Poem: ‘Weep Not Angels for We Listened to James’ by Tom Warner

Weep Not Angels for We Listened to James

James Weldon Johnson

Jacksonville, June 17, 1871

the  day angels smiled

from the heavens above

down upon this  earth below.

From time to time you see

history and mankind are blessed

with a future leader.

A leader who in time would be

guided by tenacious determination

education molded by faith and love.

Go forth and seek true peace

Kismet,  to fulfill your  destiny

Your eyes would be

etched  by the unnecessary

ignorant hate of a prejudice country

and the violent unjust world before you.

How does one react to this blind hate.

And  true to your faith you would be.

The essence of a peacemaker

is found on the road to Jericho.

History shows your words and deeds

answered the parable question

Your deeds,  your teachings

forever remembered here

Where trombones called you

to this nestled cabin

By this babbling Berkshire brook

ideas would flow with heavenly Grace

pen to paper for eternity.

Weep not angels for we listened to James.

— Tom Warner