Berkshire real estate sales, July 17-23, 2016

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut.




6 Hathaway St: Aaron H. and Michelle M. Mercier of Adams to Daniel K. Longevin, $155,000 on 07/22/2016

17 Pearl St: Steven W. Bridges of Adams to Jason J. Louison, $87,500 on 07/22/2016


16 Whites Hill Rd: Billie Best of Alford to Suzanne F. and Michael Rosenberg, $657,500 on 07/18/2016


418 Alan A Dale Dr: Asplund Homestead T and Gerald E. Asplund of Becket to Justin and Amy Simmons, $275,000 on 07/19/2016

1313 Main St: Matthew C. Rose and Greylock FCU of Becket to Emerald City Rentals LLC, $171,000 on 07/19/2016

894 Moberg Rd: Susan A Wallen RET and Susan A. Wallen of Becket to Clay and Kristina Splawn, $299,000 on 07/19/2016

Nottingham Ct: John S. and Diane D. Smith of Becket to Wayne T. Youngblood, $15,000 on 07/19/2016


164 Depot St: Christine R. Alberti of Dalton to Jennifer K. Winings, $229,500 on 07/22/2016

41 Otis Ave: Pero Doreen Est and Ronald Pero of Dalton to Christine R. Alberti, $124,500 on 07/22/2016

13 Pleasantview Dr: Francis W. Majchrowski of Dalton to Timothy D. Drake, $135,000 on 07/21/2016

Great Barrington

277 N Plain Rd: Bruce L. Pretty and Rita M. Schumacher of Great Barrington to Mark P Frissora RET and Mark P. Frissora, $547,500 on 07/22/2016

214 Pine St: W F Atwood FT and M Atwood-Bisiewicz of Great Barrington to Gordon and Sarah E. Dixon, $190,000 on 07/22/2016

55 Pleasant St: Jets Property LLC of Great Barrington to Andrea Krest, $399,000 on 07/21/2016


10 Pine St: David M. and Mackenzie M. Greer of Lanesboro to Jason Pilot, $152,000 on 07/22/2016

148 Summer St: Joseph P. and Ruth A. Knysh of Lanesboro to Anahit Muradyan and Artur Melkonyan, $207,500 on 07/19/2016


655 East St: Jodie Oconnell-Ponkos of Lee to Stefanie Hoelderlin and Oliver M. Milot, $240,000 on 07/22/2016

28 Lana Ave: Bernard J. and Judith R. Shaw of Lee to David Eisenberg, $174,900 on 07/22/2016

58 Tabar Ave: Victor J. and Diana M. Stringer of Lee to Melissa A. Govoni, $145,000 on 07/22/2016


63 Crystal St: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Lenox to Thomas Abate, $63,000 on 07/21/2016

2 Elm St: Joseph R. Leahey of Lenox to Robert C. and Jane P. Bloom, $63,000 on 07/21/2016

New Marlborough

2072 Clayton Mill River Rd: FNMA of New Marlboro to Ashley E. Backhaus and Lee Canger, $114,900 on 07/22/2016

North Adams

28 Goodrich St: StPierre Paul W Sr Est and Dawn M. Booth of North Adams to Adams Community Bank, $84,433 on 07/20/2016

39 Gunther St: Cecile D. Russett of North Adams to Colin Oconnor and Allison Kibbe, $133,000 on 07/22/2016

11 Hermon Ave: Helga A. Berger of North Adams to Valerie J. Lesage, $105,000 on 07/18/2016

34 Lois St: DSM Properties LLC of North Adams to Joseph A. Kenneway, $95,000 on 07/21/2016

1651 Massachusetts Ave: Shayne M. Johnson of North Adams to Emily Johnson, $63,700 on 07/18/2016

218 Prospect St: USA VA of North Adams to Erin M. Kiley, $25,000 on 07/19/2016

28 Rich St: Suzanne E. Hunger of North Adams to Angela M. Choquette, $112,500 on 07/22/2016


29 Drive C: Marc A. and Deborah P. Abbott of Otis to David L. and Ellen A. Weinstein, $225,000 on 07/22/2016

79 Towhee Trl: Stephen and Kimberly M. Nowakowski of Otis to Christopher J. Juhas, $241,250 on 07/20/2016


14 Lafayette Dr: Francis D. and Roxanna Rochford of Peru to Gregory T. and Joellen M. Catelotti, $388,700 on 07/21/2016

4 North Rd: Franklin O. and Roberta M. Oakes of Peru to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $93,194 on 07/20/2016

