Berkshire real estate sales December 8-14, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut



901 S State Rd: F17 Lennox Heights Inc of Cheshire to Dominic P. Carnevale, $90,000 on 12/13/2019


573 North St: Donna M Brewer RET and Donna M. Brewer of Dalton to Roger Ivanowsky, $291,000 on 12/17/2019

213 Park Ave: Park RT and Norman C. Mcclintock of Dalton to DTK LLC, $350,000 on 12/11/2019


185 S County Rd: Barbara P. Krogoll of Florida to Peter Mason, $176,000 on 12/13/2019


9301 Mountainside Unit 9301: Debra Seiden of Hancock to David Hakula, $460,000 on 12/16/2019


81 Maple St: Colleen M. Powers of Hinsdale to Kyle W. Kozlowski and Josephine Magro, $200,500 on 12/12/2019


711 East St: Pamela J. Cutt of Lee to Dylan M. and Allison B. Mechek, $230,000 on 12/12/2019

545 Maple St: Nicholas S. and Gerard F. Graham of Lee to William S. Swindlehurst and D M. Duffin-Swindlehurst, $285,000 on 12/16/2019

175 Sturgis Ave: Jerry J. Smith of Lee to Philip J. and Jennifer D. Leahey, $150,000 on 12/17/2019

15 Via Maria: Muhammad Zia of Lee to Alwaleed and Fahd Zia, $410,000 on 12/17/2019


6 Morgan Mnr Unit 2: Jan C. Kaufman of Lenox to W Merrill and Carol A. Sanderson, $198,000 on 12/16/2019

3 Rolling Hls Unit 6: Teitler Charlotte R Est and Marcy Brasen of Lenox to Jeffrey B. Lang, $160,000 on 12/13/2019

16 Woods Ln Unit 16: TH Associates LLC of Lenox to Evan Jacobs and Elizabeth Kaplow-Jacobs, $585,000 on 12/13/2019

New Marlboro

499 Clayton Mill River Rd: Richard Wuori of New Marlboro to Wayne T. and Debra J. Goehring, $605,000 on 12/16/2019

North Adams

54-56 Central Ave: 54-56 Central Avenue NT and Thomas W. Rumbolt of North Adams to Leonard R. Pader, $34,500 on 12/11/2019

458-464 Church St: Ephraim and Emily Baker of North Adams to Jennifer Y. Wood, $15,000 on 12/12/2019

443 State Rd: Gaudreau Susan M Est and Kevin R. Toye of North Adams to Melissa Mclain, $137,000 on 12/13/2019

459 State Rd: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Peter Morandi and Daniel Tatro, $40,000 on 12/11/2019


1598 Monterey Rd: Tonlino Anna Mary Est and John B. Tonlino of Otis to John B. Tonlino, $25,000 on 12/12/2019


52 3rd St: James F. Finn of Pittsfield to Sergio Galarza, $70,000 on 12/11/2019

1136 Barker Rd Unit 19: Thomas F. and Marcia Mccarthy of Pittsfield to William Krovatin and Patricia A. Schiripo, $445,000 on 12/16/2019

99 Bellmore Dr: Kramer FT and Harold L. Kramer of Pittsfield to Dario B. Arace, $309,900 on 12/16/2019

142 Cheshire Rd: Dylan M. and Allison B. Mechek of Pittsfield to Barbara A. Siok, $170,000 on 12/12/2019

73 Edward Ave: Janice M. Chlopecki of Pittsfield to Thomas J. and Diane M. Linberg, $152,000 on 12/12/2019

3 Evans Ave: Deborah-Lin Perry of Pittsfield to Erin E. Casperson, $245,000 on 12/13/2019

940 Holmes Rd: Jacob Trudeau of Pittsfield to Jonathan T. Spangler, $195,000 on 12/13/2019

151 Jason St: Dennis L. Blake of Pittsfield to Carhart FT and Patrick Carhart, $114,900 on 12/13/2019

208 Jason St: Donna T. Rivers and Alexis R. Jones of Pittsfield to Stanley A. and Ruth L. Greenleaf, $194,900 on 12/11/2019

42 Kensington Ave: Richard J. Archey of Pittsfield to Matthew A. Mcnulty, $159,900 on 12/12/2019

25 Oak Hill Rd: Lofaro John P Est and Michelle Angora of Pittsfield to Seth C. Fleischmann, $179,000 on 12/12/2019

52 Pembroke Ave: Sarah Polo of Pittsfield to Valerie L. Polidoro, $128,600 on 12/13/2019

58 Roselyn Dr: M Ann and Gale S. Neubert of Pittsfield to Eleanor Leighton, $200,000 on 12/17/2019

1 Taubert Ave: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Berkshire Gateway Invest, $50,000 on 12/16/2019

29 Westminister St: JMT FT and James M. Torra of Pittsfield to Norman S. Smoller, $99,900 on 12/13/201

34 Winter St: John S. Morrow of Pittsfield to Katie E. Daley and Herbert R. Scholz, $102,500 on 12/17/2019


261 Osceola Rd: Gail A Corrigan 2006 RET and Gail A. Corrigan of Richmond to Dan Thompson-Entwisle and Clare L. Kelly, $560,000 on 12/13/2019


