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Poem: Spring/Country

By Saturday, Apr 18, 2015 Arts & Entertainment
Spring/ Country


A neighbor texts, ‘It’s getting warm. Beware.

I’ve seen more signs of bears.’

We keep watch.

A tree crashes.  Something

heavy is tearing it apart.


Through the understory, we trace

teeth notching through bark,


the scattered scat,

scattered seeds,

the metal bent to the ground.

And what about the signs we leave?


We cling to the wild

yet smell human.

We seize what’s natural

yet our trash is oiled and heavy.


As vain as the bear is simple,

we yell, ‘Come Here! Stay Away!’

And what we don’t know we imagine:

A dark cave,

An unimaginable torpor,

Something like ourselves

A brute.

A clever monster.

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