4 North Rd: Random Props Acquisition of Peru to Travis and Nicole Drosehn, $15,000 on 07/20/2016


267 2nd St: Francisco J. Salinas and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $35,520 on 07/18/2016

100 Adelaide Ave: Diane C. Agar and Richard H. Sojkowski of Pittsfield to Brett and Kaylee Parker, $155,000 on 07/22/2016

37 Arch St: Jason Wahler and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Emerald City Rentals LLC, $35,000 on 07/19/2016

57 Birch Grove Dr: Gregor A. and Eileen M. Rennie of Pittsfield to Hayden G. Rennie, $165,000 on 07/18/2016

16 Churchill St: Barbara J. Allardyce of Pittsfield to Paula Marinaro, $295,000 on 07/22/2016

152 Churchill St: Kyle P. Flynn-Kasuba of Pittsfield to Matthew L. Scaccia, $254,000 on 07/22/2016

80 Colt Rd: Jack Rubin and Lenore Borzak-Rubin of Pittsfield to David M. and Mackenzie M. Greer, $296,000 on 07/22/2016

410 Elm St: June H. Guild of Pittsfield to Theresa M. Drumm, $110,000 on 07/18/2016

407 Hancock Rd: Lynne C. Daniels and Steve P. Picard of Pittsfield to Oliver and Crystal Williams, $240,000 on 07/19/2016

27 Morgan St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Emerald City Rentals LLC, $35,000 on 07/19/2016

27 Morgan St: Jean E. Pizzuto and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Greylock FCU, $62,500 on 07/18/2016

157 Mountain Dr: Harry L. and Patricia F. Guthrie of Pittsfield to Sherlon and Kavita Victor, $325,000 on 07/22/2016

32 Nancy Ave: Peter A. and Karen A. Covel of Pittsfield to Kayla Jade-Buck, $177,500 on 07/22/2016

71 Newton Ave: Jacgar NT and John I. Casey of Pittsfield to Jason Brazee, $129,000 on 07/18/2016

101 Onota St: Margaret Stewart of Pittsfield to Tyler C. Simmons, $118,500 on 07/22/2016

17 Palomino Dr: Eric Peters and Julia Wells of Pittsfield to Jonathan D. and Lisa Lesser, $319,000 on 07/19/2016

759 Pecks Rd: William D. Bonney of Pittsfield to Jason Daoust and Lynda Terry, $179,000 on 07/18/2016

210 Pine Grove Dr: Everett C. Fletcher of Pittsfield to Nicholas G. Lines and Carolyn L. Bowler, $179,500 on 07/22/2016

91 Unkamet Park Dr: Donald R. Coughlin and Suzanne White-Coughlin of Pittsfield to Nicholas A. Klemansky and Megan B. Brady, $173,000 on 07/22/2016

27 Waverly St: Hutchins Grace M Est and Holly H. Goodrich of Pittsfield to A Leo-Nash and Victoria A. Nash, $209,900 on 07/19/2016

