POEM: Lyrics for ‘The Oval Office Exit Song’

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By Monday, Nov 13 Viewpoints
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President Donald Trump.

“A lot of norms are out of the window.”
Peggy Noonan said it on TV.
Who’s next in line, who’s next to go?
The president’s men are lining up,
waiting to see who’s next in line
to follow the norms out the window
and crash-land on the White House lawn.

They’re lining up in the White House,
all dressed up in their suits and ties,
every one of them compromised,
waiting to see whose turn is next
to climb up on the window sill
and ‘Here we go! Geronimo!’

Deep Official Voice, spoken, not sung:
Mister President, step right up.
You can do it, too.

No need to push! Watch out below!
Another norm is falling, falling,
out of another White House window,
and down, down, down they go.

Flynn and Priebus, Manafort, Bannon,
Spicer, Gorka, Kushner, ‘n’ Scaramoochi.
They’re lawyering up and falling down.
A lot of norms are out of the window.
Peggy Noonan told us so,
loud and clear, on Morning Joe.

Deep Official Voice, spoken, not sung:
Mister President, step right up.
You can do it, too.

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