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POEM: Mercy for the unborn

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By Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 Arts & Entertainment 2

To brag and bray with trumpet call

Chin out, so proud of the big wall.

Let us now forsake the forlorn

But show mercy for the unborn.


To slam and damn with teeth flashing

The twisted smirk of race bashing.

Let us carpet bomb the war-torn

But show mercy for the unborn.


To mewl and mince with impotence

The moan of lost entitlements.

Let us falsely praise the lowborn

But show mercy for the unborn.


To drone and plead with fame in mind

Of foreign policy no sign.

Let us castigate the greenhorn

But show mercy for the unborn.


To smile and charm and lubricate

So slick, so cocky, in debate.

Let us shower the weak with scorn

But show mercy for the unborn.


To Don, Ted, Jeb, Ben and Marco

Uphold your right manifesto.

Tough guys with guns brazenly worn

Show no mercy for the unborn.


January 22, 2016

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  1. Nancy DuVall says:

    Barney Edmonds was right on with his poem, Mercy for the unborn. Thanks. Nancy DuVall

  2. Carl Stewart says:

    Not very subtle and also not likely to have people clamoring for the writer to be elevated to Poet Laureate, but I’m confused. Is Mr. Edmonds suggesting there is too much or not enough “mercy for the unborn?”

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