271 Williams St: Margaret A. Bilotta of Pittsfield to Brian and Michele Bastow, $195,900 on 07/18/2016

11 Willow Ln: 11 Willow Lane NT and Mark Gionet of Pittsfield to Efrain Diego, $220,000 on 07/21/2016

43 Wilson St: Pensivy Barbara A Est and Cherie A. Rocca of Pittsfield to Clayton Pitcher, $89,000 on 07/18/2016


2986 State Rd: Paul T. Giardina of Richmond to Henry C. and Julia R. Curletti, $310,000 on 07/22/2016


4 Jerusalem Rd: Cobblerae Family LP of Tyringham to Amanda Hamilton, $218,000 on 07/20/2016

West Stockbridge

33 Albany Rd: Janey F. and Jane F. Kotleski of West Stockbridge to Marion Attal, $165,000 on 07/21/2016


53 Hamel Ave: James P. and Megan P. Shea of Williamstown to Mary K. Shea, $250,000 on 07/18/2016

137 Stratton Rd: Mario G. and Teresa A. Alcaro of Williamstown to Omar Sangare, $310,000 on 07/18/2016


New Hartford

217 Beeney Rd: Andrew J. and Nancy B. Wontka of New Hartford to Derek R. Genetti, $290,000 on 07/18/2016

126 Camp Workcoeman Rd: Kent A. Johnson of New Hartford to James M. and Laura T. Minor, $402,500 on 07/18/2016

425 E Cotton Hill Rd: John R. and Patricia L. Garilli of New Hartford to Todd Levesque, $166,500 on 07/19/2016

88 Honey Hill Rd: John D. Morris of New Hartford to Jay J. and Maureen L. Daigle, $388,000 on 07/20/2016

14 Hoppen Rd: Anne C. Crudge of New Hartford to Dusko Miloradovic, $200,000 on 07/20/2016

19 Knollwood Dr: Gregory C. and Linda A. Lawrence of New Hartford to Stephanie L. and Timothy A. North, $284,100 on 07/21/2016


17 Spruce Dr: 17 Spruce Drive LLC of Salisbury to Luis F. Arroyo and Thomas M. Callahan, $900,000 on 07/15/2016

34 Westmount Rd: Richard F. Windeler of Salisbury to Robert Nickson and Susan L. Oleary, $260,000 on 07/14/2016


13 Alberta Rd: Noah B. and Stephanie L. Perlman of Sharon to Dennis D. and Pamela K. Vogel, $305,000 on 07/12/2016


1571 E Main St: Windsor Fed S&L Assn of Torrington to Angel L. Doty, $115,000 on 07/15/2016

601 Essex Ct Unit 601: Karen A. Tietjen of Torrington to Carolyn Trethaway, $115,000 on 07/12/2016

12 Hardy St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Angel Loja, $121,000 on 07/13/2016

331 Ledge Dr Unit 331: Arthur and Arlene Riker of Torrington to Steven E. Lurie, $35,000 on 07/18/2016

144 Moore Dr: HSBC Bank USA NA of Torrington to Denis Landry, $57,500 on 07/18/2016

839 Mountain Rd: Glenn D. and Diane M. Clement of Torrington to James Doyle, $177,000 on 07/18/2016

78 Palmer Bridge St: Justin and Anook Harris of Torrington to Robert Chechoski, $115,000 on 07/18/2016

165 Penny Ln: Christopher and Sora Garlasco of Torrington to Huawen He, $234,900 on 07/14/2016

141 Queens Rd Unit 141: Barbara Alexander of Torrington to Thomas E. and Linda M. Sterling, $42,500 on 07/13/2016

151 Rock Creek Ln: Nora M. Oconnor of Torrington to Fred M. Boothroyd, $192,000 on 07/12/2016

75 Roulin St: TLZ LLC of Torrington to Laurie A. Levesque, $2,500 on 07/12/2016

75 Roulin St: Matthew J. Lefevre and Robert E. Petrovits of Torrington to Laurie A. Levesque, $32,000 on 07/12/2016

5 Stonegate Dr Unit 5: John Bohl and Josefina Gonzalez of Torrington to Lisa Carrano, $52,000 on 07/14/2016

24 Surrey Ln Unit 24: Litchfield Properties LLC of Torrington to Crystal Diyulio, $72,000 on 07/13/2016

20 Washington Ave: Kathleen White of Torrington to Thomas Francis, $62,000 on 07/18/2016

551 Wood Duck Dr: Mark E. and Pamela A. Sears of Torrington to Alejandro Jimenez, $170,000 on 07/15/2016

25 E Pearl St: Justin Meneguzzo of Torrington to Laurie Presechino, $198,000 on 07/13/2016

45 Putter Ln Unit 45: Robert J Fox T and Ann B. Fox of Torrington to ACD Properties LLC, $149,900 on 07/14/2016

47 Putter Ln Unit 47: Robert J Fox T and Ann B. Fox of Torrington to ACD Properties LLC, $149,900 on 07/14/2016


52 Coe St: Kristin A. Malanca of Winchester to Justin Kostrab, $180,000 on 07/20/2016

56 Colony Dr: Jacqueline A. Finn-Sweet of Winchester to Spencer Cianciolo, $110,000 on 07/19/2016

112 Maloney Ct: Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Winchester to Marshall D. Deane, $75,075 on 07/20/2016

109 Wahnee Rd: Chasse LT and Linnea Chasse of Winchester to Scott D. and Tammy Schwartz, $300,000 on 07/21/2016

Source: The Warren Group