Berkshire real estate sales August 28 – September 3, 2016

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and northwestern Connecticut: Aug. 28-Sept. 3, 2016.



11 Cross St: Jason H. and Jennifer L. Nocher of Adams to Gary A. Church, $236,500 on 08/29/2016

49 Richmond Ln: Travis B. and Pamela J. Fachini of Adams to Eugene A. and Barbara A. Zepka, $145,000 on 08/31/2016


126 Alan A Dale Dr: Joseph P. Decarolis of Becket to William J. and Susan C. Eisenberg, $240,000 on 08/30/2016

3235 Main St: Larry J. Daigle of Becket to Spencer House LLC, $160,000 on 09/02/2016

859 Moberg Rd: Barbara Newington of Becket to Bonnie L. and Douglas B. Downes, $75,000 on 08/30/2016

22 Robin Hood Ln: Donald R Carter Sr T and Donald R. Carter of Becket to Paul and Kathleen Breault, $59,000 on 09/02/2016


138-140 Hutchinson Ln: Ruth R Hutchinson FT and Raymond C. Hutchinson of Cheshire to Yvette A. Losaw, $279,900 on 08/29/2016

145 Main St: Adams Community Bank of Cheshire to Marco V. Vargas, $75,000 on 08/31/2016

153 Main St: Adams Community Bank of Cheshire to Marco V. Vargas, $75,000 on 08/31/2016


706 Daniels Rd: Anthony E. Randall of Clarksburg to Kathy M. Reynolds, $70,000 on 08/30/2016

32 Wheeler Ave: Tamara Ortiz and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Clarksburg to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $12,749 on 09/02/2016


749 East St: Mark Swierat LT and Christine Ambrose of Dalton to Kevin M. and Gary E. Lacasse, $242,000 on 09/02/2016

308 Grange Hall Rd: Richard F. Mullins of Dalton to Daren W. Snyder, $170,000 on 08/29/2016

52 Hemlock Hl: John J. and Jesse E. Mazzeo of Dalton to Lindsey M. Craft, $290,000 on 08/29/2016

768 Main St: Byron Weston Co of Dalton to Leon and Caitlyn Henry, $210,000 on 08/30/2016

79 Orchard Rd: Barbara L. Regan of Dalton to Steven W. and Harold F. Butterworth, $132,000 on 08/31/2016

Great Barrington

12 Benton Ave: Daniel O. and Heather S. Bellow of Great Barrington to 12 Benton Ave LLC, $705,000 on 09/02/2016

23 Burning Tree Rd Unit 23: Cottages At Barrington NT and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Z Myron-Falchuk and Ann Falchuk, $560,000 on 09/01/2016

272 N Plain Rd: Barnes FT and Susan Pullaro of Great Barrington to Lydia Ross, $425,000 on 08/30/2016

22 River St: Richard and Philippa Imrie of Great Barrington to 22 River LLC, $350,000 on 08/31/2016


39 Eagle Rd: Kim A. and P M. Oakes of Hinsdale to Jodi and Andrew L. Bloom, $40,000 on 08/29/2016

42 Lakeview Cir: Elaine M. Ignazio of Hinsdale to Joseph C. Lewis and Stacy L. Allegrone-Lewis, $383,500 on 08/30/2016


20 Bull Hill Rd: Greg A. and Stephanie N. Voci of Lanesboro to Samantha M. and Barry Gilardi, $130,000 on 08/29/2016


455 East St: Humeston Erika M Est and Judith A. Joiner of Lee to Andrew R. Williams, $138,000 on 09/02/2016


94 Church St: Merritt Family 2001 LP of Lenox to Charles S. Merritt, $180,000 on 08/29/2016

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit C14: Deborah C. Winslow and Tiffany Wilding-White of Lenox to John M. and Margaret P. Garzone, $86,000 on 09/02/2016


45 Ne Cove Rd: Nault FT and Richard E. Nault of Monterey to Steven D. Truta, $618,000 on 08/30/2016

Mt. Washington

53 West St: James F. and Susan J. Percy of Mt Washington to Alfred M. Lisanti, $275,000 on 08/30/2016

North Adams

280 Eagle St: Bruce J. and Laura Morelli of North Adams to Keith M. and Kimberly W. Hassenpflug, $94,900 on 08/30/2016

78 Notch Rd: 78 Notch Road RT and Richard P. Lescarbeau of North Adams to Alan D. Hall, $110,000 on 08/30/2016

243 Union St Unit 106: Kelly Lee of North Adams to James E. Bechtel and Joanna Klain, $256,000 on 09/02/2016


87 Great Woods Rd: Paul J. and Deborah S. Mackbach of Otis to Andrew A. Acuzzo, $130,000 on 09/01/2016


83 Bossidy Dr: Paul Supranowicz of Pittsfield to Mark R. and Katherine M. Brooks, $149,900 on 08/30/2016

60 Donna Ave: Strizzi Marguerite L Est and M Susan Spiewak of Pittsfield to Kaitlyn M. Walton, $150,000 on 09/02/2016

5 Eastbrook Ln: Peter Dimattia and Georgia Vagenas of Pittsfield to Michael L. Manning and Jill A. Allessio, $455,000 on 09/02/2016

76 Foote Ave: Douglas R. Bruce and Lucy Cromer-Bruce of Pittsfield to Adrienne M. Mccallister, $160,000 on 09/02/2016

27 Grace Ter: Michael L. Manning of Pittsfield to Dane C. Luhmann, $159,000 on 09/02/2016

247 Linden St: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Pittsfield to Burnias FT and Asset Preserv Inc Tr, $47,000 on 08/29/2016

