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POEM: Papa and a Rope

By Saturday, May 11, 2019 Arts & Entertainment

Papa and a rope

tied to his waist,  baptizing

in this mighty spring fast flowing

mountain of the Mississippi.

A staircase of rapid ripples

smashed with whiteness shivers

to a choir of potential evolution.

As the endless power of beauty

passes through us.


a gift and a song

washes over us.

Yeah you’re right!

Wails a corn liquored preacher

From the safety of the levee.

In the knowledge of becoming

a tribe undescribed dividing

clarity into columns of matter

reflects trust in raw humility.

This river pulses on

past any given lock gates

like a decision recognized

rejects open wounds.

Destined to unfold yesterday’s

float in sounds resurfacing

from depths yet to be

fathomed or blessed.

Close by, through cypress

trees and knees

a heron swoops

and the river answers–



no matter what

you choose to do

from this moment on,


a mosquito always bites.

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