2 Dodd Rd: FHLM of Sandisfield to Cassie Brancato, $180,000 on 12/13/2019


1874 Home Rd: Kyle and Dawn E. Ford of Sheffield to Kelley E. Lane, $342,250 on 12/12/2019

22 Kellogg Rd: Matthew L Dodds T 2003 and Matthew L. Dodds of Sheffield to Courtney Delorenzo and Michael Piernock, $205,000 on 12/13/2019

113-117 Main St: Dana A Bartholomew RET and Mary N. Bartholomew of Sheffield to Craig Barnum, $325,000 on 12/13/2019


1 Manitauk Hts: Patricia A. Hellawell of Stockbridge to Daniel and Jenna Knauss, $475,000 on 12/11/2019


9 Mcdarby Rd: Sandra K. Smith of Tyringham to William and Margaret A. Desantis, $250,000 on 12/17/2019

West Stockbridge

90 Lenox Rd: Edward M&C M Mckenna LT and Michele L. Ledakowich of West Stockbridge to Deborah Feldman, $465,000 on 12/17/2019


15 Haley St: Smith Craig Richard Est and Glenn A. Beverly of Williamstown to Joyce M. and David C. Anderson, $270,000 on 12/13/2019

742 N Hoosac Rd: Thomas Koelle of Williamstown to James D. and Deborah L. Cameron, $45,000 on 12/13/2019

111 North St: George M. and Carol E. Klemm of Williamstown to Claudia Higgiston, $210,000 on 12/17/2019

39 Thomas St: Elizabeth Heekin-Bartels and Thomas H. Bartels of Williamstown to David H. and Devan D. Bartels, $193,200 on 12/17/2019


540 North St: Kenneth P. Kirchner of Windsor to John F. Hayes, $242,000 on 12/12/2019

975 Peru Rd: Helen S Koziara RET and Joan C. Duguay of Windsor to Wayne C. Kuzia, $270,000 on 12/16/2019



18 Dilliston Rd: Sandelli Janet Est and Ellen C. Marino of Barkhamsted to Cheryl D. and Thomas M. Kosiba, $110,000 on 12/11/2019

New Hartford

63 Farnsworth Dr: Brian and Kerry Hurley of New Hartford to Brian C. and April E. Thomsen, $285,000 on 12/11/2019

11 Flanders Xing: Ross M. and Colleen S. Gjede of New Hartford to Danielle M. Cassidy, $450,000 on 12/09/2019

15 Troutwood Dr: Stanicak Sr Michael A Est and Michael A. Stanicak of New Hartford to Richard and Marilyn Sablosky, $280,000 on 12/12/2019


200 Bruey Rd: Jeffrey A. and Eileen Meade of Norfolk to Michael D. and Sara M. LoPresti, $410,000 on 12/09/2019


144 S Shore Rd: Diane K. Mathus of Salisbury to David L. Mathus, $219,000 on 12/06/2019


41 Chestnut Ave: Agron Bega of Torrington to Select Property US LLC, $100,000 on 12/09/2019

155 Cypress Ct Unit 155: Joann M. Ryan of Torrington to Gina Profita and Colleen Rodger, $125,000 on 12/09/2019

684 Heron Dr: Hung Hoang and Hoan Duong of Torrington to Darwin M. Garcia-Nunez, $180,000 on 12/06/2019

132 Mill Ln Unit 132: Janice A. Colangelo of Torrington to Raymond J. and Tracy J. Cordani, $160,000 on 12/10/2019

41 Mount Pleasant Ter: Adam Langlands-Pearse and Susu Langland-Pearse of Torrington to Domenic Falcone, $154,900 on 12/09/2019

431 New Harwinton Rd: Marjorie M. Simmons of Torrington to Joanna Kelly, $202,000 on 12/10/2019

253 Riverside Ave: Harry Lambis of Torrington to Huckleberry Hill LLC, $47,500 on 12/09/2019

699 S Main St Unit 425: Eleanor B. Bensle of Torrington to Danielle M. Delisle and Justin T. Reynolds, $81,000 on 12/10/2019

105 Trotters Way: Thomas F. and Helen J. Heden of Torrington to Anthony and Patricia J. Hayes, $162,500 on 12/10/2019

77 Wall St: Mentor Dauti of Torrington to Catherine Villanueva, $95,000 on 12/11/2019


66 Colony Dr: Cynthia A. and Robert J. Cassotto of Winchester to Christopher Rines, $189,900 on 12/09/2019

92 Glendale Ave: Jessica L. Flaherty of Winchester to Joseph Kenney and Miranda Goddard, $190,000 on 12/09/2019

158 Torringford St: Jay R. Budahazy of Winchester to Caitlin L. Barra and Christopher Laplante, $240,000 on 12/11/2019

165 Torringford St: JWD Property Dev LLC of Winchester to Christopher Null, $160,000 on 12/12/201