POEM: The Quack behind the Counter

Follow up, as indicated With a shot glass full of Clorox

With a grin as wide as a pumpkin

and hair of a pumpkin hue,

the quack behind the counter

knows what’s good for you!


You feel a virus coming on?

He’ll make you feel just fine.

Roll up your sleeve, he’ll inject

a shot of liquid sunshine!


Follow up, as indicated,

with a shot glass full of Clorox,

Your chances of survival will

skyrocket, as advertised on Fox.



Roll up your sleeve, America!

Show me your brawny arm!

I’ll shoot you up with sunshine!

You’ll get back to work again!


(solo, sotto voce, aside)

What do you say, Doctor Birx?

Run a few tests? See if it works?