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Ben Hillman

POEM: Without Fingerprints

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By Saturday, May 6, 2017 Arts & Entertainment 2


Without Fingerprints


This full blown scream depicts

Sisyphus pushing a pipeline

Instead of a boulder across the bed sheets

Through pristine forests, sacred Indian lands

Our humble back yards.

With the logic found in a loaded gun

Concealed under the covers of a nursery

You ask why bother with commitment

When progress matters?

We venture on in our misplaced vacuums

Desire caught in a web watching melting candles

Usher in the morning after being up all night

Doing what naked people do best.

Meanwhile a few brave souls dress alone

Grab their raincoats

Bus through the Otis mist.

Can we now share a coffee cup

And numb out our law of averages

Hoping before the first refill

He or she

You or me

Without fingerprints enticing the touch pad

Can delete outdated messages?


Long ago I wrote I accept I am

A product of modern man/women/child

Clicking through my phone

Children with torn mittens

Hurl Pepsi cans at police cars

Covered in a glowing green snow

Fallen on a hot sunny day.

To fight or fend of bloodless revolutions

Squeezed clean from a dream

Am I stubborn enough to knuckle down

And seek answers from fallen angels

Poets or deranged painters

With brush strokes depicting

How amputated I have become

As news broadcasts faceless facts

With no hint of ending clean cut lies

Revealed on razor barb wire fences

Littered with posters advertising

Two dollar hair cuts

And one eight hundred numbers

Offering to buy up poisoned lots

Our broken homes.

Leaving me to accept once again

I am a product of modern man/women/child

Watching the patrol cars drive away

The handcuffed booked as the pipeline

Slouches through Sandisfield

As history once again

Mangles with destiny.


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  1. Jean Atwater-Williams says:

    Thank you for your sadly beautiful poem. And thank you for your courage in standing against this unneeded and unwanted atrocity.

  2. RAC says:

    I THINK that I shall never see
    A hugger lovely as a tree

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