit A: Central Berkshire Habitat of Pittsfield to Viola F. Child, $75,000 on 10/30/2015

201 Wendell Ave: Elizabeth L. Castiglione and Jeanne L. Nicoll of Pittsfield to Corey M. Schiller, $135,000 on 10/30/2015


430 Clayton Rd: Thomas E. Whaley of Sheffield to Brandon C. Somes and Emily B. Scarpa, $126,000 on 10/28/2015


5-a Butler Rd: David N. and Paula L. Hellman of Stockbridge to David Schwartz, $801,000 on 10/29/2015

West Stockbridge

40 Albany Rd: Bay Plum LLC of West Stockbridge to Gennaris Mill Pond Trailr, $642,500 on 10/30/2015

128 Great Barrington Rd: Krahm John T Est and Julia F. Krahm of West Stockbridge to Atindra Mahajan, $499,000 on 10/30/2015


20 Mccauley Ln: Carol R. Thomas of Williamstown to Jodi M. Joseph, $186,000 on 10/26/2015



117 Interlaken Rd: Robert E. and Renee H. Blank of Salisbury to James M. and Miram Y. Broner, $2,250,000 on 11/02/2015

56 Ore Hill Rd: US Bank NA of Salisbury to Milka Elezovska, $182,000 on 10/30/2015


48 Modley Rd: Gregory G. and Elizabeth Rizzotti of Sharon to Joseph T. Kain, $210,000 on 11/02/2015

Source: The Warren Group