Poem: We could run out of excuses

We could share common knowledge./ We could ask our children to design their own schools./ Perhaps reevaluate the idea/ All things that hurt are truths.

we could run out of excuses

faster than our drinking water

we could say all reminders are wasted

on the next set of super bowl commercials.

we could write

the children across the street,

running in bare feet,

Will someday grow up happy

And unafraid of the cops.

We could pretend

there is a chance of catching a balloon

Once the string has been released.

We could say to each other

I undress my thoughts

As your thoughts

My failings

As your failings

thank you.

We could believe

Leaving one place releases another.

While sitting on a borrowed wooden ladder

We could argue

there is no such thing

as justifying one’s actions

If the impulse to die is dumb enough.

We could demand every politician

spend a month in a morgue

Before deciding on our future.

We could raise the stakes to minimal.

We could prove the foolish believes in repetition.

We could dream there is always something better

If we recognize our own faults

And treat them as gifts.

We could share common knowledge.

We could ask our children to design their own schools.

Perhaps reevaluate the idea

All things that hurt are truths.

We could say this will never happen again

Is like saying a chained junkyard dog

Will not eat meat.

We could say desire

on all levels

is better than no desire

on any level.

We could lie and say prevention is better than a cure.

We could pretend the beginning started with creativity

And life is too precious for me to vote.

We could learn a lot more from animals.

I could start and end this poem

your feelings

Are my feelings

Your failings

My failings

thank you.