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Rasmussen is right candidate for Stockbridge Planning Board

By Sunday, May 12, 2019 Letters

To the Editor:

Dear Stockbridge residents,

While I am not a resident of your town, I have known one of your candidates for years.

My childhood friend Christine (Dyer) Rasmussen is running for a 2-year seat on the Stockbridge Planning Board. I highly recommend voting for her.

Growing up in our small town of Middlefield, we learned from our parents the value of hard work, initiative, and the need to protect our resources. Values that we both maintain.

Serving together in 4-H at a young age Christine showed the traits of a good leader and was not only president of our local club but was an officer in the county 4-H group. Because of her natural ability to plan activities, it doesn’t surprise me she has spent decades in land-use planning.

I’m proud my friend grew into being a recognized leader by both state and local organizations. She has the qualities of a true leader: a) honesty and integrity; b) being an inspiration for others; c) commitment and passion; d) good communication skills; e) ability to do the research necessary for making decisions that can withstand court challenges; and f) support for creativity and innovation.

If you want small town values and experience making decisions about your town, please elect Christine Rasmussen.

Thank you for considering my friend.

The Rev. Noreen Suriner