88 Meadowview Dr: Amer Raza of Pittsfield to Michael Reyes IRT and James P. Maselan, $175,000 on 08/31/2016

157 Mohegan St: Susan Eiffert of Pittsfield to Stephen M. Hogue, $81,500 on 08/31/2016

19 Paul Ave: Marion B. Gordnier of Pittsfield to Jeffrey D. Mayernik, $125,000 on 08/29/2016

48 Pomeroy Ave: Lin and Richard Schreiber of Pittsfield to Toryl P. and Susan E. Hanna, $183,500 on 08/31/2016

12 Ridgeway Ave: Ruth and Clinas E. Taylor of Pittsfield to Brian C. and Erin A. Reynolds, $174,500 on 09/02/2016

33 S Onota St: Berkshire Nbhd Dev of Pittsfield to Reinoso INT and Mary F. Courtney, $132,000 on 09/01/2016

94 Sampson Pkwy: Lucille Grossman IRT and Joan Grossman of Pittsfield to Michael F. Mcneil, $140,000 on 08/29/2016

421 Tyler St: Peggy L. Sagendorph of Pittsfield to Candida Cooper, $100,000 on 08/31/2016

38 Velma Ave: Michael R. and Jessica R. Jezak of Pittsfield to Edward D. Hughes and Amanda L. Desormeaux, $177,900 on 09/01/2016

985 West St: Mary J. Barone of Pittsfield to Andrea F. Nuciforo, $150,000 on 09/02/2016


80 Lower West St: James E. Davidson of Sandisfield to Mary Spano and W Carlton-Coppersmith, $165,000 on 09/01/2016

5 Smith Rd: W Carlton-Coppersmith and Catharine C. Coppersmith of Sandisfield to Adrian D. Bradley and Kathleen M. Eutsler, $342,500 on 08/30/2016


164 Ashley Falls Rd: Emma J Paladino T and Emma J. Paladino of Sheffield to Joshua Mann and Caroline Read-Pierce, $528,500 on 08/30/2016


61 Main St: Charles P. Allee of Stockbridge to Joel Levi and John Tedeschi, $199,000 on 08/31/2016


99 Longview Ter: Joan U Manners T and David A. Manners of Williamstown to Angela Baldracchi, $265,000 on 08/29/2016

45 Lower Windflower Way Unit 45: Ramon and Beverly E. Scheer of Williamstown to David J. and Catherine A. Garwood, $236,000 on 08/29/2016

213 S Hemlock Ln Unit 213: Shirley G Carpenter NT and Shirley G. Carpenter of Williamstown to James E Galusha RET and James E. Galusha, $161,000 on 08/31/2016

189 Stratton Rd Unit C5: Anelia M. Troy of Williamstown to James E Galusha RET and James E. Galusha, $120,000 on 08/31/2016

213 White Oaks Rd: Alfred G. and Amy R. Gelinas of Williamstown to Peter L. and Susan Myers, $145,000 on 08/29/2016


154 Windsor Bush Rd: Anthony H. Fisher of Windsor to Lara A Cohen-Harelick RET and Benjamin J. Harelick, $510,000 on 09/01/2016



177 Greenwoods Rd E: Peter C. and Abigail E. Neave of Norfolk to Michael K. Selleck, $499,000 on 09/01/2016

64 Loon Meadow Dr: Elizabeth A. Cleaveland and Vicki L. Talbot of Norfolk to Kyle and Samantha Kroehle, $135,000 on 09/01/2016

24 Old Colony Rd: Richard T. and Jane Andrias of Norfolk to Teri A. Padua, $1 on 08/31/2016

238 Old Goshen Rd: Michael S. Lahart and Todd Johnson of Norfolk to Lucy Anderson-Mookerjee, $600,000 on 08/31/2016


124 Interlaken Rd: Christina Reynolds of Salisbury to Cynthia F. Walsh, $500,000 on 09/01/2016


35 Bonvicini Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Brian Davis, $55,000 on 09/01/2016

307 County Rd: Lisa A. Bambakidou of Torrington to Joseph Bonsignore, $133,500 on 09/01/2016

38 Harrison Ave: Jack W. and Crystal L. Wozniak of Torrington to William Madden, $185,000 on 09/01/2016

706 Migeon Ave: Rose N. Mcmahon of Torrington to Mohammed Ibrahim, $105,000 on 09/01/2016

101 Nelson St: US Bank NA of Torrington to John R. Tomascak, $100,000 on 09/01/2016

540 University Dr: Karen M. Smart of Torrington to Steven J. and Samantha E. Powers, $189,000 on 09/01/2016


70 S Main St: Meglin Properties LLC of Winchester to Winsted Medical Assoc, $425,000 on 08/29/2016

70 S Main St: Meglin Properties LLC of Winchester to Winsted Medical Assoc, $425,000 on 08/29/2016

76 S Main St: Darl LLC of Winchester to Winsted Medical Assoc, $270,000 on 08/29/2016

84 S Main St: Patricia S. Damore of Winchester to Winsted Medical Assoc, $405,000 on 08/29/2016

289 Colebrook Rd: Maureen E. Barber of Winchester to Heidi A. Rowland, $233,000 on 08/29/2016

311 E Wakefield Blvd: Steven and Carol Bellavance of Winchester to Carol A. Hahn and Carla D. Hutt, $172,000 on 08/29/2016

173 Maple St: Citifinancial Servicing of Winchester to Lauro and Theresa Nieves, $25,000 on 08/31/2016

157 Pratt St: USA HUD of Winchester to Brett Wilson, $20,050 on 08/31/2016

111 Riverton Rd Unit 44: Phyllis A. Monroe of Winchester to Ann Ayers, $80,000 on 08/31/2016

137 Shore Dr: Indino Margaret F Est and Isabelle C. Burke of Winchester to Donna D. and Glen E. Pelligrinelli, $111,000 on 08/30/2016

Source: The Warren Group