General Electric’s PCB dumping is ‘unconscionable’

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By Thursday, Jun 15 Letters  7 Comments
The site on the banks of Rising Pond in Housatonic, Massachusetts, a hamlet in Great Barrington, where General Electric has proposed to create a PCB landfill (marked in yellow).

To the editor:

Come on, GE, do the right thing. You have a chance to do something positive and to show your good intentions to the community in which you operated and from which you benefited for many years. Depositing PCBs onto land that is now free of toxins in a community setting is unconscionable. If you are not careful, we may have to change your motto of bringing good things to life.

Elizabeth Shaker Inglis

Great Barrington

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  1. Morgan Bulkeley says:

    Exactly right, Elizabeth! GE has really destroyed one of the most beautiful parts of our community; now, to do a sleight of hand and simply move the poison into our towns’ “yards” is unthinkable. All of the towns to have the PCBs dumped there, Lee, Lenox, and Gt. Barrington, should be outraged, though GE’s money may persuade some that it is a “deal”. We should all think carefully if we want to leave this dangerous mess for our youth to have dumped in their laps.

  2. Sharon Gregory says:

    GE has had to take financial responsibility over their past mistakes, writing them off. It’s time they took responsibility for this mess. Spend the money and get the mess out of the communities they have harmed while they looked the other way to make money the cheaper, irresponsible way. People are not dispensable and should be “written-off”.

  3. Alan Papscun says:

    To create a PCB dump in our ‘front yard’ is incredible arrogance! GE’s new main office in Boston is an ideal location!

  4. Frank Gioia says:

    Elizabeth, Morgan, Sharon and Alan are exactly right. Thanks for your comments.

    How do you spell GE. GREED.

  5. Patrick Fennell says:

    Every time pols like Richie Neal get re-elected it is a vote for GE. Ask Peter Larkin, he is now a lobbyist for GE.

  6. Ted B. says:

    And GE is moving World Head Quarters to BOSTON ! Between the state and Boston they are giving something like 151 MILLION dollars ! And we get……….. ! Maybe this was also a part of the deal ! You people do know that the old Rising Paper dam is now owned by GE …right !?

    1. Patrick Fennell says:

      And so aren’t most of our MA elected politicians. You also know that GE has a very favorable tax deal? Former state rep Peter Larkin is a lobbyist for GE, the same rep that got caught stealing per diem money from teh taxpayers.

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