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POEM: Tomorrow hides in today

By Sunday, Nov 13, 2016 Viewpoints

Today is the day of the unknown

Where America sits on

The edge of a cliff

Wondering which shoe will drop.

The world at large has watched;

wringing hands

and shaking heads

at circus performance

after performance

with no ringmaster.

Elephants escape from

cages and run wild.


The earth is broken.

Slice through the top of it

(some say — no matter the

ice is melting…)

and peer in to

its jack-o-lantern shape.

It’s face is haunted,

bewitched by greed

while others need.


Stir up the insides

with a tarnished spoon –

the only one we have –

and wonder what sort

of brew is this that

has been man-made

to sicken mother earth.


Today, hope that

more states play united

and pin their tale of

wish and woe

on the donkey

and win 270

free and clear.


Can it be true?

Perhaps this woman

with flaws in rough edged pantsuits

is the logical bridge

we must cross first

to transfer over

from the dominance of white male

and separatism

to the receptive,

thirst quenching

energy of the feminine.


But today is the day of the known.

The other shoe has dropped.

No one paid attention.


May light shine through

the darkness.

Do not let the torch of fear

carry us forward.


The unknown still lives.


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