Rasmussen is experienced candidate for Stockbridge Planning Board

To the editor:

With her vast hands-on planning and zoning experience, Stockbridge is lucky that Christine Rasmussen was appointed to the Stockbridge Planning Board when Gene Talbot retired.

On Election day, May 21st she needs your vote to remain in the position and continue doing thoughtful reviews of permit applications using her skills as a mediator and facilitator with expertise in state laws, recent court cases and our local bylaws for guidance. She recognizes the responsibility of these decisions because of their potential impacts on a person’s home, the livability of your neighborhood, your property values and your taxes.

Christine, a Berkshire native, gave her time and energy to the town’s numerous volunteer organizations even before she and Erik moved into the remodeled “Tom Carey’s Place.” Her respect and love for our community and all the residents who live here are evident to anyone who engages her in conversation.

Being available to us is important to her. At a recent forum, she posted her phone number inviting people to call her and her contact information is on her campaign material. She has engaged in quintessential grassroots campaigning going door to door listening to our concerns and asking for our opinions.

With her success in doing similar work at the state and local level she believes that we want to come together and address the town’s needs for incremental growth while keeping our special places identified in the Visioning Report she worked to create, we can develop bylaws that will be passed by Town Meeting ensuring the future of our town as the place you want to reside.

Please join me in voting for Christine Rasmussen for a two-year term on the Stockbridge Planning Board.

Chuck Gillett